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To think you get stinkier as you get older

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Witchofzog Mon 03-Dec-18 15:40:40

When I was younger I wore deodorant mainly because every one else did. I didn't really sweat that much.

However as I have got older I definitely need it and I definitely need to shower daily at least without fail otherwise everywhere feels decidedly manky. Yet when I was younger (and more of a minger) I used to go raving all night and not go home or shower for a day or so without being smelly (I honestly honestly wasn't before people say I must have been stinky though my feet admittedly were a bit blush)

So do you get smellier (and Hairier though that's a different thread grin) as you get older or is it just me?

thenightsky Mon 03-Dec-18 15:45:37

Not just you. Its something I've noticed now I'm over 50. I actually have cleavage BO these days. Also thinking of installing a bidet as I could do with a proper soap and water wash at least twice or three times a day now (groin BO).

Weirdly my feet have stopped being stinky and sweaty completely.

Witchofzog Mon 03-Dec-18 15:52:41

Groin b.o. Yes! It's disgusting isn't it? And my back used to smell too when I did hiit. I mean like armpit smells, but at the base of my back envy not envy. I disgust myself sometimes 😂

BringMeTea Mon 03-Dec-18 16:01:33

Hormones OP. I was a fresh summer meadow with no need for deodorant or even a wash really (grin) until perimenopause. It was a horrible shock! Good news though I reverted to daisy fresh type post menopause.

Rattinghat Mon 03-Dec-18 16:03:15

Menopause is the new puberty you know. I am just a teen with raging hormones and sweaty pits.

mirren3 Mon 03-Dec-18 16:05:00

I've just noticed this too, and I had early menopause, so I know it's not that. It's so weird as I definitely don't feel more sweaty either.
My plan is to come back as a man if I have a next life!!

formerbabe Mon 03-Dec-18 16:06:06

I thought the same thing the other day. I've always showered everyday but when I was younger, if I missed a day, it was no big deal...I didn't smell. I usually shower morning and evening now!

OhMyGodTheyKilledKenny Mon 03-Dec-18 16:09:18

confused How can you smell the base of your back? confused wink

Since being perimenopausal I found that I react to some deodorants and they smell vile if I get hot or sweat a bit. It's not a BO smell just a really odd chemically/hot fragrance. It seems worse with the gel type ones in the twist applicators.

I also find I can't contemplate starting the day without a shower. Having been hot and sweaty at night I just don't feel clean in the morning even if I probably don't smell too bad.

KurriKurri Mon 03-Dec-18 16:09:41

I find the opposite - I think I am considerably less stinky now (although of ccourse I might be seriously deluded grin)

I am post menopause though and on hormonal drugs for breast cancer - so maybe they make me less sweaty. I don't grow nearly as much leg hair either (not that leg hair smells, but not having to shave legs is a benefit of growing older).

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 03-Dec-18 16:10:01

It might seem obvious but don't just spray deodorant under your arms.
Spray it on all your crevices.
Oh and feminine hygiene wipes for your equipment.

zenasfuck Mon 03-Dec-18 16:11:13

I definitely smell different. I've never had hygiene problems or smellls but now most likely looking at early menopause and I definitely smell different - not bad but just different

TheQueef Mon 03-Dec-18 16:11:43

Im a stinker.
As I get older i embrace it and cut about in overalls being a scruff.

Justmuddlingalong Mon 03-Dec-18 16:13:12

I now smell how I remember my old aunties smelling when I was a child. blush

Notcontent Mon 03-Dec-18 16:14:24

Yes, definitely!

redexpat Mon 03-Dec-18 16:15:07

I smell like my mum did when I was a child. It happened after I had dc2. Never had groin BO before that.

OhMyGodTheyKilledKenny Mon 03-Dec-18 16:15:53

not having to shave legs is a benefit of growing older - Kurrikurri

Oh I can only dream of not shaving my legs as I seem to have developed this really bizarre leg hair situation.

My lower legs are slightly better after years of epilating but from the knees up (particularly at the back where I can't see) it's gone crazy! Wiry, really dark long hairs like pubes shock.

adviceonthepox Mon 03-Dec-18 16:16:07

I am nearly 40 and in the last year I've noticed how much more sweaty and smelly I am.

rosetulip Mon 03-Dec-18 16:16:38

Thats weird, i find the opposite true. Me and my friends, all early sixties were only discussing the other day how we literally never have to use deodorant any more. Kind of like another reminder of the ageing process we figured.

ChristmasFluff Mon 03-Dec-18 16:28:20

I am less stinky post-menopause. I only sweat when I exercise - or have a hot flush at night, but that's rare now, and they aren't all sweaty ones.

And whilst I have more hair on my chin and in my nose, I have lost the hairs on my legs and arms now.

My bits don't secrete any more, so I don't get any ladygarden smell either - and pants as clean at the end of the day as they were at the start.

I'm quite farty at times tho, which may negate all the above :-D

Jaxhog Mon 03-Dec-18 16:31:52

Menopause is the new puberty

ikltownofboothlehem Mon 03-Dec-18 16:36:33

Bloody hell I thought it was just me.

HildegardCrowe Mon 03-Dec-18 16:39:10

Aged 61. Less stinky.

LizzieBennettDarcy Mon 03-Dec-18 16:41:34

I'm peri-menopausal and really struggling to feel clean. No deodorant works on me at the moment and it's horrid sad. My smell has really changed in the last 12 months and I hate it.

SugarandVinegar Mon 03-Dec-18 16:43:03

@rosetulip That's because your sense of smell has gone. grin

Justmuddlingalong Mon 03-Dec-18 16:43:08

I'm peri too and find the mitchum stick deodorant really effective. Not the roll on, that takes a fortnight to dry.

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