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To ask for your first world problems?

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Faerie87 Tue 11-Dec-18 21:10:49

Just thought I would put a silly thread together based on problems we face.

I realised one first world problem I had today!

I was in the supermarket cafe and wanted to surf the internet on my phone, I then realised my phone had connected to the supermarket WiFi and it wouldn’t allow me to open any web pages up, so I had to turn off my WiFi and use my data, I then forget to turn my WiFi back on and then use up all my data!!

Anyone else got any first world problems?

StandardLampski Tue 11-Dec-18 21:18:23

I'm sure I do but you've just reminded me I did the same- yesterday! Aaagghhh. Sorted now though so thank you !

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Tue 11-Dec-18 21:19:21

I don't know. If my Christmas party outfit will arrive on time!

tor8181 Tue 11-Dec-18 21:19:31

mine is im imming and arring on getting a king size or super king size bed and mattress after christmas, theres not much difference in price

im thinking though you never see any super king size bedding around and because we only sleep on brushed cotton it might be limited choices

allhailthetinsel Tue 11-Dec-18 21:22:25

I bought a pack of two lemon tart slices yesterday that were reduced and use by yesterday. I've just eaten one now and can't decide whether to eat the other one 😂
Do I a) eat it and possibly feel sick and know I've been greedy
Or b) don't eat it and it goes to waste.

The decision is too much For me right now

Faerie87 Tue 11-Dec-18 21:34:53

I remember watching a comedian a few years back and he thought of a good one, when you strip your bedding and wash it but don’t make up the bed, then go out on a night out and come back to a stripped bed!

Oh my god the absolute hassle of trying to put new sheets and a duvet on while drunk!

Lottapianos Tue 11-Dec-18 21:38:21

My top coat is not drying my nail polish quickly enough smile

tablelegs Tue 11-Dec-18 21:39:39

@tor8181 get the superking bed.

BanginChoons Tue 11-Dec-18 21:40:28

My club bar had no orange in the middle. Gutted.

Quandary2018 Tue 11-Dec-18 21:40:38

I’ve had to wait 12 minutes for a tram and I’m cold

MincePieMum Tue 11-Dec-18 21:46:36

I had 2 deliveries due today - TNT and UPS. I arrived back from the school run at 8:58 and had a card in the door, saying TNT had attempted delivery at 9:00. angry

Waited all day for UPS. Went to get DS from after school club at 4:30 and got home at 4:33. Missed UPS - driver turned the bottom corner of our street as I turned on to the top. angry.

Now they are booked to deliver tomorrow but I have appointments I have to go to. I will never get these deliveries. confused

underneaththeash Tue 11-Dec-18 21:48:19

My duck liver went out of date yesterday and I couldn't make our Christmas pate, so had to bin it and order more from the butcher.

Deadringer Tue 11-Dec-18 21:52:26

The tv remote is out of my reach, I am going to have to get up and walk two steps to get it. Sigh.

thismeansnothing Tue 11-Dec-18 22:00:49

This has annoyed me for TWO weeks now.

Went to Booths for their Christmas baguette off the hot counter (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, FOUR pigs in blankets, butter on a white or brown crusty baguette). I'd been looking forward to it all day, I have a job that involved me being outside in the cold all morning and it had been tipping down, but it's ok had this sandwich to look forward to. I get there to be told they've no stuffing or turkey. So I say that's ok, could you do it with chicken instead and I'll cope without the stuffing. Wait an age for them to make it cos god forbid they have the stuff ready sliced and ready to go. Pay and take it home. Go to eat it and THEYD NOT PUT ON THE PIGS IN BLANKETS. 😡😭😡😭😡😭 I essentially had a hacked chicken breast and cranberry sauce butty. Ragin'

daffodilbrain Tue 11-Dec-18 22:06:14

I'm off to Oz for Xmas but haven't bought my birthday party dress yet and worried there may not be any left by the time we return shock

6triesbuttingout Tue 11-Dec-18 22:06:57

Super king. Best thing we ever bought

BentNeckLady Tue 11-Dec-18 22:07:31

My log burner makes my house too hot.

VanderlyleGeek Tue 11-Dec-18 22:08:00

I ran out of my wonderful, roasted in Copenhagen, Costa Rican coffee beans yesterday. I couldn't make it to the shop to buy more, so I had to use my subpar emergency coffee beans (of indeterminate origin and roast date) this morning.

LunaLovegoodsRadishes Tue 11-Dec-18 22:16:36

My husband spent hours cooking a stew for me to eat before I went to work after lunch, and despite him normally being an excellent cook it was bitter and didn’t taste very nice.

My daughter has a viral infection so she’s home with vomiting and feeling generally crappy, which is making me feel crappy because I have to leave her on her own for a bit to get to work and until her dad gets home. Selfish cow that I am.

I’m annoyed every time I remember I have to collect my train tickets from my local station, the same tickets that will convey me to my parents house to drop off Christmas presents that will be heavily criticised for being not what they wanted. And there will be arguments over something stupid and I’ll go home with the arse.

sm40 Tue 11-Dec-18 22:19:48

My dh is getting a new car. Has to go about 4 hours away to get it next week. I got him his train ticket this morning. Now he's told me it's being delivered!

talktomegently Tue 11-Dec-18 22:30:04

Our independent delicatessen didn't stock low sugar jams and chutneys for our Christmas hamper.

Embmum Tue 11-Dec-18 22:31:09

The sink in our en suite is too big for the available space. I keep hitting my elbow on it when I wipe. Not sure if the first world problem is the big sink or the small en suite...

CoffeeMilk2SugarsPlease Tue 11-Dec-18 22:35:46

Nursery have only just informed me this afternoon of the Christmas party on Friday where they've asked that the children wear Christmas jumpers. I've had to spend £4.50 on named day delivery because I didn't want to leave the house in cold weather to go get one. £10 in total for a jumper DS won't want to wear and so literally will just get one go out of it. I can afford it, but I didn't want to have to afford it. (Especially when I know my DM will buy him one next week to wear for Christmas Day - which again he won't want to wear)

Also to the PP about super King beds - I love mine but I wouldn't recommend getting one unless you enjoy the pain staking task of changing the sheets! It's a two man job in my house!

JW1226 Tue 11-Dec-18 22:35:52

My phone charger broke last week so I purchased another and that broke too, decided on a thicker wired one and it's so short I'm practically hugging the wall.

DailyMailDontStealMyThread Tue 11-Dec-18 22:35:57

The heated seat in my car doesn’t work and they can’t book me in to LOOK at it for 3 weeks. It will practically be summer by the time it’s fixed.

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