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Hard lump in armpit

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LauraJLewis Thu 13-Dec-18 10:25:28

Hi everyone.
I hope everyone is well.
I'm writing to see if anyone has been in a similar situation to me.
About 12 days ago I was in the shower & found a lump in my armpit.
It's deep in my armpit & I can only feel it when I put my arm down.
It feels hard,round & when I press it,it's seems to slip from under my fingers.
I am breastfeeding at the moment.
I have seen my GP about the lump & have been referred urgently for an ultra sound so understandably I'm feeling very stressed & anxious.
Has anyone else been in a similar situation?
Much love
Laura x

MaintainTheMolehill Thu 13-Dec-18 10:43:23

I get these a lot especially after I have been ill. The doctor told me it's blocked lymph nodes after a virus. It moves around when I push it.
I've been referred to the breast clinic at hospital before for a sudden inverted nippe and I know how horrible the wait is buy you have to keep reminding yourself that the chances of it being nothing especially while breast feeding are very very high.

Hope you get seen quickly and it's ok.

LauraJLewis Thu 13-Dec-18 10:58:57

Thankyou so much for your reply.
Did yours just go down on their own then .... does massaging them or hot compresses help at all?
It's a horrible wait isn't it x

Pachyderm1 Thu 13-Dec-18 11:00:12

It’s probably a cyst or blocked node. I know it’s very hard but try not to worry!

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Thu 13-Dec-18 11:02:19

I had that - it was bloody huge! Size of a - well large marble but it looked bigger from the outside. I had it cut out eventually (absolutely fine, doctor surgery, no problems at all).

Get it seen to though. Put your mind at rest.

Ansumpasty Thu 13-Dec-18 11:05:43

Are you slim? I can feel mine in my armpit when arm is down, deep inside. I can feel them on both sides and have always been able to. They’re like beans, some more like butter beans, and more around. They meant to be there. Everyone has lymph nodes, it’s just some are harder to feel and they’re obviously hidden under muscle/fat in lots of people.
I’m surprised your dr referred you, to be honest! I had a specialist feel mine once (when I was there for something else) and he just said they’re normal lymph nodes that are supposed to be there! They get tender every now and again, if i’m ill.
Slight mastitis could cause it to grow bigger and tender.

Ansumpasty Thu 13-Dec-18 11:06:30

That should say ‘move around.’ They should slip around when you touch them

PoshPenny Thu 13-Dec-18 11:27:40

I had a blocked lymph node with a pea size lump to show for it. Mine was by my ear. my dr told me they were very common, she had one too, had done for years and it was nothing to worry about. She referred me for ultrasound where it was assessed as "of no clinical significance" and several months later it disappeared on its own.
So they're doing all the right things and there's a good chance it's nothing to worry about.

LauraJLewis Thu 13-Dec-18 11:34:02

Thankyou for reply I hope it is one of those - I do tend to worry a lot x

LauraJLewis Thu 13-Dec-18 11:35:16

Yes I will do just waiting for the ultrasound appointment to come through.
I can't actually see it I can just feel it when I put my arm down x

Zfactorstar Thu 13-Dec-18 11:37:07

Blocked sweat gland is another possibility, but those hurt (at least with me).

splodge12 Thu 13-Dec-18 11:37:49

I had this when I was breast feeding and was also referred. Everything was fine, it is probably all to breastfeeding. Try not to worry. Appointment will come through within 2 weeks so you won't have to wait long

LauraJLewis Thu 13-Dec-18 11:38:37

Thankyou for you reply.
I am slim.
I can only feel it on my right side.It is like a butter bean & moves when pressed.
I was also surprised when she referred me which makes me wonder if she believes it maybe something sinister xx

Baking101 Thu 13-Dec-18 11:39:17

Probably just lymph nodes. I got that once, but it was a few small ish lumps. Made me panic but me being stupid just went 'I'm sure it's fine I'll give it time to reduce and if it gets bigger, go to the doctors'. Thankfully it went.

LauraJLewis Thu 13-Dec-18 11:40:03

The reason I went feeling around that area was that I had slight pain then that's when I discovered the lump.
It's still there 12 days later though & deep down would it still be there if it were a blocked sweat gland? X

LauraJLewis Thu 13-Dec-18 11:40:56

Thankyou for your reply - what did they say yours was did it go on it's own? X

TheMightyToosh Thu 13-Dec-18 11:41:32

I've had this and was referred to ultrasound and it was indeed a lymph node. The doc has most likely referred you for completeness, rather than suspecting something sinister. There will be a referral pathway they have to follow in these circumstances. What you e described certainly sounds the same as mine was. Try not to worry too much (easy to say, I know) smile

LauraJLewis Thu 13-Dec-18 11:42:09

Thankyou for your reply I'm glad your scans were fine x

LauraJLewis Thu 13-Dec-18 11:44:36

Thankyou for you reply - I waiting almost two weeks and was still there so thought best I go .... just go the one lump .... glad yours went x

LauraJLewis Thu 13-Dec-18 11:46:21

Thankyou so much for you reply.
Did you get your result same day?
I'm just wondering why only one size is large & still hasn't gone down.
I do suffer with health anxiety unfortunately so this has really worried me x

Baking101 Thu 13-Dec-18 11:47:05

I never went. I googled the possibilities and that made the most sense so went with that. I don't recommend that method though.

Dottierichardson Thu 13-Dec-18 11:49:02

I get sinus infections, and when they progress I always get an enlarged node under one of my arms. Goes down when the infection dealt with...

LauraJLewis Thu 13-Dec-18 11:54:14

I was hoping it would go down on its own but hasn't yet unfortunately I can't recall being unwell so hopefully the ultra sound will show all is ok

BadBadBeans Thu 13-Dec-18 11:56:57

I had an armpit lump when my milk came in, and was sent to the breast clinic. Some women have extra breast tissue in their armpits - I am one of them and it sounds like you might be too. In my case it was just milk. They were able to tell me at the clinic on the day. I imagine it is v likely that yours is a milk duct blockage or something similar but it is of course best to go and find out for sure. I know it's hard but try not to worry while you are waiting. Breastfeeding women get lots of lumpy bits - it is very common. Good luck x

Dottierichardson Thu 13-Dec-18 12:00:37

If it's an enlarged lymph node sometimes warm water helps them go down, so aim the shower head on the area for a few minutes in the shower.

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