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To ask not to park outside our house

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aibuhun Thu 06-Dec-18 17:12:25

We live on a tight street so if you get back late you will not be parking on that street or you will have to park right at the bottom and walk up (our street is long 5 min walk at least).
Sometimes OH pops to the shops in the evening and someone will take the spot right away so in the morning I have to carry two DCs bags coats right to the bottom. DD is 10 weeks old and DS has just turned two and he hates walking!

I'm getting fed up now and I never say anything as I know you can't fight over a spot but would I be unreasonable to ask them to not park there when I see them pulling up?

They are never neighbours either they are always people visiting angry

celticprincess Thu 13-Dec-18 21:41:15

I totally understand the issue of getting home with a car load of shopping and having to leave the children alone in the house or the car whilst making multiple trips back and forth. These are the days it annoys me. Now my kids are older I’m less annoyed however I still remember those days well. And I hate online food shopping. Tried several and all replace things so stupidly I end up having to go out to get what I needed. And the ridiculous amount of carrier bags the food comes in!!

ScrantonTheElectricCity Tue 11-Dec-18 20:44:33

Tillytrotter1 did he ever find out you had done that grin?

tillytrotter1 Tue 11-Dec-18 18:59:02

We once were in a similar house, a neighbour used to use bollards he's nicked to reserve 'his' space, we used to re-nick the bollards, put them into our boot and park there!

pandapott Tue 11-Dec-18 18:15:04

I think it's a first world problem. If you didn't have a car, you would just manage. Baby carrier and a rucksack is great?!!

Online food shopping if you want to solve a first works problem, with a first world solution...

Ariela Tue 11-Dec-18 10:20:26

Could I respectfully suggest baby slings, very large strong 4/6 wheel shopping trolley or a pull along garden wagon you can sit 2 year old in along with shopping or whatever, and that you rent or buy a house with its own driveway next time around?

zingally Tue 11-Dec-18 08:46:25

That's the downside on living on that sort of road. Unfortunately, as long as people are parked legally, and pay their road tax, they are just as entitled to park there as you are.

ivykaty44 Tue 11-Dec-18 08:30:06

Can you get your dp to walk to the shop & not use the car?

What we need is delivery for popping to the shop, much quicker 😂 and just a couple of pound delivery

londonrach Tue 11-Dec-18 08:27:31

Yabu and you know that. I have a two year and same problem. my two year loves walking but bags of shopping and controlling her its not easy however its a road anyone can park

Hohocabbage Tue 11-Dec-18 08:24:22

Bluebell you should have unloaded first - get the neighbour to help since you’re doing him a favour!

bluebellsparklypants Mon 10-Dec-18 22:16:11

My neighbour has an electric car when I pulled up the other day he asked me if I could move as he needed to charge his car so I did it it meant me carrying bags of food shopping and a tired toddler 3 streets from my house as there was no other parking spot, still feel miffed, I could of said no but then I would of felt like a spoilt princess I guess what I’m saying is if there’s no designated parking then it’s 1st come 1served , good luck with the move

sanpelle Mon 10-Dec-18 15:47:40

If someone stared at me and gave me evils for parking on a public road I'd give them the finger and grin at them. I don't have time for that petty shit get over yourself. If you want to make random members of the public and neighbours hate you then you're going the right way about it. You need to be careful because you never know who is behind the wheel. Could be 6ft 5 bodybuilder whose wife has just cheated on him and he could lose it and hurt you if you provoke him. They could have just lost a parent to cancer and damage your property out of rage and grief

ittakes2 Mon 10-Dec-18 12:25:54

Yes you knew the parking situation when you bought the house and it would have been priced accordingly. Road users pay taxes and you can‘t claim a public spot.

aibuhun Mon 10-Dec-18 12:23:48

I definitely never said it was easier so not sure where you picked that up from @wonderstuff I said it was different to having a car.
I haven't always drove I had ds when I couldn't drive and just did the shop put it under the buggy and got a taxi or bus.

Well that's why I did my driving test for them exact same reasons I never said it was easier or less of a struggle.

AntiHop Mon 10-Dec-18 12:12:59

Are you actually kidding op? You think it's more of a struggle to get of a car with your kids and shopping than taking a child and shopping on the bus? Are you delusional? You do realise a bus is not the same as a taxi don't you?

