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to think MIL has ripped the piss?

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taxiforMIL Tue 11-Dec-18 22:47:04

Please help me to see straight with this.

My MIL picks my DS up from school on a Monday. DS is in P4 I so this arrangement has been going on for the best part of 3 and a half years since DS started p1. She always walked to to the school to collect him but since Easter she’s had bother with her knee and hasn’t been up to walking the distance to the school.

We offered to send DS to afterschool care but she insisted he came to her so we offered to pay for her to pick him up in a taxi (she doesn’t drive) and bring him back to hers. All seemed ok.

We decided that instead of giving MIL money every week we’d set up an account with the local taxi company and I’d pay the bill monthly. My DH knows the guy who runs the taxi firm so was no bother to set up. We explained to her what we’d done and the account was to cover her journey to and from the school to collect DS.

Anyway, to the main issue. Since April, I’ve been calling monthly to settle the bill and it’s always been roughly the same amount, give or take a few pounds.

I called at the end of Oct to pay the bill and it was higher than usual but I was busy at work at the time and assumed that there had been a delay at school one day or something had happened. Admittedly I forgot to ask DH about it. I called at the end of November to pay the bill and it was even higher again! For instance, say the bill is normally £30 a month, it was £45 in October then £75 in November. I didn’t pay the November bill there and then as the man in the office couldn’t tell me what journeys had been made on the account.

I rang my DH and explained to him about the bills shooting up and he phoned MIL who said she’d been using the account to get out and about and she didn’t think we’d mind a few extra pounds on the bill.

My DH said to her that she’s spent roughly £60 on taxis on an account that she knows was set up solely to collect DS from school.

She is indignant about the whole thing and even used the account again after we’d told her.

WWYD? I’ve told my DH that I want DS to attend
Afterschool care. It’s cheaper than £75 a month 🙈

Walkerbean16 Tue 11-Dec-18 22:49:00

Put him in after school club. That's ridiculous.

UpstartCrow Tue 11-Dec-18 22:52:43

We really need a Cheeky Fucker annual award, she'd be nominated.

adoggymum Tue 11-Dec-18 22:52:55

Definitely put him in the club, you're wasting £30 a month on taxis that you don't need! If she wants him after school so bad she can pay for the taxis. I'm sure he'll prefer to play with friends after school anyway.

taxiforMIL Tue 11-Dec-18 22:54:44

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks she’s a cheeky fucker.

I’m going to cancel the account and not mention it. Would like to see her face when she’s asked for the fare grin

Justmuddlingalong Tue 11-Dec-18 22:55:10

Total cheeky fuckery.

Aquamarine1029 Tue 11-Dec-18 22:55:55

Your MIL is STEALING from you. Cancel the account immediately and put your son into aftercare.

Kool4katz Tue 11-Dec-18 23:03:47

So MIL has been collecting your DS from school for 3.5years, (free childcare) and you're whining about a few extra quid on taxi rides because she can't drive and is unable to walk due to an injury?
Sorry, but I think you're the cheeky fucker in this scenario.
MIL was doing you a big favour and is not your paid servant.

taxiforMIL Tue 11-Dec-18 23:06:20


So you think it’s ok to spend someone’s money without asking them?


adoggymum Tue 11-Dec-18 23:09:15

@taxiforMIL 😁😁🤣 good idea

UpstartCrow Tue 11-Dec-18 23:09:21

Would the taxi co let you specify the account is just for the journey from the school to either MIL's house or yours?

Cheby Tue 11-Dec-18 23:10:36

Kool4katz that’s good to know. So if I do someone a favour, I’m allowed to take money or goods from them in lieu of that favour at a time of my choosing without informing them? If I don’t need taxis, could I just withdraw some cash on their bank card? Or borrow it to make multiple contactless payments?

citychick Tue 11-Dec-18 23:10:45

Give an inch...take a mile.

Put your child in breakfast club and cancel taxi account.

Good luck.

Fr3d Tue 11-Dec-18 23:10:48

Pay her for the childcare and then she pays for her own taxis.

ButteryParsnips Tue 11-Dec-18 23:10:55

If that was five days a week pick up and childcare I'd see your point @Kool4Katz, but it's one day a week only and the MIL has been insistent on it continuing.

taxiforMIL Tue 11-Dec-18 23:14:19

My mind is made up about the afterschool care.

Account will be cancelled in the morning and I’ll see about arranging a start date at the afterschool club.

I’m bloody seething. She was adamant that she wanted it to continue and we thought that paying for her taxi was the right thing to do in lieu of paying the afterschool care.

GreenTulips Tue 11-Dec-18 23:14:26

Use after school care - or pre pay journeys of £30 a month.

Any difference and she pays it.

heyjude12 Tue 11-Dec-18 23:14:27

So you think it’s ok to spend someone’s money without asking them?
No i don't but I can't see how after school club is going to be less than £75 a month and I think shes saved you a damn soght more than £75 in all the years shes helped you out.
Would you be frothing at the mouth if it had been your mother?
Remember that you are likely to be a mil and you reap what you sow.

GreenTulips Tue 11-Dec-18 23:15:21

Remember that you are likely to be a mil and you reap what you sow

Yep - don't rip your DIL and Son off.

taxiforMIL Tue 11-Dec-18 23:18:50

Would you be frothing at the mouth if it had been your mother?

Simply put, yes.

taxiforMIL Tue 11-Dec-18 23:19:54

The afterschool club is £10 so by my reckoning it’ll be roughly £36 a month.

Far less than the £75 my MIL has racked up.

taxiforMIL Tue 11-Dec-18 23:20:36

£9 not £10 sorry

LowbrowVictoriana Tue 11-Dec-18 23:20:43

but I can't see how after school club is going to be less than £75 a month

Read the OP. It's only on a Monday.

Mumshappy Tue 11-Dec-18 23:20:57

So cheeky. I would be furious. She'd be off my xmas gift list for this year as well.

EugenesAxe Tue 11-Dec-18 23:21:13

I can see your side and also what Kool said. I think it’s a little unkind to begrudge her use of the account, but agree she should have asked.

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