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To think 90s Britpop/Indie music was just so cool

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HiGunny Thu 10-Jan-19 12:55:19

Just rediscovered one of my old Shine albums and have been bopping around the kitchen to the sounds of Blur, Oasis, Suede, Ash, Pulp, Elastica, Sleeper etc. Had kinda forgotten just how great all that music was...feeling nostalgic for the long hot summer of 1995 now.... Any other fans out there?

LuxuryWoman2018 Thu 10-Jan-19 12:56:56

Me, I get ever so nostalgic for that era. So many good looking and sounding bands.

halfwitpicker Thu 10-Jan-19 12:57:26


The 70's were cooler.

DontCallMeCharlotte Thu 10-Jan-19 12:57:35

Oh yes!

I had such a cool CD collection in the mid-90s. Sighs nostalgically...

Mammylamb Thu 10-Jan-19 12:57:39

Me too: 1995 music was awesome

Hairgician Thu 10-Jan-19 12:58:28

Fuck yes!! 90s was awesome!!

BooksAreMyOnlyFriends Thu 10-Jan-19 12:58:55

I was up to my ears in nappies and sleepless nights then so it kind of passed me by.

I get nostalgic for the late 70's to late 80's.

Mia1415 Thu 10-Jan-19 12:58:57

I loved the 90's. My teenage years.

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 12:59:58

I loved it , it was my era a great time on my life , I’ve heard some slightly older generation saying the nineties has no real identity of its own I completely disagree with that .

redexpat Thu 10-Jan-19 13:00:03

Oh Britrock! Yanbu.

SorrelForbes Thu 10-Jan-19 13:02:08

Absolute 90s is always on at home. Happy days.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Thu 10-Jan-19 13:04:27

I loved that era! I have the TFI Friday album that was released a couple of years ago as a regular feature of my playlist.

TheTroutofNoCraic Thu 10-Jan-19 13:05:59

I'm so happy to have been a teenager in the 90s. Indie/britpop/rock was a great soundtrack to it.
I really think we were the last generation of proper childhood etc...the pressures on young people today are so enormous, with social media, camera phones...every silly thing documented and exposed, bullying being something which is harder to escape from when it's mostly done through phones and laptops etc.

PrickWhittington Thu 10-Jan-19 13:06:21

Yes, a lot of it was brilliant - a real golden age of music. That said, I've never got the fuss about Oasis - I've always found them hugely overrated. Stone Roses were way, way better.

RJnomore1 Thu 10-Jan-19 13:07:06

Me me me! Been to see a lot bands the last few years too including the sleeper reunion. Now if only elastica would reform I could die happy...

onyabikeivy Thu 10-Jan-19 13:10:00

Shine 4 is the best compilation album I've ever owned!! Makes me feel old because it's what aunts and uncles used to say at the time (and I thought they were old) but music nowadays is 90% crap

HiGunny Thu 10-Jan-19 13:11:27

I was a teenager through the 90s as well so agree completely @TheTrout. I would hate the pressures on teenage girls these days.

Elastica were just so godamn cool. I got my hair cut short like Justine, not sure I gave off the same vibe of coolness though 😁

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 13:12:16

Blur , the stone roses , suede aaah what a time .

ichifanny Thu 10-Jan-19 13:12:39

I had an Elastica Vaseline t shirt

ZenNudist Thu 10-Jan-19 13:13:23

Meeeee! I was a teenager in the 90s. Also Caught the end of clubbing culture (im just a bit too young for raving, had been shut down by then).

kaytee87 Thu 10-Jan-19 13:14:13

There's a Spotify playlist called 'easy 90s' or something and it's amazing

AhhhHereItGoes Thu 10-Jan-19 13:15:28

Yes! I was born in 1990 (early) so mid to late 90s is the soundtrack to my youth.

ShannonRockallMalin Thu 10-Jan-19 13:18:11

I was an early 90s teenager. Loved that time, so much good music around. Went to my first Glastonbury in ‘92 after my GCSEs.

Azelma Thu 10-Jan-19 13:19:47

Oh yes. The glorious hot summer of 1995. I was 18 and had finished my A levels. Brilliant soundtrack to a fab time of my life.

LoubyLou1234 Thu 10-Jan-19 13:20:41

My teenage era loved the 90s. Music was amazing, went to loads of gigs and started going to festivals towards the end of the decade. Fond memories and lots of fun ( which carried on into the 00's)

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