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To be miffed for Emily Atack

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Witchofzog Tue 11-Dec-18 13:53:19

Because everything seems to be about her looks. I thought she was beautiful on I'm A Celebrity. Her smile literally lit her whole face up and she seemed supportive, funny and down to earth. She just came across as a really lovely woman.

But watching the penultimate episode (I am very behind) with her mum saying her nails were dirty and her hair was messy (and then after saying how proud she was)and then when she came out, Harry Redknapp saying he thought she stood no chance with his son because of how she looked but seeing her with make up on now he has changed his mind hmm

I actually think she is more beautiful without make up and with her big grin and it is sad that someone so lovely can still be criticised.

I know I am over invested so rant over grin

CurryAndCobra Tue 11-Dec-18 13:57:01

She is too annoying. And too loud and screechy.

EdWinchester Tue 11-Dec-18 13:57:22

I know! I was really surprised at Harry's comments which were basically, 'with makeup on you're passable'.

No wonder she has issues. This is the sort of thing she probably gets on a regular basis.

LucieMorningstar Tue 11-Dec-18 14:01:20

Did find her a bit screechy at times but all in all, she is a lovely young woman. I think she will find someone one day who appreciates her for her, and to be fair to her, she’s not WAG material, much too normal. Although I did quite like Rebekah Vardy last year too but they’re not the same sort of people.

brizzledrizzle Tue 11-Dec-18 14:02:54

I know! I was really surprised at Harry's comments which were basically, 'with makeup on you're passable'.

Shame he won then. She's stunning without her makeup, I think she's much more attractive without it than with.

masterandmargarita Tue 11-Dec-18 14:05:54

What a cock. He's hardly an oil painting himself

PattiStanger Tue 11-Dec-18 14:08:58

I didn't hear Harry's comment, that's really not on.

It's a perfect opportunity for Jamie now to say he doesn't judge on looks

I also missed what her mum said, maybe she's responsible for the insecurities being in show business herself.

I liked Emily and wanted her to win

TheQueef Tue 11-Dec-18 14:11:33

I wanted her to win. I like funny women.
Who wants to date Jamie Rednap anyway? hmm

InfiniteSheldon Tue 11-Dec-18 14:11:35

Another Emily fan here I thought her mum was quite mean and Harry appalling for that comment would serif Jamie is that shallow?

MrsJayy Tue 11-Dec-18 14:12:06

Harry was clearly joking about the passable comment , Emily's mum has always been glamorous and so has Emily her instagram is full of her being done up to the nines I do think she over does it so for her mum to say her nails were dirty etc was true because she isn't used to her looking messy and dirty however there is millions of women like Emily who think their worth is in their looks and imo that is sad.

OriginallyfromLA Tue 11-Dec-18 14:12:58

Me too! I thought she looked SO much better au natrel.

Witchofzog Tue 11-Dec-18 14:13:02

I really liked Harry but not so much now. It was just an unnecessary thing to say. Surely he would prefer his son to be with someone who is a lovely person first and foremost confused

Onlyjoinedforthisthread Tue 11-Dec-18 14:14:01

How can anyone be surprised Harry Rednap said something about her looks? He'll probably blame it on his dog like last time he was accused of something

MrsJayy Tue 11-Dec-18 14:15:44

Jamie rednapp is far too old for Emily he would look ridiculous dating such a young woman

Trinity66 Tue 11-Dec-18 14:17:09

I found her a bit OTT in there towards the end but I do agree with you about all the comments about her looks

Witchofzog Tue 11-Dec-18 14:17:20

I agree. He IS too old for Emily anyway. What about a dog?? <off to Google>

SylviaAndSydney Tue 11-Dec-18 14:18:44

I believe Harry was joking. It was actually Emily who said to him in there that she wanted to date Jamie “but don’t be looking at me scruffy in the jungle, I actually scrub up really well with make up on, he’ll fancy me then”.

He was probably using her ‘joke’. I agree she looked lovely without it.

InsomniacAnonymous Tue 11-Dec-18 14:19:52

I was surprised to learn that Emily Atack will be 29 years old in a week. She looked (and acted) a lot younger in the jungle. She got on my nerves because she screamed all the sodding time. She even screamed when a nice meal was put in front of her at the end! I was quite happy that Harry won and wouldn't have minded if John had won.

Pibplob Tue 11-Dec-18 14:22:26

I thought she was fab. Didn’t know if her before I’m a celeb but really liked her and wanted her to win.

MrsJayy Tue 11-Dec-18 14:22:52

Emily is a funny woman i thinnk she will have reset herself and hopefully the jungle will help get her career back on track she is better known for dating celebs and hanging out at parties than acting I can see her on tour with John Barrowman very soongrin

sweeneytoddsrazor Tue 11-Dec-18 14:24:41

I think Harry was having a joke with her as well. As a pp has pointed out she already said herself about scrubbing up well. He also told her she would be a lovely dil.

Witchofzog Tue 11-Dec-18 14:25:16

I imagine Emily to be great fun at the pub and probably a very good friend too. I wanted her to win too

Sisgal Tue 11-Dec-18 14:29:19

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

diddl Tue 11-Dec-18 14:31:25

It could have been a joke, if not it was more of a judgement on Jamie than Harry though?

That said, isn't she young enough to be Jamie's daughter, so maybe she should be the one saying "no chance"!

InsomniacAnonymous Tue 11-Dec-18 14:33:52

That said, isn't she young enough to be Jamie's daughter
No, as I said a couple of posts above, she will be 29 next week.

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