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To think DD shouldn't have called me at work because of this?

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thistleorange Thu 13-Dec-18 15:40:00

To say she has heard back from one of her unis and got an offer? Not trying to be an arse or unsupportive, but I assumed an emergency, I had to come out of a meeting. Just curious what others thought. Thanks.

RosemarysBush Thu 13-Dec-18 15:41:38

She was presumably very excited and thought you would be too. Does she ring you a lots at work?

Gazelda Thu 13-Dec-18 15:41:56

That's quite exciting news! Perhaps it would have been better if she'd texted first to see if you were free to talk. But I think I'd let her off and share her excitement rather than bollock her this time.

FurryDogMother Thu 13-Dec-18 15:41:57

She sounds excited, bless her - and if it was me I'd be excited for her too, and delighted that she wanted to share the news with me as soon as she could.

MrsTerryPratcett Thu 13-Dec-18 15:42:34

Sweet that she wants to tell you.

ItIsChristmasTime Thu 13-Dec-18 15:42:41

It’s a massive deal for her and she wanted to share it with you. Presumably she won’t bother to tell you her exciting news in future and you’ll then post about how she doesn’t contact you. hmm

pippistrelle Thu 13-Dec-18 15:42:52

Well, it probably depends on the nature of your workplace, but on the face of it, it doesn't seem outrageous.

covetingthepreciousthings Thu 13-Dec-18 15:42:54

Unless she has a form for always calling you at work... I'd just think she was excited to share her good news, I'd let her off.

BertrandRussell Thu 13-Dec-18 15:43:04

Blimey- of course she wanted to tell you!

LordEmsworth Thu 13-Dec-18 15:43:13

You didn't have to come out of a meeting, you chose to.

I am a bit confused, if it's not ok for her to call you at work, why does she have a work number for you? How is she meant to know when she is and isn't allowed to call you?

coolestmum Thu 13-Dec-18 15:43:40

I would expect my DD to call me and tell me this where ever I happened to be. Its exciting news!
Well done her!

ReadWriteDraw Thu 13-Dec-18 15:43:59

My DD has called me every time she has had a Uni offer. She’s been so thrilled that she wanted to share. I’d be grateful that your daughter wants to share this with you - do many teenagers are uncommunicative!!

femidom12 Thu 13-Dec-18 15:44:32

I guessing next time she won't make the same mistake & will ring someone who gives a toss. YABU

Villanellesproudmum Thu 13-Dec-18 15:44:51

It wouldn’t bother me, if my meeting is really important I put my phone on silent and upside down not to disturb me and colleagues. Sounds exciting for her!

PurpleDaisies Thu 13-Dec-18 15:45:28

confused you sound quite harsh there. She was excited. I hope you won’t tell her off.

Toooldtocareanymore Thu 13-Dec-18 15:45:29

I think that's fantastic, well done her, and isn't it great it wasn't a bad news emergency...

ShatnersBassoon Thu 13-Dec-18 15:46:25

She probably shouldn't have done, but she must have got carried away with the excitement. It's not worth thinking about now though.

Smallhorse Thu 13-Dec-18 15:46:29

Assuming this isn't a humble brag , I'd be delighted in your shoes.
Well done to your dd

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Thu 13-Dec-18 15:47:21


Osirus Thu 13-Dec-18 15:48:08

I would be ecstatic for my daughter - meeting or not! She comes before everything. Why don’t you feel the same way?

DurhamDurham Thu 13-Dec-18 15:48:15

I think it's an entirely reasonable reason to call.....disclaimer: unless she dragged out of theatre saving a life grin

I've two girls and they ring me at work for far less. To say they've had a nice lunch etc.
One of them rang me at work to tell me she was pregnant and I'm never going to forget that day in a hurry. Had a happy ending though as being a grandma is the best!

TheOrigBrave Thu 13-Dec-18 15:53:58

I presume she's 17 or so and you've told her to only call you at work if it's an emergency? If so then YANBU. If not then YABU.

My son would probably txt and say he'd like to talk to me.

NonaGrey Thu 13-Dec-18 15:54:31

Don’t you remember how exited you were to get into uni? Or get your first job?

I certainly remember calling my parents with the news.

You thinking it’s odd is.. well, odd

Mrskeats Thu 13-Dec-18 15:55:53

Bloody hell. What a depressing op.
I would be v happy to hear this news.

shearwater Thu 13-Dec-18 15:58:08

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