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I just need a minute to breathe

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sweetbutpsycho Mon 10-Dec-18 01:51:07

Maybe 2 minutes

Or scream, cry. I don't know....

Woopsimsorry Mon 10-Dec-18 01:52:06

What's up?

Rachyrach80 Mon 10-Dec-18 01:52:09

Anything in particular happened? I feel like that at the moment too flowers

sweetbutpsycho Mon 10-Dec-18 01:53:38

Just feeling very down about everything

brizzledrizzle Mon 10-Dec-18 02:02:47

Will help to give us details?

sweetbutpsycho Mon 10-Dec-18 02:10:09

I think I'm in love with someone who isn't my dp

brizzledrizzle Mon 10-Dec-18 02:33:57

Ok. So is it love or is it that you think it might be because you are worrying about other stuff at home and think the grass may be greener? I know in my experience that can be the case.

sweetbutpsycho Mon 10-Dec-18 02:46:52

The grass definitely would not be greener but I can't stop thinking about him. Don't want to touch my DP at all, I don't even want to talk to him.
I don't think I've loved my DP for a while but just haven't realised it and there's so much leaving him would affect.

brizzledrizzle Mon 10-Dec-18 02:48:31

That's hard, be kind to yourself and take it one step at a time.

kateandme Mon 10-Dec-18 03:02:00

is it that you don't love your dp that you putting grass might be greener on this other bloke.or do you really think you love him?
it is something with you and dp that can be worked through or the love totally lost?

user1473878824 Mon 10-Dec-18 03:11:33

Can you imagine mumsnet telling a man that it’s hard and to take it one step at a time?! He kind to yourself, it’s only your wife!

brizzledrizzle Mon 10-Dec-18 03:28:14

It's a shit situation to be in and anybody should be kind to themselves.

jessstan2 Mon 10-Dec-18 03:30:57

Let it out girl. We're here to listen.

flumpybear Mon 10-Dec-18 03:36:30

Infatuation rarely lasts long - it's what it develops into that lasts ..... be it love, hate or something in between

sweetbutpsycho Mon 10-Dec-18 04:48:20

I'm not going to act on it or tell anyone irl that's what I let it out here. Thanks guys

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