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How many photos you have on display?.

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SleepingStandingUp Fri 11-Jan-19 00:52:59

Just curious.

I've bought 7 frames for a photo shoot we had done of DS but trying to work out where to out them.

Living room has 21 photos plus 5 multiframes. Hallway (where the new ones are likely to go) has 4. Spare room (box room) has 1 and 2 multiframes. DS's room has 11. Our room has 3 framed but a wall full too.

I'm beginning to think it's excessive...

ninalovesdragons Fri 11-Jan-19 00:55:18

Hmm we have quite a few scattered through the house - 3 in hallway on a table, 9 in the lounge either on the wall or little frames on the window sills and then another 4 in our kitchen

I don't think it's necessarily the number that matters but the size. I remember a neighbour having a frightfully huge portrait of her kids as soon as you walked into the house and it used to creep me out

ninalovesdragons Fri 11-Jan-19 00:55:45

Sorry should've said we have multiframes in the lounge

SleepingStandingUp Fri 11-Jan-19 00:57:44

A couple of larger print ones but on back wall and not that huge lol. You def get to walk into the living room without the gorgeous face of my PFB staring at you 😂

Girlicorne Fri 11-Jan-19 00:58:34

Probably about 20 in the living room and maybe another ten or so throughout thw house. All single frames! It's your house, have as many as you like :-)

OutPinked Fri 11-Jan-19 01:00:22

Have 5 canvases in living room and two framed on the mantelpiece then a couple framed in our bedroom. That’s it.

SleepingStandingUp Fri 11-Jan-19 01:10:45

It's only cos I'm literally like where can thry go that I've thought about how many we have lol. It was a frigging expensive photo shoot, thry need to go up haha

DramaAlpaca Fri 11-Jan-19 01:16:22

I don't really do framed photos. I've got one wedding photo plus a handful of small photos of the DC on display & that's it. Nothing big & nothing on canvas. I find lots of photos a bit weird tbh, it's not as if I'm going to forget what they look like grin

Ted27 Fri 11-Jan-19 01:19:08

17 on the living room walls, plus 6 in frames on a bookshelf.
Dining room, 6 multiframes in a 'gallery' arrangement, plus a few on the mantle. More on the landing and upstairs. My son has his own collection in his bedroom

We like our photos.

SleepingStandingUp Fri 11-Jan-19 01:21:11

Oh but he used to be so little drama and utterly adorable, with his little chubby cheeks and now he's so biiig (he's 3, I did admit he's my PFB 😂)

JaneJeffer Fri 11-Jan-19 01:25:36

Drama grin

I never got round to framing a wedding photo and it's our silver anniversary this year!

DramaAlpaca Fri 11-Jan-19 01:26:23

My PFB is 25 & I still think he's utterly gorgeous grin

DramaAlpaca Fri 11-Jan-19 01:27:22

<waves> at Jane smile

SleepingStandingUp Fri 11-Jan-19 07:17:32

Drama I'm sure he is lol, I just meant I need 12 month old gorgeous staring at me now he's so grown up (at 3.5 lol)

Sunflowermuma Fri 11-Jan-19 07:46:20

I've got 9 in my dining room, 10 in the living room, 3 in the bathroom. I want to put more up. My little family is bloody gorgeous and I want to show them off! Plus my girls are growing so fast it's nice to have baby pics

newplacenofriends Fri 11-Jan-19 07:47:03

zero at the moment. I do want some though but am in rented accomm and don't want the hassle of sorting out the wall when I leave (I will leave this rental at some point in 2019 so in the not to9 far future)

cheesenpickles Fri 11-Jan-19 07:54:04

None really. We have a photo of my mum when she was younger in the dining room and one by my side of the bed. The kids have one each in their rooms.

We have a bit multi picture canvas on our stairway to our room (loft conversion). My dh doesn't like having photos everywhere (ironic when we're both keen photographers!) but like our walk because it's just "for us".

meepmoop Fri 11-Jan-19 07:54:33

We've got 9 in the hall way of our wedding photos. The frames are wooden and hang 3 at a time. 9 in the living room mix of pets, baby and wedding. 9 going up the stairs of wedding. 2 in bedroom of baby and one in nursery of baby.

cheesenpickles Fri 11-Jan-19 07:54:56

Also our wedding photos, from 6 years ago that we're our biggest splurge, are all on a CD somewhere. Never had them printed blush

ScreamingValenta Fri 11-Jan-19 07:57:22

3 - wedding photo of DH and me; wedding photo of whole family and a photo of my sister. They're all standard post-card sized photos in frames on top of a book case.

Idontbelieveinthemoon Fri 11-Jan-19 07:57:43

We have loads scattered throughout every room. I love photos though, and am always taking more.

For me it's a throwback to my childhood; I grew up in care so have no photos of my childhood til I was 10; subconsciously I'm certain there's something of that in why I take - and hang - so many photos.

Herja Fri 11-Jan-19 07:57:59

9 single frames. Currently also about 20 that I found last night and propped up on a shelf. Half of them most people are dead; I'm going to get more frames and put them up properly. I don't really like them wall mounted though, only standing.

SauvingnonBlanketyBlanc Fri 11-Jan-19 07:59:00

4 in the living room,ds on his own,me,dh and ds together,deceased dfil,deceased dgm

Tiredismymiddlename85 Fri 11-Jan-19 08:06:12

Not many at all. I find lots of photos in frames look really cluttered and untidy.

Howhot Fri 11-Jan-19 08:08:04

We have 2 small frames in the living room and that's it. I love my photos but I'm not a fan of having them displayed everywhere and really dislike canvases.

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