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To report my neighbour singing / humming?

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emmagreen481 Sun 16-Dec-18 22:29:23

It’s constant. Day and night. I’m starting to wonder if she ever leaves the house. I’ve been here since August and I am starting to lose the will to live.

The sounds of a strangled cat come from the flat above, yet strangely I’ve never seen her. As far as I am aware only a man named Derek lives there, and he also sent me a xmas card with only ‘from derek flat no 10’ Btw she’s definitely (I hope) not a ghost as I’ve heard them speaking. In fact, I can hear every time one of them yawns

TenForward82 Mon 17-Dec-18 19:45:27

Just go and talk to her. She most likely doesn't realise you can hear it all.

Biggerknickersagain Mon 17-Dec-18 20:09:56

I live in a flat and when we don't have TV on or anything I can hear a lot from downstairs, I don't think they've ever shut a door, slamming is the preferred method. I can hear the TV, them laughing at the TV, call the dog, the dog bark when the door knocks, their washing machine and toilet flush - I work nights so sleep through the day and as I don't have stuff on I can hear it quite clearly.
They also hear me when they don't have TV or other things on, they know when I'm hoovering, they hear my phone alarm go off to get DC up for school, they hear me up and down the stairs. They hear us talking. They even asked how I was feeling today because they'd heard me coughing and barking at times with a nasty cold.
We don't moan at each other though because that's just the sound of someone living. I don't do things like having the washer on late and nor do they, but we had a conversation about the crap soundproofing. We realise that it's the soundproofing that's at fault, not each other and we don't expect each other to live in silence because the soundproofing is too poor to keep out 'normal' noise. Neither of us are that bothered.

Sounds to me you're in a similar situation, and if you can hear them yawn, then they can probably hear stuff from your flat too - due to the soundproofing.

I don't think your comment about the baby was great to be honest, just speak to your neighbours and explain the way it's carrying.

WithAllIntenseAndPurposes Mon 17-Dec-18 20:12:48

Is your neighbour SuBo?

Dollymixture22 Mon 17-Dec-18 21:27:06

My neighbour bursts into shouty signing everyso often. The type blokes do when they are really drunk walking home. A little irirtating at 9am on a Saturday - infuriating at 3am on Thursday morning.

I let myself down and banged the wall at him. It stopped that night - but only had a few days reprieve. If I had any courage I would talk to him about it

Snowwontbelong Mon 17-Dec-18 21:31:03

Ask if he takes requests!

SerenDippitty Mon 17-Dec-18 21:33:13

Could she be wearing earphones and singing along? People who do that often don’t realise what an awful noise they are making grin.

FoxInABox Mon 17-Dec-18 21:36:09

Humming drives me insane- there’s a man at swimming lessons each week who hums for the whole half hour of the DCs lesson. It makes me feel really stabby.

brizzledrizzle Mon 17-Dec-18 21:46:11

It's his cat - best call the RSPCA

Gibble1 Mon 17-Dec-18 22:22:15

You might be my neighbours. I have just sent DH in to tell DD to stop wailing. She’s got a horrible singing voice and wears headphones so can’t hear herself. Sadly we all can and I pity our neighbours who all sing beautifully.

SadOtter Mon 17-Dec-18 22:35:48

YANBU to be annoyed by it, but YWBU to try reporting it to anyone.

I live in a flat, I can hear downstairs' lullaby thing and next doors awful singing and the flat opposite's parrot and other next doors fucking hamster (which I am pretty sure must be pushed right up against my bedroom wall) all of these are very annoying but alas are part of living in a flat, I have no doubt they hear us sometimes too.

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