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To ask what's wrong with my baby?

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Mississippilessly Thu 17-Jan-19 02:52:58

Writhing, arching back, screaming. Has been like it since 7.30. Gets to sleep but is woken by it. I've tried winding, gripe water, bicycle legs, nothing works.

I've called 111 and am waiitng for a GP. What else could it be but trapped wind? He's 17 weeks and EBF. Wakeful nights are normal but not accompanied by the screaming.
I'm so tired. It's been weeks if terrible sleep. I got 2 hrs last night.

artio0 Thu 17-Jan-19 03:01:06

Oh sorry to hear!! I've got a nine week old daughter who doesn't want to sleep today either, no idea why... The writhing, arching back and screaming are all things she does when she's got wind. Did you try lie him on his belly for a bit? That usually helps her getting trapped wind out... Otherwise could it be teething at all?? I wouldn't know what to do for that though... I hope he feels better soon.

ChickenCrimpy Thu 17-Jan-19 03:04:49

Reflux. Overtired. Wonder Week. Could be any of them, sadly, there's not much to do except ride the night out.

A bath together in the dark (well dim light) was often the calming circuit breaker for my screamers. Skin to skin and warm water seemed to help them calm down enough to drift off after we got out and fed.

Good luck, it's really tough. flowers

NeptuneNellie Thu 17-Jan-19 03:07:23

Have you tried tiger in the tree hold for getting wind out/calming baby?
Hope he settles soon and you get some sleep

BusySnipingOnCallOfDuty Thu 17-Jan-19 03:13:57

Bathing my youngest was the only thing which stopped it. Lovely warm water and many smiles.

CountryGirl1234 Thu 17-Jan-19 03:15:05

Poor little love, my LG is 6 months and ebf she had this around the same ages. It was silent reflux for her. Gripe water and sitting upright 30 mins after a feed (they say 20 but it took 30). Have you taken temperature etc? Try to burp and distract. Seems just like yesterday.. hope you manage to get some sleep soon OP. I used to bathe her as a distraction as she seemed to cheer up in a bath. If your dream feeding make sure you burp still at this age. Good luck.

Mississippilessly Thu 17-Jan-19 03:18:50

I've managed to get him back off. Sadly it's in my arms.

Mississippilessly Thu 17-Jan-19 03:20:23

I just wish I knew what was wrong with him. I'm so tired and so stressed from guessing.

Sashkin Thu 17-Jan-19 03:31:37

Mine used to wind himself up into such a state when he was overtired that he couldn’t be calmed by anything.

Co sleeping helped. And just waiting for him to wear himself out. Awful though.

Mississippilessly Thu 17-Jan-19 03:32:54

I wish he co slept. He just wants to be held.

sureitsgrand Thu 17-Jan-19 03:35:36

Lay here holding a sick 1 year old who will only sleep in my arms and is waking crying every few minutes! I feel your pain tonight

Mississippilessly Thu 17-Jan-19 03:38:08

sureitsgrand hope your LO feels better soon.

agnurse Thu 17-Jan-19 04:23:38

Arching back can be a sign of reflux. You may want to keep him upright during and after feeding.

Mustangsallyis Thu 17-Jan-19 06:17:25

Reflux. Maybe caused by cows milk protein allergy?

TchoupiEtDoudou Thu 17-Jan-19 07:09:22

Does sound like reflux.

Or could it be an ear infection ? Is baby pulling at his ear?

Mississippilessly Thu 17-Jan-19 07:29:01

No ear issues.

I have suspected reflux so I keep him upright. I was given ranitidine yesterday. How long before it has an effect?
Would there be other symptoms for CMPA?

I'm so low.

Possummagic7 Thu 17-Jan-19 08:13:04

My little one had/has CMPA, the writhing was accompanied by grunting not screaming, eczema all over her face, head and chest, and an extremely distended stomach as well as issues breathing at the same age your LO is. She was EBF and the cows milk proteins were coming through my milk. However all reactions are different, so YMMV

Mississippilessly Thu 17-Jan-19 09:42:42

Yes that's what I've heard about CMPA. Not sure gss is enough...

Rafabella Thu 17-Jan-19 22:54:14

This sounds very much like reflux. He'll need medication for that. My DS had it - more than wind (as irritating as that can be for them). The medication should work along with keeping him as calm as possible, another poster mentioned a dimly lit room, massaging his tummy with clockwise circles - light touch. Also, and this was recommended to me by a Dutch friend - gently rub the soles of the feet with small circles. The centre of the sole for the upper tummy and the lower sole for lower bowel / constipation. Honestly though, it sounds like reflux.

Mississippilessly Fri 18-Jan-19 05:15:53

Thanks everyone. I just dont understand why its suddenly gone so awful. He's such a happy boy in the day.

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