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To think free family/ grandparent childcare should be banned?

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KnightlyMyMan Wed 12-Dec-18 23:41:34

This is a topic I keep seeing pop up and I can see both sides so wanted to throw it up for discussion.

Reasons I agree;
- It’s a HUGE and unfair financial advantage for those of us who have unpaid/ free childcare over those who don’t! It’s basically luck of the draw over whether you get to avoid £700-£900 full time nursery fees per child! In every other area of life it seems society is making it less acceptable to discriminate due to family financial status (uni funding - blind interviews) but ‘unpaid internships’ and ‘free childcare’ are two big remaining issues!

- It takes away jobs and is detrimental to the economy. (If all the children currently being looked after by family were in nursery more money would be spent, contributing to the economy, and more staff would be needed, creating jobs.)

But equally, as someone who does have free grandparent childcare lined up - of course I want to save (huge amounts) of cash and I trust my parents implicitly, no one would care for my kids better! Why should I give my children to strangers (even professionally trained ones) or fork out money I don’t need to?

The topic of childcare came up at work the other day and there was a definite ‘bloody alright for some’ attitude from those colleagues paying for childcare. It seems to be a subject that divides people very strongly!

Tigger001 Sun 23-Dec-18 18:37:14

This is such a weird thread, while I have heard people saying they wish they had free childcare, I have never heard anyone who genuinely believes it needs to be "evened" out in some way.

I had always planned to have my mum around to do any extra childcare, I have chosen to halt my career and be at home with him until he starts school, but mum would always to do the school holidays when I went back. I lost my mum in match which completely turned everything upside down. So I am now one of the people who has no one for additional childcare as PIL too far away. I would never expect my friends to now be penalised for having that privilege.

My godchild has sever autism and can not be looked after additionally by anyone. The only person who on occasions he will stay with is his grandmother, it would be horrendous to penalise his parents for that.

I do understand what you mean about how everyone seems to even playing field for everyone but I just think it's silly to actually think it genuinely should be evened out somehow

Tigger001 Sun 23-Dec-18 18:38:43

Lost mum in March not match sorry

Carriecakes80 Sun 23-Dec-18 18:51:12

Me and my husband are living with four children on one salary, while the rest of the family have access to free childcare because they live near our parents, thats just the way it is. They have more money as both parents can work, and the kids get precious time with grandparents that ours don't, but its not thir fault, and if we were in their shoes, we would be offered the same.

Get over it, who the hell said life is fair, and of people have a problem with the fact that life is easier for some than others, tough shit.
Enjoy what you have.

Imissgmichael Sun 23-Dec-18 18:53:45

Tea there’s a big difference between a relatively minor drafting error and someone insulting someone else’s intelligence whilst at the same time writing poorly formed sentences without paragraphs.

I wouldn’t normally criticise but there was really no need for this particular posters venom.

Neoflex Sun 23-Dec-18 20:59:08

My friends mum does her ironing for her once a week to help her out.

What a bitch. Totally unfair. Should be banned. #whymyshirtssowrinkly

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