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To ask about baby modelling?

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Cardiffclare88 Fri 11-Jan-19 12:28:53

DD is 7 weeks and everyone comments on how gorgeous she is. She's also quite happy and chilled, so might she be a good candidate for baby modeling? What would it involve?

Eifla Fri 11-Jan-19 12:50:53

Of course everyone comments on how gorgeous she is. No one goes around telling people their kids are pig ugly.

First born?

secureCompartment Fri 11-Jan-19 12:52:49

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MonkeyfaceThereturn Fri 11-Jan-19 12:54:36


Bless you OP.

ToffeePennie Fri 11-Jan-19 12:55:09

Both of my boys have done it. Next ad campaigns, infacol baby, couple of acting jobs in pampers televised ads. The agency wanted to keep them on their books, but I stopped it when my biggest turned 3. It’s unfair with all the travelling, time and effort it takes, it’s just too much.

livingthegoodlife Fri 11-Jan-19 12:55:51

We did some toddler modelling but just for fun, often they don't get paid cash but just vouchers or merchandise. I quite enjoyed it but I wouldn't pursue it.

Biancadelriosback Fri 11-Jan-19 12:57:27

This reminds me of when I was in hospital after having DS. The lady in the bed opposite me buzzed for a nurse in the middle of the night to ask the nurse to confirm that her baby was genuinely gorgeous and better looking than the average baby. Poor nurse just smiled and said that her baby was gorgeous and for them both to get some rest. The next day she kept telling her visitors how even the nurses were commenting on how beautiful he was. Made me giggle anyways

halfwitpicker Fri 11-Jan-19 12:58:31

Yeah man

bsc Fri 11-Jan-19 12:59:44

If you live in London where the casting/shoots are, then it would be easy enough, but I'm guessing you're a little further away from your username?

Sparklfairy Fri 11-Jan-19 13:00:24

Phyllis? Is that you?

RosemarysBabyDress Fri 11-Jan-19 13:06:21

no need to be nasty, some kids are models, so why not the OP's?

I don't find all the baby models or actors to be "cute" frankly, so it's not the main requirement by the look of things. Contact a respectable agency or 2, and go from there. Do not give them any money, that's a scam.

DSHathawayGivesMeFannyGallops Fri 11-Jan-19 13:07:01

My friends little boy did JoJoMamanBebe. I don't know if/what she got paid but they got to keep the clothes.

They sought her out, but she pretty relentlessly did "here's baby johnny oooh he's sooo big now in this cute @jojo jumper!!" with loads of ### on insta, which probably helped! She still does it although I don't know how well it's worked since. You could see if that garners any interest, OP?

FevertreeLight Fri 11-Jan-19 13:25:36

When my DD was born we lived in central London (covent garden). She could hold her head up from birth and so was tiny but looked older. We used to get approached all the time but I never did it- she is glad now as an adult- doesn't regret it.

ItsQuietTime Fri 11-Jan-19 13:38:20

There are kids modelling groups on FB, they will be much more helpful and far less judgmental then MN.

HighlyUnlikely Fri 11-Jan-19 13:52:30

Personally, I wouldn't. I've been on the 'other' side as a designer commissioning shoots involving babies and toddlers. You'll have to attend casting sessions, which can be nightmarish, plus having to put up with your child being 'rejected' when they're not chosen.

The amount of parents that dragged an obviously unwell child to these castings was dreadful too... and casting can mean waiting around for hours.

Shoots can be long, long days and rather stressful if your child is too tired and doesn't want to perform for the camera too.

I will never forget the almost robotic 3 year old with the archetypical 'pushy' mum who could get her little girl to snap into a pose or performance on command. It was really saddening. Thankfully, I only had to do it once or twice, but it left a rather bad taste in my mouth.

GhostSauce Fri 11-Jan-19 13:57:53

@Sparklfairy Oh I miss Phyllis and her fajita fridays. I wonder what happened to her. Do you think her child has changed the world yet?

OnlyFoolsnMothers Fri 11-Jan-19 14:00:47

someone once told me that to be a good child model its not about looks its about their temperament in front of the camera, you also have to not mind random strangers holding your child and give up the idea of a routine....not something i would be comfortable with.

Sparklfairy Fri 11-Jan-19 14:02:42

GhostSauce I suspect she hasn't been back as she gave birth to the Messiah and has since been incapacitated by the harsh reality of motherhood...

Cardiffclare88 Fri 11-Jan-19 14:21:50

Thank you for the responses, gave me some things to think on. Reckon I wouldn’t much like dragging her about or having strangers constantly pick her up, dress her, etc.

flugelhorn811 Fri 11-Jan-19 14:26:02

I need to know more about Phyllis - can someone enlighten me?

blackteasplease Fri 11-Jan-19 14:29:30

In assumed my d's was quite a gorgeous baby /toddler as he was always the child they used for the nursery web pages etc. I don't really agree with child modelling though as I think it can teach them looks are the most important.

Also I think sometimes what we consider "gorgeous" in general isn't what agencies look for. They might want "quirky" or old fashioned looking. Seems to be curly hair they mainly want from when I buy clothes on line!

LightDrizzle Fri 11-Jan-19 14:31:49

Also feeling my life is incomplete without further acquaintance with Phyliss...

LightDrizzle Fri 11-Jan-19 14:37:35

Cardiff, it’s nog my field but I watched a TV series that was on a couple of years ago about child modelling.
I agree with previous posters, if you have time on your hands, a super-chilled baby, and liv

LightDrizzle Fri 11-Jan-19 14:46:36

- sorry pressed by accident, - and live in London, it just might be a hobby, if it’s something you would enjoy looking back on. However the reality of getting to castings, waiting around and faffing about with a baby, doesn’t really sound that enticing. Parents often talk about how they will save the child’s earnings as a nest-egg for them, but I don’t think earnings are really in that order of magnitude, even for the minority who do get jobs. Most aspiring parents will be out of pocket.
Babyhood is so fleeting, if it were me, I’d enjoy all that deliciousness myself and rely on the countless photos we all take of them ourselves for future memories.
I think it would be hard to take your baby being passed over too, which is inevitable at times. It’s not going to increase her happiness in the moment is it? So I’d need to be sure there were other significant benefits for her.

Thurmanmurman Fri 11-Jan-19 14:50:51

Who’s Phylis?

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