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to go to a gig alone...

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Stefoscope Mon 10-Dec-18 23:40:45

Tickets go on sale this week in my hometown for a band I loved in my teens and twenties. Their new album is ok, but I would be mostly be going for nostalgic reasons and the singer is a good showman (and probably be retiring soon). The music is not to my current partner's tastes, so could throw an invite to my facebook friend's list but the most likely respondants would be my ex from uni years (grad 2007 but not met up much since and a fellow friend from the same era.) Is it terrible to go alone? WWYD?

HeresMe Mon 10-Dec-18 23:41:43

I did it years ago enjoy yourself don't worry about others opinions

Snowwontbelong Mon 10-Dec-18 23:43:52

Went to see Nanci Griffiths alone.
Never bothered me.
Better than missing out!!

Gillian1980 Mon 10-Dec-18 23:44:00


I’ve gone to several gigs alone over the years and always had s great time

MojoMoon Mon 10-Dec-18 23:44:32

Totally fine. no one else will notice, let alone care.

lynnepot Mon 10-Dec-18 23:46:31

What band and is it?

I have though yes, and it was fine.

IWantMyHatBack Mon 10-Dec-18 23:47:11

I'd do this, nobody likes the same music as me. Have they just released the dates today? (I have a feeling I know who you mean)

Bath9000 Mon 10-Dec-18 23:47:32

Go! Enjoy yourself, no one will notice you (or anyone else)

IWantMyHatBack Mon 10-Dec-18 23:48:08

You could try the bands message board/Facebook. I've done that loads before and met really great people.

Stefoscope Mon 10-Dec-18 23:53:17

Sounds good; that was the reaction I was hoping for! Knowing my luck I'll probably just miss out on getting tickets, but it's for Suede at the O2 next April (just after my birthday).

alltoomuchrightnow Mon 10-Dec-18 23:54:34

I go to gigs alone all the time

penguingirl Mon 10-Dec-18 23:58:28

Yeah, I think you should go for it. Especially for Suede! I had tickets for a gig last month, Jonah Matranga, but my friend pulled out the day before. I felt really worried about going alone, but did it anyway as it was the first gig I'd been so excited for in a while. It was wonderful!

LittleLifeRaft Tue 11-Dec-18 00:01:21

I go to gigs alone all the time! Do it OP, you'll have a great time.

LaLaLamp Tue 11-Dec-18 00:01:27

I go alone - always. I generally meet up with people and never feel uncomfortable. It's a bit like going to church for me, a gathering, lots of singing and feeling good.

LaLaLamp Tue 11-Dec-18 00:02:54

when I say meet up, I mean that I get there, and someone always chats away at the bar or whatever

IWantMyHatBack Tue 11-Dec-18 00:03:21

Ah, I knew it was suede!

Get on the insatiable ones group on Facebook, there will be loads of people that will be happy to meet!

Lovingbenidorm Tue 11-Dec-18 00:04:46

No wouldn’t go alone. Surely much of the fun is being with someone who enjoys it as much?

MyArris Tue 11-Dec-18 00:14:26

I love going alone to gigs, the theatre and the cinema. Do it. You'll have a grand time.

Stefoscope Tue 11-Dec-18 00:16:41

Loving - possibly. Although the only other 3 people in my life who would be interested in this gig are my brother (who lives overseas), my ex and a mutual friend (neither of whom I've spoken to in a decade). I'll take a look at the tickets when they go on sale and see what happens.

Nannypinks Tue 11-Dec-18 00:16:41

One of the best gigs I ever went to was on my own! Do it, but please make sure you have fail proof plans to get home after (ask me how I know...)

GreenDinosaur Tue 11-Dec-18 00:18:11

Why wouldn't you? I used to go to festivals on my own, it was amazing! Met great people, had fun, never had to see them again, awesome!
I really miss having the freedom to do stuff on my own these days.
The cinema for instance, why do you need someone else? And it's always a compromise, just you can do whatever you want!

Stefoscope Tue 11-Dec-18 00:19:30

I work not too far's walk from the venue, as does DP. If I go that night, I'm sure DP would pick me up as he'd be working and covering my shift ifyswim.

HarrietSchulenberg Tue 11-Dec-18 00:33:27

Do it! My teenage gigs were mostly done alone and were the better for it. I took two friends to a gig once and it ruined the night. I'd happily go alone now.

TheLastQueenOfPop Tue 11-Dec-18 08:02:24

I met some of my best friends at gigs. Solo gig going is fine, I do it loads (eclectic taste). Enjoy!

mogtheexcellent Tue 11-Dec-18 09:50:58

Did starsailor alone last month. Now looking at suede thanks for the heads up.

Bloody loved them.

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