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To wish nursery opened earlier

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Alarice Thu 13-Dec-18 15:30:16

And before anyone says that we need to find a new nursery - they all open at 8.

It's a pain. I really need to be in work before 8, ideally, but as it is, I get in at 8:25 looking and feeling disorganised as hell.

RiddleyW Thu 13-Dec-18 16:26:12

If you both need to be in work for 8 why is it you who has to be late everyday? Couldn't your DH split it with you?

Whynotnowbaby Thu 13-Dec-18 16:32:27

I had this problem too, luckily we found an amazingly flexible childminder who would have them from 7.30 and also do occasional late evenings when I had parents evenings or school events. To those saying what about husband, I don’t understand why the default assumption is that he is not pulling his weight rather than that he perhaps has to be out even earlier. My husband routinely left the house at 5.30 and I wouldn’t be sending the kids to cm at that time even if I could!

Whynotnowbaby Thu 13-Dec-18 16:35:37

Riddley she said he has to be the other side of town at 8.00 so he’s not going to make it on time if he’s dropping off at 8 and has to be somewhere else at the same time. I assume op’s work starts at 8.30 as she says getting there at 8.25 makes her feel disorganised rather than that she is late at that time.

CatLadyToddlerMother Thu 13-Dec-18 16:36:41

DDs Nursery and all ones local to me open at 7.30, there's 6 Nurseries in a mile of my house as I looked round them all and they all open at 7.30.

My DDs Nursery have been known to take DCs earlier as a one off as well, like they did for me when I turned up at 7.15 saying I needed to go to A+E, they took DD for me no problem.

Bubblysqueak Thu 13-Dec-18 16:58:57

The thing is if they open at 7/7.30 it means there staff need to be there even earlier, 6.30/7 which gets expensive to staff. Also it can be difficult for staff to find their own child care at that time of the morning as many breakfast clubs don't open until 8.

Alarice Thu 13-Dec-18 17:01:06

But it's still an issue. The nursery is near my work as the crow flies but traffic makes it a nightmare.

Whynotnowbaby Thu 13-Dec-18 17:59:45

I completely see that it is an issue, you don’t want to arrive and feel stressed, you need time to organise yourself to be ready to start on time. I was just trying to point out why your husband wasn’t able to help out as so many people seem to think the answer is staring you in he face and just hadn’t occurred to you!

Alarice Thu 13-Dec-18 18:02:13


littleducks Thu 13-Dec-18 18:05:12

Talk to nursery when ds1 went to nursery they opened at 8am but 5 years later when ds2 went they still officially started at 8amy but you could drop off for extra fee at 7.30 and dc would be with manager until all the rooms opened at 8. I think a few people asked which is why it started.

babysharkah Thu 13-Dec-18 18:08:01

Childminder or nanny. Even 8 am was no good for us - I commute to London and do is a teacher and can't be late, he has to do form room or whatever they call it now.

Hillarious Thu 13-Dec-18 18:17:19

What job do you do, OP, that makes any flexibility around your start time impossible?

Alarice Thu 13-Dec-18 18:20:32


JustWingingLifeAsUsual Thu 13-Dec-18 19:01:50

I would've continued to send my DS nursery if they did open earlier. The one he did go to opened at half 7 but I start work at 8 and have to drive 10 miles to get there with heavy traffic so it wasn't possible! He goes to the childminders now and I am glad because he absolutely loves it there and she does an amazing job.

anniehm Thu 13-Dec-18 19:12:47

Child minders tend to be more flexible. The teachers at DD's old school had an arrangement with a local nursery for earlier drop off, it's worth asking

Alarice Thu 13-Dec-18 19:18:26

Problem with childminders is we have no other help so if the childminder is ill or away, then it's a big problem.

tigwig76 Thu 13-Dec-18 22:38:32

I'm a childminder and open at 7.30. Not in your area though! I'm surprised that most child care facilities don't open then tbh. All nurseries I've worked in do. I would recommend enquiring at your nursery first to see if they could accommodate an earlier start then if not look at childminders. Yes we can get sick lol but I've only closed 3 days in 9 years. When you get ill you have to get on with it and manage when your self employed. I take holidays yes but give a year or more notice and have back up friends.
Oh and please for anyone thinking a CM will look after a baby or toddler for half an hour then drop them off at a day nursery....don't insult us by asking!! We are not a babysitter taxi service.
Good luck OP. Hope you get sorted.

nokidshere Fri 14-Dec-18 00:50:22

I am a childminder and am happy to start at whatever time parents need me, as are most of the minders that I know in the area.

I have only closed a handful (less than 20) of times in the past 20yrs and I've always taken holiday at the same time as parents.

I'm perfectly happy to look after a baby or toddler for half an hour then take to nursery. It's not insulting to be asked and it's my choice to say yes or no.

I'm not unique. Most minders I know would be similar.

Cherries101 Fri 14-Dec-18 03:15:39

Where are you? Maybe people can help with recommendations if you tell us the city?

JustWingingLifeAsUsual Fri 14-Dec-18 06:24:50

@tigwig76 how is that insulting? Parents are paying you to do it! Don't tell me you're in CM because you love it... money is involved too, of course.

AJPTaylor Fri 14-Dec-18 06:28:34

I had this.
What really annoyed me was that breakfast club did not start until 8. Usually 8.03.
I worked in the nearest town with jobs. It's was a half hour drive minimum. So every morning was a challenge. 7.45 would have changed my life!

Pinky333777 Fri 14-Dec-18 06:30:30

The nursery I worked at opened at 6:30am. They're out there.
Maybe look into a babysitter or childminder?
Or a friend/colleague who could do the drop off and you offer to do the pick up?

chocolatecoveredraisons Fri 14-Dec-18 06:32:38

No breakfast clubs for half 7? I chose my nursery due to the fact it opened at half 7. If they don't offer that service, could you look at a child minder?

Thehop Fri 14-Dec-18 06:32:56

I’m Yorkshire and work at a 7.30 start nursery.....can you shop around locally?

Or ask them to consider opening just 15 mins earlier?

Teacherlikemisstrunchball Fri 14-Dec-18 06:35:33

I got round this by sending DCs to the school I work in... costs a fortune though as it’s an independent school and now things have changed and I’m desperate to leave but DCs are happy and settled...

tryinganewname Fri 14-Dec-18 06:36:40

Mine opens at 7.15 and the other one we considered opened at 7. Where do you live that they all open at 8?!

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