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To ask for help- can't sleep (given up now) and got 14 hr day at work!

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impossiblecat Thu 13-Dec-18 03:47:21

Help! I have to be up in an hour. I haven't slept at all.

I could cry.

Anything over the counter I could take to stay awake? That works?

Panicking which isn't helping!

CurlyWurlyTwirly Thu 13-Dec-18 03:51:09

Do some stretches and some breathing.
It will help you relax a bit and you may get some sleep. I need to do the same

impossiblecat Thu 13-Dec-18 03:59:44

Wish that were true!

AnneOfCleavage Thu 13-Dec-18 04:28:30

Me too. It's very windy outside so lots of bin lids rattling. I've got up and been sat on sofa for last couple of hours. Don't feel tired but I also don't have a 14hr day starting soon either.

No advice of keeping awake at work except sipping iced water and strong coffee.

Let's hope tonight we zonk straight out.

Take care OP.

impossiblecat Thu 13-Dec-18 04:38:08

I'm bloody shattered 😂

RefuseTheLies Thu 13-Dec-18 04:39:41

I sleep fine, but my toddler does not. I drink a lot of red bull.

Birdsgottafly Thu 13-Dec-18 04:40:20

If you are OK with caffeine Boots do an 'energy plus' tablet. So do Holland and Barrett, discount shops and some Chemist's.

I've known people to take them and drink energy drinks, but pace yourself, if you do that.

If possible, earphones and high energy music, when you start to feel tired, even just for a few minutes in the toilet.

Likewise, 'play' music in your mind, rather than thinking about being tired.

sashh Thu 13-Dec-18 04:43:10

coffee, coffee and more coffee. If you don't normally have sugar in it add some now.

Jog22 Thu 13-Dec-18 04:47:47

Have some scrambled egg for breakfast and continue with regular protein during the day. Drink lots of water. B vitamin. Deep breathing. Sympathy to you. Remember you might get things out of perspective.

Elfsie Thu 13-Dec-18 04:55:29

I've had maybe an hour's sleep and also a 14h day ahead.
Red Bull and a gentle approach to work it is.

Bottomplasters Thu 13-Dec-18 05:01:14

I always find the anxiety about not sleeping worse and I always by some miracle get through it. Also do long days, on one today and no sleep!

Sometimes my sleep averages out over the week and I’m just not tired enough, even though I feel knackered

Heyjudas Thu 13-Dec-18 05:01:51

I find just taking things slowly rather than panicking helps me. So I sort of coach myself gently. 'Ok now Judas, all you have to do is fill the kettle and flick the switch'. And then just go on about my day slowly. When you're actually at work, adrenalin will kick in, so you'll get through it. Are you insomniac or did something happen OP?

impossiblecat Thu 13-Dec-18 05:04:24

Toddler, anxiety and bladder problems,

Not usually this bad.

KeysHairbandNotepad Thu 13-Dec-18 05:07:08

I know this isn't what you asked but sithere a reason for you not sleeping? Does this happen happen.

Yes , caffeine tablets and red bull will pull you through the day but they will make you ill and anxious if you rely on them.

Can you take the day off to address what's keeping you awake?

KeysHairbandNotepad Thu 13-Dec-18 05:09:14

Anxiety - please do not take caffeine tabs and red bull!

Are you receiving treatment for your health problems and anxiety?

In your position I'd call in sick , you're clearly unwell.

impossiblecat Thu 13-Dec-18 05:15:02

Cooking eggs! Can't call in sick, big day at work which is what the anxiety is about.

Butteredghost Thu 13-Dec-18 05:15:05

Sorry, this sucks. The only good part is that you at least know you'll be able to sleep tonight.

impossiblecat Thu 13-Dec-18 05:20:20

I have a toddler with a chest infection.

Effiewhaursmabaffies Thu 13-Dec-18 05:31:45

Not sure it will help for tonight, but a few drops of lavender on your pillow always helps me sleep.

Urbanbeetler Thu 13-Dec-18 05:36:52

Will you have a chance for a 40 minute power nap at lunchtime? Shut yourself into a room, set an alarm and close your eyes. Try and get into that half sleep place and doze. It can be immensely refreshing even if you don’t actually fall properly asleep.

GertrudeCB Thu 13-Dec-18 06:03:42

Can you arrange things so you know you can have a proper sleep after work? Can someone else have the toddler? For today keep hydrated - caffeine is a diuretic. Eat little and often. Any chance you get grab a catnap - I had a sleep in my car on break last week after pain kept me awake most of the night.

Urbanbeetler Thu 13-Dec-18 18:30:12

Are you getting through the day ok?

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