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to worry about cockroaches in the Canary Islands?

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RainbowBriteRules Sat 12-Jan-19 20:18:53

Looking at all inclusive family holidays. They are all so expensive in the school holidays! Some good deals in the Canary Islands in particular Lanzarote and Tenerife. I’m not sure if I can do it though with the cockroaches. Google either tells me not to worry, I’ll hardly see any or that they are everywhere! Has anyone been and did you see lots? I have visions of being unable to sleep with them in our hotel room.

Liedownsnikey1965 Sun 29-Sep-19 15:49:03

Did you go away?

Liedownsnikey1965 Sun 29-Sep-19 15:45:59

I am absolutely petrified of the ugly things and bluebottles/insects,,,,no one has a phobia like me,, we ve been to Gran Canaria, Fuertaventura,..Crete,Kos,Zakintos,cyprus,and never seen ONE cockroach in our rooms,we ve seen them around,only a few, restaurant floors, they just go away tbh,around the shops,in the road,never forget in cyprus they were on the back of a chair the woman diner let out a piercing scream! I was not too keen either lol,the staff said its normal for them omg! Yes they re there but you just cross over the road like I do,. Go and enjoy,. We ve stayed in low budget and pricier places, self catering apartments,,the cleaner ladies come in and mop, I think they have a deterrant liquid in the mop water,

Buunylover Sun 13-Jan-19 21:45:07

Been to Tenerife eight times and have seen just one, mind you it was big and ginger!.

RainbowBriteRules Sun 13-Jan-19 21:37:06

Rebel, were you eavesdropping on our house grin? Tbh I would spend most of the time worrying. However, thanks to starting this thread, I would now worry everywhere! It also appears I have spent years of my life working in cockroach infested places and never noticed shock.

Serious answer: yes I was trying to assess risk as if the risk of seeing them is high I will stress and if it is low I will be less stressed. Always a little worried about bugs in hotel rooms etc but always managed to put it to the back of my mind.

Bertrand, thankfully chivalry is not completely dead yet. Is there nothing on MN that can’t be turned into some kind of feminist issue.

WYP, oh dear, not a good omen for you then!

cloudtree Sun 13-Jan-19 21:22:15

Don't go to South Africa OP. We had to be escorted back our our rooms by an armed guard with a lamp and you couldn't see very clearly. A tarantula ran across my foot one evening!

Meesh77 Sun 13-Jan-19 21:09:31

Sydney is crawling with huge cockroaches too. Ugh.

WYP2018 Sun 13-Jan-19 21:04:58

Don’t go to Peuerto Rico in Gran Canaria. The resort wasn’t great anyway, but the place was literally crawling with cockroaches. We had to wrap ourselves up in our bedsheets at night or they’d be all over us. One fell on my head at a restaurant. That was the holiday I got engaged on, it was obviously a sign as I am now divorced grin

Notagainmun Sun 13-Jan-19 21:02:27

Never saw one in Gran Canaria, odd one in Tenerife quite a lot in Lanzarote. Been to these islands several times.

BertrandRussell Sun 13-Jan-19 21:01:19

Just wondering what people’s attitude would be to a man who insisted in being carried over a path because a cockroach might touch his shoe.........

RebelWitchFace Sun 13-Jan-19 21:00:02

I'm so sorry but your answer really made me giggle.
Image in my head :

Husband: right, affordable,lots for the kids, dates we want should i book?
OP: wait... I'm just googling the bug situation.
Husband: what?
OP: nope they have ants and spiders and mosquitoes and..(whispers) cockroaches. Let's look for something else.

Back in the real (I swear I'm not actually a dick) world.. it must suck to try and find something acceptable that doesn't have you worrying so much. Have you been to places you worried about? Did you manage to enjoy yourself in the end?
What I'm trying to figure out is if you'd truly enjoy the holiday or spend most of the time worrying, looking around and waiting for the other shoe (cockroach) to drop.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 13-Jan-19 20:52:43

Saw none in Tenerife (though when we went it was late Oct)

Years ago we went to Cyprus and found one in the bathroom as soon as we went in the room, they are impossible to kill! I was afraid I was going to get them in my suitcase .

