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To think your life must be pretty empty if you're celebrating Christmas already?

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MerryMarigold Sun 02-Dec-18 13:45:26

Maybe it's me, but I think 2 weeks before Christmas and one week after, is ample time to have your tree/ lights up, be watching Christmas films (if you're that way inclined), listen to Christmas songs, have Christmas nights out/ dress up in Christmas jumpers etc. This weekend my Facebook has been inundated with 'Look at my lovely tree' statuses and today I've just driven past about 30 Santas power walking, my kids are begging me to get a tree up (which will be dead by Christmas). I just think you need to enjoy life now and not always be looking forward to the next celebration.

AIBU and a miserable git, or do i have a point?

SoupDragon Sun 02-Dec-18 13:46:16

I think your life must be pretty empty if you are thinking about what other people are doing.

SoupDragon Sun 02-Dec-18 13:46:39

(And no, I'm not an early celebrator!)

SoyDora Sun 02-Dec-18 13:46:52

^ this. Concentrate on your own life and leave other people to get on with theirs.

Fattymcfaterson Sun 02-Dec-18 13:47:38

Well no my life's not empty thanks.

But I like to get into the spirit of Christmas. The kids are only small and interested for so long.
Why do you give a fuck of I've got my tree up?!

BatsAreCool Sun 02-Dec-18 13:47:45

Why do you care what other people do? Surely that makes your life pretty empty to be so bothered.

ghostyslovesheets Sun 02-Dec-18 13:48:03

it's you - maybe stop being so bothered by what other people do - might make it seem to others that your life is pretty empty

Mine goes up around the 14th (also real) but other people are free to enjoy things their way

I ran round the park dressed as an Elf today to raise money for the local Hospice - bah humbug to you!

MerryMarigold Sun 02-Dec-18 13:48:05

Soupdragon, mumsnet would be veeeery quiet if we all did that!

IWannaSeeHowItEnds Sun 02-Dec-18 13:48:25

You are a miserable git wink
My life is pretty full and I still love Christmas - my fairy lights disguise the fact that my house needs redecorating make me happy and I love Christmas food.
I've had enough by Jan 1st though - that for me is when Christmas is over.

Excited101 Sun 02-Dec-18 13:48:26

Christmas nights out happen when everyone is free, so not always on top of Christmas Day but I’ve turned off Magic fm for now- can’t deal with 24/7 Christmas music- much prefer the odd song with a gradual increase and won’t be getting a tree until a get my decorations out of storage which won’t be for another week or 2! It’s become obsessive.

LaurieFairyCake Sun 02-Dec-18 13:49:24

It's the first Sunday of Advent today and in church we celebrated the season and lit the Advent candle.

And then later we have a carol service with the elderly people in a joint venture with Age Exchange.

It's a season, not a day.

ladybee28 Sun 02-Dec-18 13:50:09

I just think you need to enjoy life now and not always be looking forward to the next celebration.

Sounds to me like the people you're talking about are enjoying life 'right now', while you're feeling irritated 'right now'.

The old 'four fingers pointing back at you' adage springs to mind...

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sun 02-Dec-18 13:50:36

I don't think it signifies an empty life. I think it probably helps some people through quite a cold and dark month; but that's not really a bad thing. I don't have my tree up and haven't historically celebrated that much, although I'm very much looking forward to this year... but I can understand that for some people, it makes them happier to do it now!

A lot of work Christmas parties happen at the end of November due to cost and availability; so some people will already have had theirs, likewise celebrations with nurseries and friends etc if everyone is busy.

MerryMarigold Sun 02-Dec-18 13:51:26

So, is it never too early to get a tree up?

DuchessofPemberley Sun 02-Dec-18 13:51:46

Or maybe (like me) some people find life a bit grim sometimes and like to have a month dedicated to family and generally feel goodiness?

SnuggyBuggy Sun 02-Dec-18 13:53:09

I can't think of anything better to do on the first weekend of advent

Pineapplepassion Sun 02-Dec-18 13:54:34

For people in larger families it's impossible to see and celebrate with the ones you love (and the ones you have to get on with) on just one day.
I think you sound a bit of a Scrooge begrudging others celebrations when it affects you in no way whatsoever.

cabbage78 Sun 02-Dec-18 13:55:35

I actually think it's the other way around. Those with happy full lives throw themselves into Christmas. My life is shit and I'm married to a malignant I try to ignore Christmas for as long as possible.

CosimaNiehaus Sun 02-Dec-18 13:56:11


PiperPublickOccurrences Sun 02-Dec-18 13:56:24

Totally agree. December does not equal Christmas. I loathe the fact that the "festivities" now extend through the whole month.

In an ideal world Christmas would be every four years, like the Olympics. Also agree that people who spend all year planning for Christmas and squealing over elves, hot chocolate, decorations and "making memories" need to get a life.

OftenHangry Sun 02-Dec-18 13:57:12

My tree always lasted from first week of Dec till 6th jan. It's called watering.

I have been putting decorations up since yesterday because they make me feel relaxed and happy.
Because I get a feeling you don't know these to words here you go:
Relaxed - free from tension and anxiety
Happy - feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

Btw not an empty life at all, actually. Career + study, DH and happy with all of these.

Fishcakey Sun 02-Dec-18 13:57:43

I bloody love Christmas and want it to last as long as I can get away with it. No I'm not sad and I do have a life. How judgey are you OP?

peachgreen Sun 02-Dec-18 13:58:07

But Christmas isn't just Christmas Day. I enjoy the first of December because it's when we get and decorate our (potted) tree. We have a glass of Baileys, Christmas music on in the background and then watch a Christmas movie. One of my favourite days of the year. Today we don't have any Christmassy things planned - we've drunk coffee and watched Sunday brunch as a family, been to a vintage market for a potter and tonight we're playing board games.

RudolfIsMySpiritAnimal Sun 02-Dec-18 13:58:38

My life is extraordinarily full, and in fact that is the reason I'm about to get off Mumsnet and put our tree up - after this afternoon, I don't have a free day or evening till 28th December.

Usermuser Sun 02-Dec-18 13:58:38

I think it probably helps some people through quite a cold and dark month; but that's not really a bad thing.

This. I get S.A.D. It being dark at 4.00 really gets to me. Having the Christmas tree up and lots of lights makes it all a bit more bearable.

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