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to feel left out and worried ?

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Wotznotreallyhere Sat 23-Jun-07 15:53:26

Just dropped dd off for a party. I felt like a lemon as other mums are all dressed up and look like they have been invited to stay for a drink!

These mums who don't have much time for me at school!

My dd is great friends with the party girl, but doesn't get on that well with the others girls very much!

No I am worried about her. Sh*t!

Its a sleep over. Double Sh*t!

TnOgu Sat 23-Jun-07 15:58:24

Your daughter will have a great time.

TnOgu Sat 23-Jun-07 15:58:33

Desiderata Sat 23-Jun-07 15:59:39

Poor thing! Sorry you're feeling like this. Are you worried that your dd's going to get picked on at this sleepover?

And what's with these other mums? Why don't they have much time for you?

sparklesandwine Sat 23-Jun-07 16:03:45

poor you wotz - i'm sure your DD will have a fabulous time though maybe it will help her bond with some of the other girls too!

whats wrong with the mums why aren't they nice to you wotz?

tell all so we can bitch about them

Wotznotreallyhere Sat 23-Jun-07 16:04:21

They are very pushy and I don't like to contribute to their whining about the school which they always do.

I hope dd is OK, I am within walking distance.

Wotznotreallyhere Sat 23-Jun-07 16:05:56

I have tried.

Desiderata Sat 23-Jun-07 16:06:37

Ah, well walking distance is good. If there's a problem, you can go and get her.

Pushy mums? Seems like you're not being left out, but that you've chosen to leave yourself out ... and good for you!

<dressing up on a Saturday afternoon? Whatever next!>

sparklesandwine Sat 23-Jun-07 16:06:54

how old is your DD wotz? is she of mobile phone age so you can call/text to make sure she is ok?

TnOgu Sat 23-Jun-07 16:07:36

I don't get into the gossipy school mum thing either wotz, it's tedious and bad for the soul.

I'm sure your daughter will have a fab time

sparklesandwine Sat 23-Jun-07 16:08:08

fuck um wotz

pushy mums really piss me off

<<<<ooops pimms = bad language >>>>>

TnOgu Sat 23-Jun-07 16:09:24

Wotznotreallyhere Sat 23-Jun-07 16:09:59

Exactly Desiderata, they had make up on and everything, even fancy tops. I have plain T and 3/4 cut off tous and flip flops. They even had high heels FGS! Saturday afternoon....shame.


sparkles she is 10 so nearly a year younger than all others as she is late Aug birthday. No mobile, but I may ring their house later to say goodnight.

TnOgu Sat 23-Jun-07 16:11:21

oh that's right just ignore me

Like you always do

Wotznotreallyhere Sat 23-Jun-07 16:11:38

Thanks TnOgu - I may well spend soem time on MC to take my mind off it all....

Put you all have to put your flip flops on!

Wotznotreallyhere Sat 23-Jun-07 16:12:09

I am typing slooooooowllllllllllylylylylylylyllllll


Desiderata Sat 23-Jun-07 16:12:39

<ignore Tnogu>

High heels? Now I'm really chortling.

pointydog Sat 23-Jun-07 16:13:27

Don't worry, if your dd was looking forward to it she'll prob be fine.

Expect her to enjoy it and in the event she doesn't, you'll be there to chat to her. Don't worry yourself silly all night.

sparklesandwine Sat 23-Jun-07 16:14:04

yes do call and say good night it will make you and her feel better

high heels and fancy tops on a saturday slatterns

Wotznotreallyhere Sat 23-Jun-07 16:15:50

thanks, you have cheered me up and I can call her and I am sure she is having a great time.

pointydog Sat 23-Jun-07 16:16:19

personally, I'd leave her to call you.

TnOgu Sat 23-Jun-07 16:17:50

I agree with Pointy

She'll let you know if she's unhappy

TnOgu Sat 23-Jun-07 16:19:26

Children are not their parents

If you see what I mean

TnOgu Sat 23-Jun-07 16:21:12

and there ends the thread

Wotznotreallyhere Sat 23-Jun-07 16:23:14

Yes indeed I do.

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