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To not understand people that dont eat leftovers?

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Eliza9917 Tue 01-Jan-19 15:14:57

I've seen a lot of people say this, and wondered why? What could eating leftovers possibly do to you? Is it a fear of poverty in some way?

My sister knew a girl that would roast a chicken for Sunday dinner and only eat the breasts and throw the rest away. To me, that's madness, I'd get at least 2-3 dinners and a soup out of a large chicken.

Sparklingbrook Tue 01-Jan-19 15:17:20

Some people only like breast meat. I just buy chicken breasts, so wouldn't cook a whole chicken.

RochelleGoyle Tue 01-Jan-19 15:17:21

Some people have more money than sense. Some are lazy. Some don't care. You are probably going to be accused of stealth boasting or virtue signaling.

TeenTimesTwo Tue 01-Jan-19 15:18:11

I think you are more likely to end up in poverty if you don't eat left overs than if you do.

Thesearmsofmine Tue 01-Jan-19 15:19:00

It’s shameful throwing away food that is perfectly fine. Such a waste.

Ali1cedowntherabbithole Tue 01-Jan-19 15:19:10

I love leftovers! A portion of yesterday's dinner heated up for lunch with some salad is so much nicer than a sandwich

My issue is that we rarely have leftovers as DH hoovers evening up!

YeOldeNameChange Tue 01-Jan-19 15:19:56

Yeah some of my relatives are disgusted with leftovers. I think it’s a germ thing. Which is ludicrous as they would eat a ready meal and that is the same. The word left overs sounds rank tho and that doesn’t help

Ollivander84 Tue 01-Jan-19 15:21:00

Ooh I have chinese takeaway leftovers. Looking forward to them later!

Japonicaisstillahorsygirl Tue 01-Jan-19 15:21:09

Do you mean won’t eat them or that there are never left overs? When I was a child my mum plated up the food and had cooked exactly what she decided we needed. We had to eat everything on the plate so there were never any leftovers.

PseudoBadger Tue 01-Jan-19 15:22:16

Only 2-3 dinners and a soup OP?! I get at least 10 meals for 4 out of my mumsnet chicken wink

PoutySprout Tue 01-Jan-19 15:22:17

We’ve only just finished the xmas leftovers. If I don’t get a full week’s worth of plates dinners out of Xmas dinner I’ve not done it right!

Strugglingonagain Tue 01-Jan-19 15:23:59

I worry about storing it right and it making us ill. I do have anxiety though x

supersop60 Tue 01-Jan-19 15:24:41

I love leftovers. I can't understand the fussiness over them (unless they haven't been properly stored eg sitting on the counter all night)

Butchyrestingface Tue 01-Jan-19 15:25:33

Some people have more money than sense. Some are lazy. Some don't care.

That's me. And those are my better qualities. fwink

Hazlenutpie Tue 01-Jan-19 15:26:17

Ahhh it's another mumsnet chicken thread.

PoutySprout Tue 01-Jan-19 15:26:29

I worry about storing it right and it making us ill.

Can’t you look up how to store and reheat?

Rice is the only thing you really need to be careful with.

Blondiecub0109 Tue 01-Jan-19 15:26:34

I worked with someone (in the US, where at the time, it was more common that UK to take a doggy bag home from restaurant) who would never take a doggy bag or eat leftovers. Turns out it stemmed from her sister in law being told by her oncologist when having cancer treatment to avoid leftovers whilst her immune system was suppressed. Co-worker has gotten a little freaked out by that. Ditto eating at buffets or buffet style restaurants, which I can understand a bit more. Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been a LOT more viligant about how many days leftovers have been hanging around for and how they have been stored (DH is one for double reheating leftovers confused)

DillyDilly Tue 01-Jan-19 15:26:43

I don’t like left-overs, there’s never enough for a full meal anyway. We don’t usually have anything left-over as I’m pretty good at estimating how much will be eaten before cooking and adjust the recipe accordingly.

The thoughts of re-heating left-over take-out pizza, etc or worse eating cold makes me gag.

I don’t tend to roast a chicken as none of us particularly like leg meat so I buy chicken breasts and toast. If there is any leftover, one of my kids enjoys a chicken sandwich for lunch.

LaurieMarlow Tue 01-Jan-19 15:28:31

YANBU op, it's ridiculous. I don't know many people who do this, but I was told over Christmas that dear aunt and uncle throw away the turkey legs because they 'don't like that bit' hmm

The least we can do is be thrifty with the food we buy and get the most out if it.

I also encourage people to take doggy bags home from restaurants to minimise food waste.

E20mom Tue 01-Jan-19 15:29:29

I don't like leftovers. That's why I don't eat them.

QOD Tue 01-Jan-19 15:31:28

My husband grew up poor and it’s what they did. He therefore won’t eat left overs 🙄

ThePinkOcelot Tue 01-Jan-19 15:33:24

How on earth can you do 2-3 meals and a soup out of a chicken?

I don’t do left overs. Not that we ever have much left over after a meal.

Brainfogmcfogface Tue 01-Jan-19 15:33:27

Oddly I have literally been having conversation just now about this.
Agreed that I’m a weirdo who doesn’t do left overs. I understand it’s wasteful but I just worry so much about not storing the food correctly and making everyone ill. Even if I have fully complied with instructions I always think, what if and end up chucking it. Was the same with my breastmilk, even though I knew I stored it correctly couldn’t shake the worry and would always lob it. As I said, I’m a weirdo.

DisplayPurposesOnly Tue 01-Jan-19 15:35:16

Surely if you're poor, you don't have leftovers?

We werent poor but have never really had leftovers, everything got eaten grin

PoutySprout Tue 01-Jan-19 15:37:58

I understand it’s wasteful but

We all have a responsibility to reduce waste of all sorts. No ifs, no buts.

I exclusively expressed for a year with DD. I refrigerated and froze milk and gave some “fresh”. She’s 8 and has been sick maybe 5 times in her whole life, twice due to Norovirus. She eats leftovers all the time, including meat. It’s really not hard to get your head around.

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