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To report my neighbour singing / humming?

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emmagreen481 Sun 16-Dec-18 22:29:23

It’s constant. Day and night. I’m starting to wonder if she ever leaves the house. I’ve been here since August and I am starting to lose the will to live.

The sounds of a strangled cat come from the flat above, yet strangely I’ve never seen her. As far as I am aware only a man named Derek lives there, and he also sent me a xmas card with only ‘from derek flat no 10’ Btw she’s definitely (I hope) not a ghost as I’ve heard them speaking. In fact, I can hear every time one of them yawns

AGHHHH Sun 16-Dec-18 23:03:10

I'm sure there are legal obligations for soundproofing

Perhaps there are guidelines on new builds but I really don't think there are laws on changing existing properties soundproofing. It's the reason I've left so many places.

AGHHHH Sun 16-Dec-18 23:03:51

I'm sure there are legal obligations for soundproofing

Was meant to be a quote..

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 16-Dec-18 23:07:57

Sorry I'll shut up from now onblushwinkgrin.
I throught I had quite a good voice, actually. Thats my BGT plans down the swanny. angrygrin

Bluebellsarebells Sun 16-Dec-18 23:15:16

I only came on this thread to check you're not my neighbour..
I don't live in a flat or know anyone called Derek.
I like to sing. Usually in the shower or at night.
I'm surprised nobody has been around to check on my cat yet.

notforyou Sun 16-Dec-18 23:19:57

PatricksRum .. I couldn't have said it better.. ha ha.

I honestly don't know what to make of this ..
emmagreen481 . They sound like cheery folk grin I'm sure if you just spoke to them and asked if they could be mindful at what time they choose to hum (!) Or sing.
After all .. tis' the season to be jolly - might be a nice way to break the ice ! I mean they appreciate opera (not for everyone I'm sure) but they sound like human beings !! Approach them !? fsmile

FannyAndMoonFace Sun 16-Dec-18 23:41:58

OP did you just wish a noisy baby who screams all night upon yourself ?

fawkesRedux Mon 17-Dec-18 04:18:00

"I am due a baby in February so hoping to get some payback for it with the noise. And nope both council."

You sound awful.

You don't have the maturity to speak to her.

You want payback for something they might not even be aware if having an effect on you.

What does your DP (the baby's father) think about the noise?

TanteRose Mon 17-Dec-18 04:37:28

Report her to whom? Simon Cowell?
Proper made me laugh grin

Mummyoflittledragon Mon 17-Dec-18 04:58:13

Sounds as if Derek likes singing day and night. Get your dp to have a word with him. If it doesn’t stop, noise cancelling headphones?

Iaintdonenothing Mon 17-Dec-18 05:21:42

Humming is my absolute pet peeve. Above people who chew with their mouths open, don't use manners and actually over crying babies.

I was on a flight recently and had to sit next to a woman who would randomly break into humming Christmas songs and that nearly sent me over the edge.

I second knocking on her door and asking her to turn it down a bit.

Bloodybridget Mon 17-Dec-18 05:39:40

I sing a lot around the house, hope it's not driving the neighbours mad just poor DP.

Northernknickers Mon 17-Dec-18 07:22:09

Join in EVERY chorus loudly...then applause wildly at the end, with cheers of Bravo, encore, whoop whoop...she might get the message if you do it often enough 🤷‍♀️

springydaff Mon 17-Dec-18 17:55:10

Do you think Think Derek is a countertenor?

Exhaustedmummy1811 Mon 17-Dec-18 17:57:32

Ffs you sou d like the bitch who lives next door to me. I am not allowed to sing, wear shoes in the house, play any music at all and my children aren't allowed to play with lego. Get over yourself!

Notsurehowifeel0 Mon 17-Dec-18 18:08:28

I can totally understand where you are coming from op! I had a friend who used to complain about a neighbour singing constantly and used to think my friend was a grumpy bugger and that singing is a happy sound so why would it bother her.

Then we moved onto a house with neighbours who have a late teen/early 20's ds. His girlfriend laughs ridiculously loudly constantly. I'm not sure she ever sleeps. At first I thought it was sweet that her and her boyfriend seemed so happy and young love and all that. Now it's drives me bonkers! Their room is on the adjoining wall with my daughters bedroom and she is massively disturbing her sleep because she laughs all bloody night and then she's laughing early every morning. We can hear her over the TV in the living room. It's so odd because we have pretty good sound proofing and can't hear much else from the neighbours just her laughing all the flippin time. So hearing neighbours singing every so often wouldn't bother me but I can understand how it frustrating it gets when it's constant.

AGHHHH Mon 17-Dec-18 18:13:07

@Exhaustedmummy1811 the OP hasn't mentioned anything other than CONSTANT singing, day and night, which any reasonable person would find annoying.

If you do this yourself then stop being so bloody annoying to your neighbors and don't project your own issues with your own neighbours onto the OP just because they share ONE similar complaint!

GlassLantern Mon 17-Dec-18 18:14:07

To whom?

X factor?

Pinkywoo Mon 17-Dec-18 18:22:42

@springydaff that's amazing, I actually love his voice!

Birdsgottafly Mon 17-Dec-18 18:33:27

"Singing/humming is not illegal."

No but it could be considered anti-social.

OP, speak to them, she perhaps shouldn't be living there and that might worry her into being considerate.

My DH used to have a friend, with MH issues, we knew he'd stop taking his meds, or they wasn't working, when he used to sing non stop.

Exhaustedmummy1811, how loud do your children play lego?

purpleface Mon 17-Dec-18 18:36:22

Maybe Derek is like Norman Bates and does both voices? fwink

NameChanger22 Mon 17-Dec-18 18:37:26

I would gladly swap neighbours with you. Mine are constantly yelling - yelling at the kids, yelling at each other, probably yelling at themselves. They also slam every door in the house regularly and stamp about yelling. It sounds like a mad house. They were doing it at 2am this morning. Think yourself lucky. I've never reported them.

MissionItsPossible Mon 17-Dec-18 18:38:21

Report them. I’m sure someone could do with a laugh

bumblenbean Mon 17-Dec-18 18:42:46

MAybe it’s derek singing falsetto?!

Cosyjimjamsforautumn Mon 17-Dec-18 18:45:28

Maybe Derek is perfecting his ventriloquist act grin

Strongmummy Mon 17-Dec-18 19:33:34

Go and seak to her. Then pray ur baby doesn’t cry a lot coz she’ll have zero sympathy 🤣

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