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I think I have a cf

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Ourmaud Sun 13-Jan-19 00:09:25

So we live in a cul de sac and facing the road is our driveway and side garden. Front door is on the other side. For a few weeks I’ve been noticing the same car driving up blocking the dropped kerb for our drive and a lady getting out and having a fag sitting on our garden wall.
That’s fine, I haven’t needed to go out when she’s been there. Her habit isn’t affecting me.
This week I was picking up the dogs mess and noticed that there’s tons of fag butts in my garden. She’s obviously just been slinging them over the fence.
Today I waited till she arrived and I went out to her to ask her to take her rubbish with her and not throw them in my garden. She told me to get fucked and she will do what she likes.
I didn’t really have any comeback for that so scuttled back inside.
Being both a coward and a nosy bitch I jotted down her car reg. Lo and behold the DVLA website says it’s not mot’d.
WIBU to tip off whoever enforces those things next time I spot her? She’s pretty regular time wise.

Leeds2 Sun 13-Jan-19 00:10:39

I would. Although I wouldn't know who to ring!

KarenDarling Sun 13-Jan-19 00:11:02

Do it, what a cheeky cow. I'd also take photos of her doing it and report her for littering envy

OrigamiZoo Sun 13-Jan-19 00:11:41

Yes, I would, how foul!

KarenDarling Sun 13-Jan-19 00:11:47

WhirlieGigg Sun 13-Jan-19 00:12:08

Ooh report her! Fate has handed you a way to get revenge on this nasty cow!

dellacucina Sun 13-Jan-19 00:12:26

Please do it (and post updates), but don't be surprised if they don't have the resource to follow up.

KarenDarling Sun 13-Jan-19 00:13:03

Bambamber Sun 13-Jan-19 00:13:08

Does she sit on the same spot on your garden wall? I would be tempted to stick a load of chewed gum on the wall where she normally sits, but then I'm quite petty

LonelyAmongUs Sun 13-Jan-19 00:14:12

I didn’t really have any comeback for that

At that point, I'd be grabbing her by the hair and giving her a thump.

WhirlieGigg Sun 13-Jan-19 00:15:55

Anti climb paint on the wall?

ThePoliticiansPraiseMyName Sun 13-Jan-19 00:16:12

Definitely report the no mot. Do you have a sprinkler that you could set up to spray the wall and turn it on every time she sits down? Or some of that no dry anti-theft paint and paint the top of your wall.

Ourmaud Sun 13-Jan-19 00:16:25

Right, I will do it first thing tomorrow. If she’d been polite or even just spoke to me like a normal person I’d have let it go. But I really begrudge picking up someone else’s cig butts when I don’t smoke myself and they smell so foul.
I had already cleaned her previous mess btw so was just asking her going forward to please take her them with her.

MADASANOWL Sun 13-Jan-19 00:17:33

Cat spikes on your wall? Not sure what they are actually called.
Also I’d report it as if her car has not had its MOT it could be unsafe to be on the road. If it makes you feel less guilty just tell yourself that really your only looking out for others and her safety 😁

Disquieted1 Sun 13-Jan-19 00:18:04

Hell yes! She's negatively impacting your life so impact hers.
And put a layer of non-dry paint on your garden wall while you're at it.

ChrisjenAvasarala Sun 13-Jan-19 00:18:13

Is it the same time each day? Go and paint the top of the wall in a colour as close as possible to the real colour just before she arrives! Big old wet paint stain might keep her off your wall.

KC225 Sun 13-Jan-19 00:18:54

No one polite throws fag butts into someone's garden. Just do it.

LadyBrienne Sun 13-Jan-19 00:19:17

Doesn’t the top of your wall need painting ?

Or need to be oiled (thick and preferably colorless like clean motor oil or sump oil) - maybe

Of course if birds have a habit of sitting on your wall and pooping I might be inclined to use pest control on the wall (spikey wire you can buy at the hardware stall and it’s easy to attach)

LadyBrienne Sun 13-Jan-19 00:20:00

Layer of vasaline ?

ItsQuietTime Sun 13-Jan-19 00:22:10

What a cow, definitely report.

Ourmaud Sun 13-Jan-19 00:24:09

Ah our wall has like a decorative iron thing so pigeon spikes wouldn’t work. She leans against it more than sits directly iygwim? Am thinking of coating it in some of dh’s Boillie soak ( stuff he soaks his fishing bait in that’s really greasy and smells of year old halibut) or is that too far? It’d totally ruin her pants- is it even legal to do that?

TinselAndKnickers Sun 13-Jan-19 00:24:12

Time for the old school burning bag of dog poo on the driveway trick grin in all seriousness, I would 100% report her and also be verrrry petty moving forward from now on! Cheeky cow

WeeM Sun 13-Jan-19 00:24:18

Do you have a super soaker water pistol you could have a go at her with whilst she’s sitting there?

WhirlieGigg Sun 13-Jan-19 00:27:31

Totally ok to put whatever you want on your own property. If she touches it without permission and ruins her clothes that’s her own fault.

trooth Sun 13-Jan-19 00:28:30

Defo report. If she's got no mot then her insurance is invalid and she definitely shouldn't be driving without insurance.

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