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Neighbour stole my Deliveroo order

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Dongdingdong Sat 15-Dec-18 23:50:18

Well, I can only imagine that’s what’s happened, since I’ve received an email from Deliveroo stating that it’s been delivered but nothing has arrived. I’ve since messaged Deliveroo, who have refunded the full amount to my account - but I’m more pissed off wondering a) where my order has gone and b) if they delivered it to the wrong address and a dishonest neighbour claimed it as their own. How hard is it to get the right door number FFS?

AGHHHH Sat 15-Dec-18 23:52:15

I would be fucking livid and would go banging on all my neighbours doors to see if I could smell what I had ordered.

Not really but I do love my takeaway.

AGHHHH Sat 15-Dec-18 23:52:43

Don't deliveroo GPS track it to the door
? I'd try and see where it went.

BalthazarImpresario Sat 15-Dec-18 23:52:51

Happened to me with domino's. Very annoyed

KnightlyMyMan Sat 15-Dec-18 23:53:49

I mean it’s tipping down with rain and freezing cold where we are so for some poor teen on a bike, working for peanuts, getting a wrong door could be quite easy!

🤔 how hard is it to go pick up your own food?

SpitefulMidLifeAnimal Sat 15-Dec-18 23:56:44

how hard is it to go pick up your own food?

We know nothing about OP's situation at home so it's probably kinder to reserve judgement.

Santasshoe Sat 15-Dec-18 23:57:12

I had this I live in a flat and they delivered to the same number house nearby despite my notes of it being the flats on my order. The people opened the door and just took my pizzas. Don't think I would have the nerve myself. Speaking to dominoes they used to do the same when the people before ordered and the driver got the wrong address.

Fluffyears Sat 15-Dec-18 23:58:20

*I mean it’s tipping down with rain and freezing cold where we are so for some poor teen on a bike, working for peanuts, getting a wrong door could be quite easy!

🤔 how hard is it to go pick up your own food?*

Oh get a grip if everyone collected their own food their would be no jobs for deliveroo people. Also not everyone can collect babies asleep, don’t drive etc 🙄

ChasedByBees Sat 15-Dec-18 23:58:56

Surely they must know where it went?

AGHHHH Sat 15-Dec-18 23:59:43

🤔 how hard is it to go pick up your own food?

That's a stupid question. A delivery service is offered and a customer uses it. God for us. Use your bloody head.

AGHHHH Sat 15-Dec-18 23:59:57

God forbid.

YouTheCat Sun 16-Dec-18 00:00:02

Our Deliveroo drivers/cyclists always phone when they are at your house to check it's the right address.

Longdistance Sun 16-Dec-18 00:00:02

This is part of the reason I have cctv on my house. Our street is **gardens, the next street is **road. The same number house has been taking my parcels in. How do I know? I watched a car pull up at the end of my road, drive off in other houses direction, 2 minutes after ‘delivery’ same car drives past. I send dh over, who brings back the box fully opened 😡

I know send parcels to my mums house as it’s getting silly.

BreconBeBuggered Sun 16-Dec-18 00:02:24

Honestly. Isn't the point of Deliveroo the fact that you're not picking up your own takeaway? What are some of you on? OP, I wouldn't be knocking on doors, but I couldn't guarantee not to sniff through a few letterboxes. Or if the weather's bad, wait and go through the bins later.

clockworklime Sun 16-Dec-18 00:03:24

how hard is it to go pick up your own food?

None of your fucking business is it?

HollowTalk Sun 16-Dec-18 00:06:17

I'm sure Deliveroo would be delighted to hear the recommendation that the OP picks up her own food, as would the person delivering it, who'd be out of work.

Wintermuter Sun 16-Dec-18 00:16:26

how hard is it to go pick up your own food?

There’s always one.

There’s this thing called ‘delivery’ which means when you order something, it gets delivered to your door. It’s a convenience thing. Often, when you order a takeaway online or on the phone (which is commonplace these days), you get the option of either picking it up yourself or having it delivered. Some people choose to have it delivered because they don’t want to go out and collect it for reasons. Should you choose to have your takeaway delivered, you generally expect to to be delivered to your door in a timely manner.

I do hope that clarifies.

moredoll Sun 16-Dec-18 00:18:57

Our address comes up round the corner on Google and Uber always go there. We go round and wait there now. Maybe they just couldn't find you?

Sparklesocks Sun 16-Dec-18 00:19:40

Oh no! Glad you got a refund.
We had a weird one once where the webpage said the food had been delivered but the driver had disappeared off the map and hadn’t arrived. We called deliveroo and told them it was marked as delivered but nobody had come. They handled it very well to be fair and sent out a new order with a new driver.

30 mins later we are eating the second order when the first driver turns up..with our first order..after being AWOL for an hour! No idea what happened to him as he gave us the food and sped off..but sometimes the status isn’t accurate!

OlennasWimple Sun 16-Dec-18 00:20:03

Collecteroo doesn't sound quite as useful, does it?

Dongdingdong Sun 16-Dec-18 00:20:58

Is my assumption correct? Where else could it have gone? I’ve received several takeaways that weren’t mine at my door over the past couple of years and have always redirected them to the correct address. I feel so sad that one of my neighbours would just steal my food like that. I’ve spoken to Deliveroo and apparently they can’t reach the driver - very helpful.

ladydickisathingapparently Sun 16-Dec-18 00:22:52

Honestly, you lazy lot getting food delivered! When I have pizza I make sure I travel to Naples for hand crafted pizza dough. I then source the finest tomatoes and mozzarella cheese for my pizza before travelling on to Tuscany for a rich Chianti. Surely everyone does this on your average Saturday night? You should see the effort I go to for a curry!

Dongdingdong Sun 16-Dec-18 00:23:39

Just to add that my address is an extremely straightforward one - it would be very difficult to get the wrong house (although like I say, despite that, I have received other people’s takeaways once or twice before over the course of several years).

BumDisease Sun 16-Dec-18 00:25:21

You should be miking your own buffalo for that mozzarella, lazy cow.

Dongdingdong Sun 16-Dec-18 00:27:25

Lol to some of the replies.

I think I’m most gutted that a neighbour could potentially have stolen my food - it makes me feel a bit less happy about the street where I live sad

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