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To sell a necklace I found (belongs to me)

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Justyou Mon 07-Jan-19 12:40:11

I was having a clear out and I’ve found a necklace that had been sitting in my drawer for over 10 years.
It’s never been worn & still in the box. I got it from my exh just before I finally woke up to his abuse and said no more. I think it was a trying to sweeten me gift as I was starting to open my eyes to him.
I have saw it over the years and keep meaning to throw it out but didn’t know if I should keep it for my dds even though they are nc with him so always left it.
Today is mega clean day so was putting it in the bin but it’s got a sticker saying real diamond- could I sell it & how would I do it?

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Mon 07-Jan-19 12:41:11

Yes sell it. You’ll get more for the gold than the diamond I think.

Take it to a jeweller, they should be able to advise.

ravenscaw Mon 07-Jan-19 12:41:21

I'd get it valued and if worth anything sell thru a professional service if not thru eBay.

Justyou Mon 07-Jan-19 12:47:15

Thank you both, do I go to a jewellers or a pawn shop type of place? Never done this before- can you tell? grin

Pachyderm1 Mon 07-Jan-19 13:21:51

I’d sell it. Not a jeweller but from the small amount I know I reckon you could get a couple of hundred pounds for it. You could use that to buy different jewellery for your kids if you wanted.

QuestionableMouse Mon 07-Jan-19 13:24:13

It's probably not worth that much sorry. I got my (ex) engagement ring valued after the relationship ended and was offered around £75 for it. It was white gold and real diamond.

PinkHeart5914 Mon 07-Jan-19 13:30:55

I doubt if it’s worth much maybe £50- 70? In my experience of buying jewellery.

Still even that you could buy yourself something with, pop in a local place and ask them if it’s worth anything?

peachgreen Mon 07-Jan-19 13:32:52

I'd be surprised if you got more than £25 for it I'm afraid - jewellery has a pretty rubbish resale value. Annoying as the jeweller will probably make a good profit on it. Personally I'd get it valued by a jewellers and then stick it on eBay with that as a reserve.

Justyou Mon 07-Jan-19 13:33:52

I will do, thank you everyone. I will treat the kids with the money even £50 is amazing.
Do I go to a proper jewellers to ask to be valued or a second hand one/pawn shop one?

selepele Mon 07-Jan-19 13:37:28

yabu bin it

Holidayshopping Mon 07-Jan-19 13:39:13

£10/£20 maybe? Still worth an ask!

MiddleClassProblem Mon 07-Jan-19 13:43:26

Sell it. I would only make a point to pass down sentimental things (when we DD will have a house full of crap to go through with various valuable items). This you have no attachment to and has bad memories.

Justyou Mon 07-Jan-19 13:44:04

Oh well, it was just sitting there so not lost anything if it’s rubbish.

Pontingss Mon 07-Jan-19 13:51:36

I’d say you could get £15 on eBay for it

Juells Mon 07-Jan-19 13:51:56

I don't know why a sticker saying 'Real Diamond' strikes me as hilarious, but it does 😂

morningconstitutional2017 Mon 07-Jan-19 13:52:33

Whether it's worth a lot or a little I'd sell it to a reputable jeweller and use the money for something which will have good memories attached.

HitItChad Mon 07-Jan-19 13:54:29

Quality diamonds aren't set in 9ct gold. Nor are they called "real diamonds".

Sell it but expect little.

ChrisjenAvasarala Mon 07-Jan-19 13:56:24

I can't tell from the picture but it looks like multiple very small diamonds. They aren't worth much. Certainly not selling onto a pawn shop as they need to get a profit.

The chain is very fine, so in only 9ct it's cheap. And the main piece, if solid, will be a small amount, but if hollow then it's not worth much at all.

A valuation from a jeweller will cost you more than it's worth, and they amount they tell you is for insurance purposes. The resell price you could get for it is lower.

Justyou Mon 07-Jan-19 13:56:38

I didn’t expect it to be worth much at all if anything but it felt wasteful to just throw away.
Glad you got a laugh out of it

Bombardier25966 Mon 07-Jan-19 13:57:26

@Pachyderm1 Please tell us on what basis you value the necklace at a couple of hundred pounds? smile

CourtneyLoveIsMySpiritAnimall Mon 07-Jan-19 13:58:58

A jewellers would only offer you about a third of what's its worth. If you go to one and ask if they'd buy it off you (an independent jeweller is probably best), I'd then take it home and stick it on eBay for double what they offer you.

I haven't worked in one for about 10 years but I don't think you'll get much for it, I'm afraid.

Bombardier25966 Mon 07-Jan-19 13:59:08

Justyou, if you don't think it's worth selling a charity shop will sell it. So anything raised will help someone else.

BlackPrism Mon 07-Jan-19 14:00:54

I've been wondering about jewellery valuations recently.. how does one go about them?
I have a ring that is possibly diamond, I can't read the tiny notes on the inside except to know it's 10K gold. Where does one go? Do you pay?

BMW6 Mon 07-Jan-19 14:01:29

Looks like tiny diamond chips to me - like the bits that come off when a diamond has been faceted. I'd say worth about £10-15.

What about giving to a Charity shop?

irrate Mon 07-Jan-19 14:02:50

EBay it. I did that with my engagement ring. I was in the same mind as you to keep it for my dd but in the end I said it wasn't worth it. Got £125 quid for it and treated us to a day out.
Good for you having a clear out, its very therapeutic.

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