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To ask you what has changed in your life once you quit smoking?

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proseccoaficionado Tue 01-Jan-19 09:10:51

That's it, folks.

I set my date for the end of January (some stressful events in January).

Please tell me the positive aspects of quitting smoking, what has changed in your life and please, your top tips to stay away from it.

I have to admit I'm a bit terrified and never tried to quit before. I want to do it once and for good.

Thank you and a Happy New Year, everyone

Kirsty157 Sun 24-Feb-19 14:02:02

Well done OP. I’ve been smoke free for three years now and I’ve never looked back. I found the why quit website brilliant. For me, understanding the science behind my addiction was really important for helping me break it.
I can actually run now, and I’m so much richer 😀
Good luck with the rest of your quitting journey

proseccoandbooks Sun 24-Feb-19 13:41:17

@Girlicorne heets have the same price as cigarettes + the device itself which is really poorly made.

How about you just quit, too?gringringrin

SeeYouLaterUserData Sun 24-Feb-19 13:29:46


Hey! My easy quit app has just reminded me I stopped on 20th January! You can do this! I found nicorette chewing gum helped me...have some inhalation sticks that I don't understand in case I get desperate but ok so far. First 3 days are the worst....focus on that and you are pretty much there except for psychological stuff.

You're worth it flowers

Girlicorne Sun 24-Feb-19 13:18:02

@proseccoandbooks are you the OP? Congratulations on quitting! Can I ask about the IQOS? I ve been looking at this as me and DH are currently spending £750 a month on smoking and it's bloody disgraceful! I can't get on with vaping and cold turkey is out of the question. I can't find any info about the HEET sticks, how do they equate to fags? I smoke 20 a day, how many HEET sticks is this? Thanks in advance and best of luck with quitting!!

proseccoandbooks Sun 24-Feb-19 13:16:14

@importantkath I can't actually believe I just cried. I feel so soft.
But I know I can do it!

importantkath Sun 24-Feb-19 12:11:50

@proseccoandbooks goodnfor you!

11 years for me. I carry a few extra pounds now (I took up snacking) but the doctor told me it's better yhan smoking. Hangovers are much easier. My skin is amazing, teeth, hair all great. I no longer cough and am generally fitter.

Keep going. It is worth it! X

Littlemissdaredevil Sun 24-Feb-19 11:59:53

Good luck star

proseccoandbooks Sun 24-Feb-19 11:56:26

I won't lie. It's so damn hard. But I made a decision and that's it.

proseccoandbooks Sun 24-Feb-19 11:56:00


I forgot my last account and can't log in😭😭😭

HOWEVER: this is my day ONE!!!! 🥳🥳🥳

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Tue 12-Feb-19 20:57:47

I feel so much better for quitting. I don’t stink and I don’t have that awful social shame when lighting up in public.

I used a vape to quit but wanted to make sure that I didn’t fall into the trap of puffing on it constantly, like you see so many people doing.
I only ever smoked outside so decided that I would only vape in the same spot. In the early days it tricked my brain into thinking that I was having a cigarette and later it made it more of an effort so I quit that easily.
Good luck. It is so worth doing.

MaidenMotherCrone Tue 12-Feb-19 20:44:16

I stopped on January 1st. Effortless with Allen Carr.

Ive just read his book Bad Sugar. Happier, healthier me now grin

Daffodillie Mon 04-Feb-19 01:00:46

I run half marathons, i dont feel guilty when I go to my dentist, i don't feel like a slave to disappearing out for a cigarette, I don't smell, I'm richer, I feel healthier.... ten years post smoker; still have the occasional one when on a night out but it makes me feel so yuck now. But it took me years to give up. Good luck x

BobbyGentry Mon 04-Feb-19 00:41:59


How’re you gettin’ on?

I’ve managed 37days, 6hrs & 40 minutes smoke free, alcohol free and minimal meat consumption (lost 2kg in the process.)

Wishin’ you great success in February.

It does get easier!

Good luck 🍀

Anon10 Wed 30-Jan-19 10:40:14

Forgot to say I used an inhalator a bit when I was desperate, and patches which I weaned down and even cut into quarters and eighths before I stopped them altogether.

Anon10 Wed 30-Jan-19 10:39:13

Please please do it. I quit in 2011 and smoked a lot before that. I wish wish wish I had done it sooner. In the end it was so easy once I was truely committed. I regret smoking so much. It is the only thing in life I actually regret. You will be liberated.

proseccoaficionado Sun 27-Jan-19 07:12:08

Shameless bump again. My date is approaching. I am so so so ready! gringrin

BobbyGentry Sun 27-Jan-19 01:01:19

@proseccoaficionado best of Luck 🍀 Quit smoking, alcohol and lowered meat intake on the 29 December (so almost 30 days smoke free, dry & meat(ish) free. Lost about 1kg in weight as have been more active through swimming 2 or 3 times a week.

Being nicotine free has given me more:


Thanks for the Allen Carr recommendations up thread. They really helped, listening on Audible to all three on smoking, alcohol & eating. The food one has a hypnosis relaxation motivation thingy on chapter 23 which has proved most useful.

With the time gained, I taught myself how to make naan bread from scratch. One turned accidentally into pita bread so then I purposefully taught myself that too, made fresh pasta and today will try to make tortillas wraps. It is all very possible. Just need to keep the momentum going.

Banjax Fri 11-Jan-19 10:59:22

How many did you all smoke?

I smoked 5-8 a day and hoping that its not too bad in terms of damage etc....could smoke loads if drinking but I dont drink that much, share a bottle of wine with husband at the wekend and apart from that dont drink.

WhoKnewBeefStew Thu 10-Jan-19 21:01:07

I love being able to go out and not have to remember my fags. I’d risk being late for work, after turning round to go home to collect my fags

Ifangyow Thu 10-Jan-19 20:58:36

Shamelessly bumping this thread.
Keep going ladies. You CAN do it. It DOES get easier, trust me.
Each time you want a cig just think HEALTH and WEALTH instead of I want a cig.

flameycakes Thu 10-Jan-19 12:19:01

9 days now, I'm feeling so much better, tend to get tetchy in the afternoons for some reason, not biting anyone's heads of anymore x

jessstan2 Thu 10-Jan-19 01:30:12

I stopped coughing! It was amazing.
Also stopped getting various respiratory infections which almost always followed a cold, even hay fever.

It was a great decision.

I've had the odd lapse and always ended up coughing my heart out which shows I should not smoke. However, I'm getting on a bit now and when I was young, practically everyone smoked and coughed!

My experience shows it's never too late to give up. I can't undo previous damage but can prevent any more and slow down anything that is already there (which I do not want to know about).

BovrilOverkillOhMyInsides Thu 10-Jan-19 01:28:18

My asthma is so much better these days.
I'm not forking out for fags.
I don't smell.
No second hand smoke for my kids.
However, my weight rose drastically and I've still not gotten it off. So make sure you occupy yourself with something like a workout if you find your cravings getting unmanageable and don't binge eat.

Banjax Thu 10-Jan-19 01:24:45

How's everyone getting on?

proseccoaficionado Fri 04-Jan-19 18:03:19

@Saucery I choose to trust you. your kindness is much appreciated❤️

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