Once in Turkey there was scores of butterflies on the back of the curtain, I had to get them all out with a glass and beermat . No way could I sleep with them in my room (though they are much prettier than cockroaches !)

Rosieandtwinkle Sun 13-Jan-19 20:49:18

First night in Lanzarote there was one crawling up the shower curtain.....whilst I was showering! Still shudder just thinking about it.

cloudtree Sun 13-Jan-19 20:44:46

Loads in Gran Canaria.

RainbowBriteRules Sun 13-Jan-19 20:43:16

Ewwwwww the thought of them crawling all around my feet.

Ontopofthesunset, honestly yes blush I rule out visiting most of the world because of insects, spiders etc. It’s not the only factor; I mean there are places I wouldn’t go because of their human rights issues etc.

Celticrose Sun 13-Jan-19 18:16:02

Been to Gran Canaria once and Lanzarote a few fair times. Have never seen a cockroach once. Did find a cricket once in my shoe but that was in Majorca I think.

Mari50 Sun 13-Jan-19 18:04:25

Have been to most of the Canary Islands over the years, have seen cockroaches in varying amounts. Fuerteventura was probably the worst but I’m sure they were clearing the drains or similar as there were literally hundreds (think something from I’m a celebrity) pouring out of the drains as we were walking to the beach.
Also had some in the room sneakily waiting behind the headboard on one holiday- spotted the feckers antennae!
Had a few in Gran Canaria as well, minimal in lanzarote and Tenerife. Just buy some spray or stand on them. Worst time was when I was in the shower and lifted my shampoo bottle to find an enormous cockroach underneath. That was awful because I was naked and felt especially vulnerable!! Haha but that was also in Australia where the spiders and snakes are more of a worry than the ‘roaches....

Imsosorryalan1 Sun 13-Jan-19 17:41:32

Saw more in Majorca last year, we revisited magaluf after a number of years and they were crawling all around our feet as we sat in a restaurant 🤮

Imsosorryalan1 Sun 13-Jan-19 17:06:23

I've been to Lanzarote or Tenerife in December for the last 10 years and can count on one hand the number I've seen. I've never seen any in hotels, restaurants or bars, the couple I've seen were at night on the pavement.

RollaCola84 Sun 13-Jan-19 17:00:30

Fuertaventura every spring for the last ten years for us, never seen one.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Sun 13-Jan-19 16:33:03

The ones that fly REALLY freak me out.

camelfinger Sun 13-Jan-19 11:06:43

I agree that Las Americas in Tenerife in the 90s was cockroach city. The ones I’ve seen in the UK (hospital) are much smaller and slower so they don’t bother me.

hennipenni Sun 13-Jan-19 10:57:38

Gran Caneria in the 90’s for our honeymoon, place was infested in them, in the bathroom, on the shower curtains, round the pool etc. You would walk on the paths at night and hear them crunch under your feet, at night you’d hear them flying and knocking against the window shutters, never had one in the bedroom though. My husband put his shoe on one night to go out and found one in there.

Spoke to the locals who said it was a bad year for them due the excessive heat that summer, they were coming down from the mountains.

Been to lanzarote a few times and only ever seen the odd one.

madeyemoodysmum Sun 13-Jan-19 08:05:05

Tenerife in the 90s. Everywhere. In our room in the kitchen area. I slept with my sheet up to my neck. Awful!!

Never been back but it was a budget place as I was young.

jq28 Sun 13-Jan-19 08:00:32

Ok iv been Tenerife for the last 3 years and I saw maybe one at night each time scuttling down the road.
I am a massive baby and I detest them but it wouldn't stop me going there again Iv never seen one in a hotel or room.

ApolloandDaphne Sun 13-Jan-19 07:53:46

I am not long back from Tenerife. Didn't see a single one.

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