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To have no time for 'nonsense' anymore

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scoobydoobydoooooh Tue 15-Jan-19 10:08:43

People expecting me to travel thousands of miles to attend their destination wedding.

People putting their name on waiting lists for designer handbags that cost thousands of pounds.

Pamper parties for 9 year olds.

Any other grumpy old ladies like to list the modern day nonsense they can live without?

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Lydiaatthebarre Tue 15-Jan-19 10:10:52

People earnestly explaining why their children shouldn't stand up for anyone on the bus.

It's not treating them like second rate citizens. Never mind that there are twenty somethings ignoring that poor elderly man who could do with a seat. There bad manners aren't your problem. Your responsibility is to ensure that your children don't grow up like that, so teach them manners and get them to stand up and let him sit down.

domton Tue 15-Jan-19 10:13:07


Ridiculous spending on things then dropping into conversation they've spent £300 on a hair dryer or some such.

12 year olds going to get their armpits and legs waxed so they can start school feeling nice and clean.

Seline Tue 15-Jan-19 10:15:25

Not being able to talk to a human being on the phone without a robot that repeatedly misheard you.

Tradesmen cancelling jobs last minute and offering instead to come at 2am on a Friday or 8pm after the kids have gone to bed.

Cars that cost the price of small homes.

The other day I caught myself eyerolling at rowdy teenagers. Where do I sign up for my Grumpy Old Lady card?!

Dangerousplan Tue 15-Jan-19 10:18:06

Fillers, Botox, peels, permanent brows, fake nails, fake tan, fake hair fake front...filters, photoshop instaready at all times.

The pressure, the massive impact on teenage mental health.

Fuck all that, expensive exhausting craziness!

jennypilgrim Tue 15-Jan-19 10:18:23

Small children being given smartphones.

Christmas decorations being put up in November.

Teenagers being driven to and from school everyday even when the school is on a good public transport route, or they live within 15-20 mins walking distance.

GenderIsAPrison Tue 15-Jan-19 10:22:28

No time for

the WOKE perpetually offended ON BEHALF over other people.
The disingenuous cloak of victim hood people wear to bully others using DARVO.
Those naive useful idiots who are their allies , with their visible desperation to appear right-on.

poundoflard Tue 15-Jan-19 10:23:16

All of the above grin

Over parenting, and making kids over sensitive
eg, oh it was raining and pampered dc got a bit wet, (with two specs of rain) going from the school gate to the car and right to the front door and so now needs a day or two to recover. I'm sure they will have some long term psychological damage from being out side.

where as in 'our day' we walked for miles to and from school in leaking shoes, with coats that weren't waterproof , (as goretex etc hadn't been invented) and despite coughs and colds we battled on and oh look! we survived.

bringincrazyback Tue 15-Jan-19 10:24:18

Modern society's unending obsession with food.

Loopytiles Tue 15-Jan-19 10:25:13

People wanting to arrange ordinary social things like going to the pub or lunch months in advance!

crosser62 Tue 15-Jan-19 10:26:56

The fucking lot, it all pisses me off.

Dog shit mountains outside the school gates.

There’s no one else in the fucking world except me type people slowly dawdling along chatting shit to their friend so that no one can pass. Queue of people behind patiently waiting to get past.

Those who put their fucking shopping on the till belt and don’t put a divider at the end of their shopping.. oh, going to pay for mine are you? I’ll just put mine on here next to yours Tracey, don’t look at me like I’ve done a shit in your trolley, just reach out 6 inches and pick up the god damned divider and put it on the belt... simple.

Nails, hair, eye lashes and lip extensions do not interest me so no I don’t care how much you paid and how long you had to sit in a salon chair to have it done. I don’t care!!!

No, I don’t want to know that your little darling makes wonderful creations with a fucking toilet roll holder, how have you included me in this “WhatsApp group”? I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you, I don’t want to contribute to your weekly collections for various teachers in the school, HOW the fuck have you included me in this group?
I’m removed.
I can’t seem to find even one fuck about this stuff.
I’m not just grumpy, I’m fucking angry.

Ironingboard Tue 15-Jan-19 10:28:36

social media.
People who watch love island or any other programme that is completely pointless.

Seline Tue 15-Jan-19 10:30:15

Doctors receptionists who think they gave a medical degree.

Faceless chain stores.

Massive portions.

Witchofzog Tue 15-Jan-19 10:30:48

All social media related

Fucking selfies. They all look the same and they are just narcissistic look at me twattery. I love a good photo of someone on holiday etc but you can never see where the person is with most selfies.

Those stupid snap chat filters. You are a grown woman. You don't need to wear dog ears and look like you have no nose as you have made your skin too "flawless"

Hospital check ins with no further posts. Stop with the attention seeking.

pineapplebryanbrown Tue 15-Jan-19 10:32:13

I have so little tolerance for anything I deem "silly" that I'm actually worried that I'm not just a grumpy old bag but a budding murderess.

appless Tue 15-Jan-19 10:32:37

Social media


oh4forkssake Tue 15-Jan-19 10:32:43

Overpriced and overhyped restaurants in London.

We went to one recently. I'm furious with myself. Furious. I bought into the nonsense and I really am cross with myself about it.

It was a microcosm of everything that is wrong with society in one meal.

God I've made myself cross again just typing that.

Quipsandquotes Tue 15-Jan-19 10:33:28

People who are never off Facebook and can't even cook a meal or decorate a Christmas tree without posting pictures for all their friends to rave about. And don't start me on those who post a new heavily filtered photograph of themselves so that a load of idiots will come back saying 'looking gorgeous' 'wow, yummy mummy'etc etc etc

People who never cook anything more complicated than oven chips but have a state of the art kitchen installed that costs thousands of pounds.

People who run up debts paying for multiple holidays a year, designer clothes and all sorts of other luxuries that seem to have become 'essentials' in modern life. Get a grip.

Seline Tue 15-Jan-19 10:33:34

Fuck it I'm buying an island where we can outlaw this stuff please leave my eyelash extensions alone though.

appless Tue 15-Jan-19 10:34:04

I think if you genuinely have "no time" for anything, you don't need to be grumpy (or angry!). It's quite relaxing to just not think about these things in the first place.

oh4forkssake Tue 15-Jan-19 10:34:36

Oh, and at the risk of being horribly flamed, instamums.

"I just jumped on here to...." I DON'T WHY I LOOK AT IT IT MAKES ME SO FURIOUS. I know your home is funded by all the flipping sponsorship you get. Because most of us, even if we have good incomes, don't have our toddlers washing their hands with fricking Aesop soap!!

<checks calendar, considers possibility I might have PMT>

Quipsandquotes Tue 15-Jan-19 10:35:50

Oh and people who live in the suburbs and rarely to anywhere rural but still have to have a 4x4 to drop Jemima and Tarquin to school and go to Sainsburys. Why??

SapphireBattersea Tue 15-Jan-19 10:36:00

Loving this thread!!

May I add: drama from fully grown adults particularly surrounding Facebook 😩

oh4forkssake Tue 15-Jan-19 10:36:43

@Witchofzog snapchat filters give me the rage like nothing else on earth.

The DDs were introduced to it by their cousins. "Can you put it on your phone Mummy?" No I fucking cannot.

ginyogarepeat Tue 15-Jan-19 10:39:42

I have found my soulmates. Agree with everything that's been posted so far!

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