Sometimes the buses round my way are so busy that you can't get on them with a buggy. So you either wait for the next bus, or you take the child out and fold the buggy and somehow hold the child and the shopping. You might not get a seat. Or maybe you wait for the next bus, maybe in the pouring rain, maybe your child is screaming.

Poloshot Mon 10-Dec-18 10:19:45

If you want private parking facilities then you'll need to buy a house with them.

MarilynSlumroe Mon 10-Dec-18 10:09:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wonderstuff Mon 10-Dec-18 10:03:28

LOL @ using the bus being easier than having to park a car! grin Seriously dude it really, really isn't!
Pop baby in a sling, shopping on buggy, toddler either walking or in buggy with shopping on the back. Know there's a good chance that you will have to park the car and walk, don't buy more than you can carry or shove on a buggy. Or shop online - it really is a first world problem.

aibuhun Mon 10-Dec-18 09:09:16

@MissEliza also not having a car is different you don't have to think about parking you do your shop fit it in the buggy and get the bus home or whatever. But when you have a car full of shopping and kids it's a whole different struggle.

aibuhun Mon 10-Dec-18 09:07:35

@MissEliza it's not how long it takes what is the problem it's having to leave the kids on their own while I have to walk back and fourth down one never ending road and round a corner their not even in my eyesight.
It's either I leave them in the car or house.
Dd is 12 weeks ds is 2 it's not ideal if it was just me it would be fine.

MissEliza Sun 09-Dec-18 23:33:38

I feel your pain Honestly?! She has to be to walk five flipping minutes. I think it's very spoiled to complain. I didn't have a car when my two oldest dc were little and somehow we managed with public transport. I'd have happily walked five minutes

wonderstuff Sun 09-Dec-18 23:01:06

YABU, but I get that it's a pain. I've only ever lived briefly in houses with a drive. Currently I live in a house that is off a footpath rather than a road, so even if I can park at the nearest point to the house it's a trek to the front door. I did know this when I moved though, so although it's a pain I don't really feel hard done by.

My eldest was 3 before I had a car (or indeed a driving licence) and actually that's turned out to be a bit of a blessing. At the time, waiting for buses, the endless games of eye-spy, running for buses, having to fold the buggy, always being somewhere early or late, carrying shopping or having to plan for deliveries - it was all a bit of a pain. But we survived, we did the 40 minute 2 bus trip back from nursery (20 mins in the car), we did chatting to old ladies on buses, we did walking everywhere, we did planning every journey. Actually it's like the Chinese proverb where the woman who feels her house is unbelievably small is told to live for a month sharing it with all her animals - at the end of the month it feels fine. Now I have a car I recognise it as the luxury it is, I am grateful for the 5 minute walk from the car.

When you get your new house (I presume with a drive) you will enjoy it far more for having spent this time without a place to park.

Fireflybaby Sun 09-Dec-18 22:06:35

Really? Walking 5 WHOLE minutes? It must be a nightmare... I don't drive.. I either walk, bike or take the bus.. with 2 kids.. surely you can make it 5 minutes down the road..

Roaringlyoblivious Sun 09-Dec-18 18:47:38

I feel your pain OP.
We live opposite a church, I was 7+months with DD in the car and had just done a huge shop and there was a guy sat in his Range Rover outside so I asked if he was leaving soon as I had shopping and a 1 and a half year old to lug in, he said no he was waiting for someone at a wedding and told me where to stick it and so he sat there and watched me struggle with toddler and shopping back and forth from halfway down the street. He also sat there for an hour and a half and drove off without the person he was apparently waiting for angry

We had someone park outside our house for 2 weeks over Christmas last year and not even think about moving the car at all, then one evening we saw them run to the car and drive away very quickly, it was very bizarre!

Br1256 Sun 09-Dec-18 14:12:12

Hi don't have time to read the whole thread but why is parking in such demand in your road. I can think of two possible solutions.

Apply to the council for a drop kerb so you can park on your front garden if you have one.

Alternatively canvass your neighbours who must suffer as you do and apply to the council to make the road a controlled parking area so cars need a permit to park in the road...usually about £45 a year for residents.

busyhonestchildcarer Sun 09-Dec-18 09:58:40

This must be frustrating but if you ask people to move you risk upsetting neighbours .Plan so that you dont need to pop out in the evening,walk to shops.I managed lots of small children school runs etc with no car.Just leave more time wrap up for the weather .

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