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To not pay childminder for Xmas day

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emmagreen481 Mon 17-Dec-18 13:51:47

My DS’s childminder wants me to pay her for Xmas day & Boxing Day when she’s not even open?? Is this normal

TeaPot496 Mon 17-Dec-18 13:55:08

Err... No, that's not normal.

Bugsymalonemumof2 Mon 17-Dec-18 14:00:44

Depends on your contract to be honest. Would you pay for other bank holidays? Is it your usual day?

bluefolder Mon 17-Dec-18 14:01:10

Depends on what your contract says about BH

Merryoldgoat Mon 17-Dec-18 14:03:19

Mine doesn’t charge if she’s not open but contacts vary - if it’s one of your days and you generally pay for BH then it wouldn’t surprise me.

DangerousBeanz Mon 17-Dec-18 14:03:48

It depends on your contract, some childminders charge half fee for holidays, some full fee some full.
I don't charge when I'm closed but if I'm open the client pays full of they chose to attend or not.
Their terms are in the contract you signed before you started care, if you've already agreed to it then you have to pay or you'll be in breach of contract.

HollowTalk Mon 17-Dec-18 14:05:42

Check your contract - usually you don't pay for bank holidays.

steff13 Mon 17-Dec-18 14:05:56

Our provider didn't charge us for holidays, but I don't think it's crazy that one might. I don't work on Christmas, but I still get paid.

AGHHHH Mon 17-Dec-18 14:06:37

That sounds bizarre.

ItIsChristmasTime Mon 17-Dec-18 14:07:22

Nurseries often still charge for bank holidays so check your contact. Whatever you signed and agreed to, will be the terms you are bound by.

Maryann1975 Mon 17-Dec-18 14:07:25

What does your contract say? Without knowing that, I don’t know if Yabu

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Mon 17-Dec-18 14:09:34

That's ridiculous. I thought CMs were self-employed? Which means no holiday pay, surely?

DinoDave Mon 17-Dec-18 14:10:08

Yes it is normal...check your contract.

I pay mine half rate on Xmas Day and other BH’s.

adultcat Mon 17-Dec-18 14:11:48

I didn't used to charge for BH, I never wanted to work them so didn't think it acceptable to charge. However, I know plenty of other minders that did charge. As others have said, you need to check your contract..

Bugsymalonemumof2 Mon 17-Dec-18 14:11:52

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie the all have their own contracts within which they can put whatever they like. A lot will charge either half or full for bank holidays

Hwory Mon 17-Dec-18 14:12:03

If you agreed to a contract that states you pay for those days then yes your being unreasonable.

tryinganewname Mon 17-Dec-18 14:14:23

I wouldn't think this is normal.. even our nursery is 51 weeks a year payment because of Christmas week closure.

As others have said, depends on your BH Claus in contract

Bornin1969 Mon 17-Dec-18 14:15:03

I don't work on bh but I still charge them. I do not charge for my time off.

PurpleCrazyHorse Mon 17-Dec-18 14:15:55

Depends on your contract, as others have said. She might charge slightly lower fees the rest of the year, yet you pay her for BHs and/or when she's closed. Our CM didn't charge when she was shut, but I guess she would charge high enough fees the rest of the time to effectively cover her holidays. It would make sense to do that so you aren't unpaid for that time. DH would certainly calculate his fees when self employed to be high enough that he could cream off the top to cover holiday, sickness etc too, when he wasn't being paid directly by clients.

Aridane Mon 17-Dec-18 14:17:12

Bloody hell - if she’s charging I would put the children in for a couple of hours on Christmas Day and Boxing Day grin

ohwellinthatcasetryprunes Mon 17-Dec-18 14:18:10

Does she charge for other bank holidays?

Ellisandra Mon 17-Dec-18 14:19:06

YABU not to pay if you agreed to it in the contract.

YANBU not to pay if you did not agree to it in the contract.

HTH grin

TheBreastmilksOnMe Mon 17-Dec-18 14:20:34

When I was a CMer it was common in our area to charge a half fee for bank hols if that was a day you were normally open.

CMers work their butts off for what they get paid so I personally wouldn’t begrudge paying one for their much needed time off.

Drogosnextwife Mon 17-Dec-18 14:20:54

All childminders I know charge for public/bank holidays. Is she not taking a holiday over Christmas? I take 4 weeks paid holiday a year. None of my parents have ever quibbled that. Perhaps they read the contract first.

themoomoo Mon 17-Dec-18 14:32:48

In my contract it clearly states parents pay for BH's but I will not be available.
i don't charge for any other of my holidays.
What does your contract say?

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