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Getting in a rage in a Poundland!

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RaspberryRipple1963 Fri 07-Dec-18 18:00:47

Sorry,I just need to vent really,not expecting any solution to my problem!
Ever since the Poundland in my local town installed self service tills,it seems to me that a hell of a lot of people's manners have just gone down the plug hole. When it was only cashiers serving,everyone used to wait in line until it was their turn to be served. Now though,it seems to be a free-for-all (for the able bodied and those quick enough off the mark that is). Numerous times over the last couple of months I have been at the front of the queue or second in line,waiting for either a cashier to shout 'next please' or the staff member patrolling the self service tills to call out 'Anyone for self-service',but for some reason people behind me in the queue think it's fine to barge to the front of the queue.
I don't quite understand their logic behind this,surely the cashier or staff member saying a self-service till is free,means the person who is at the FRONT of the queue,not someone who is behind 10 other customers?! I got into an argument last week when a woman elbowed her way in front of me,probably because I'd hesitated for a nano second,waiting for someone to move out of my way. When I politely told her that I was actually next,and that there was a queue,she accused me of being rude and aggressive! Believe me,I wasn't!
Why is it that nowadays,especially in the run up to Christmas, a good proportion of the population think they're entitled to queue jump in front of disabled/not-so-quick-off-the-mark people?! angry

KurriKurri Mon 10-Dec-18 19:24:13

We have two separate queues - but it doesn't stop people pushing and shoving.

I have to admit I really liked self service Elvis, but self service Santa is creepy as all get out. I have to keep hearing him telling me to put my presents under the tree and hohohoing, because I have an addiction to Poundland liqueur chocolates and have to keep buying more and more boxes.

Winlinbin Mon 10-Dec-18 19:24:50

When self service works I love it. No need for small talk with the cashier (and I have been a supermarket cashier so I know it from both sides). I also love being able to dispose of all my shrapnel without a cashier tutting at me. I do agree that for some reason Poundland seems particularly chaotic.

KurriKurri Mon 10-Dec-18 19:26:28

But if someone is in the front lookin gormless and hasn't realised they are next, don't you just give them a little bodge and say 'your turn now' ?

SnuggyBuggy Mon 10-Dec-18 19:29:04

Kurri that is probably the safer option. I never join a queue I don't know the rules of

GabsAlot Mon 10-Dec-18 19:29:57

sorry to pp but theyre combined in our poundland u wait in one queue for eother a cashier or self service-if i dont want to use ss i let the person behind me go ahead but not anyone barging to the front

GabsAlot Mon 10-Dec-18 19:31:06

oh yes why is santa telling me to put disenfectant under the tree?

stayathomer Mon 10-Dec-18 19:34:30

Same here, one queue two places to go but generally people are nice and say 'did you want to use that one?' They need to make room for a second queue but then the size doesn't lend itself to it-it's not TESCO!

GivingBloodFeelingGreat Mon 10-Dec-18 19:36:15

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

malmi Mon 10-Dec-18 19:36:31


I used to do this but got fed up of people not believing me or ignoring me. And when there are multiple free machines it feels especially pointless.

Jack65 Mon 10-Dec-18 19:37:46

Hmm, just envisioning very large cues with which to hit other customers jumping the queue.

Forzaitalia Mon 10-Dec-18 19:40:36

Queue jumping can happen anywhere. I was recently in a newsagent and some bloke went straight to the counter, passing a queue. I said in my best Lady Bracknell voice “There is a queue here you know!”. He scuttled back to join the queue mumbling an apology. Public humility always works.

SnuggyBuggy Mon 10-Dec-18 19:43:57

It's not always obviously. I once innocently walked to a counter to be told "I'm queuing" by a woman two metres away from the till poking through an aisle. I felt like saying "ermm, no you weren't"

Aridane Mon 10-Dec-18 23:11:08

You’re either in the till queue OR you’re in the self service queue. I live in a city centre and shop daily, I’ve yet to find a store where the two queues are combined.

Nope - not in my local Sainsburys where it’s exactly as OP describes

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