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Is Dh over reacting

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Tryingmybest1000 Sun 16-Dec-18 07:32:57

Dh has got up and gone to sleep in the spare room. The reason being...dd (2) woke up coughing at 1am and i still like to have the monitor on so we both woke up (monitor was on half volume next to me) and he hasn't been able to get back to sleep because of it.

He hasn't slept well recently as he has been working nights and has averaged about 5-6 hours sleep a day so i get he is sleep deprived. I have some anxiety around keeping the monitor on as dd sleeps on a different floor to us and we sleep with the door shut.

I'm having counselling for the anxiety and as a compromise we agreed to turn the volume down but dh this morning has told me that he'll now deal with it by smashing the monitor up.

He's also annoyed that i went straight back to sleep after dd finished coughing.

Purpleartichoke Sun 16-Dec-18 17:50:22

My dd has asthma so we think of coughs a little differently. At 2, One of us would have slept in the same room as her or the monitor would be on full volume depending on how ill she was.

She is 9 now and we don’t use a monitor, but we do have an echo right next to her so she can summon us even if her lungs are weak.

So my first instinct at a parent wanting to ignore a 2 year olds cough is to want to smack him upside the head.

Waddsup12 Sun 16-Dec-18 17:55:54

Does he control how you look after the little one?

Why are you doing all the cleaning for hosting stuff?

Might be time to assess the relationship. If he isn't supporting you and you're tiptoeing around him, it's not good.

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