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Would you charge family for Xmas dinner?

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Staceyjas Sat 24-Nov-18 15:31:22

AIBU to think you should ask family to pay for their Xmas lunch?
My partner has just told me
Me that his mother who he's having Christmas lunch with said she wants £17 per head from him!I'm going to my family's for lunch so invited him also but he has had it there all his life with his grandparents and siblings too. she said she doesn't want to do It all from scratch and wants to Get it all pre done so it's more money, which I understand but he's gutted and feels like he wants to come to my family now. I can see it from both sides and it's hard work and can be expensive but not like she is financially destitute.

this has never happened before and he has offered to bring the dessert etc but he said handing over cash just feels wrong. As he says it's about family not money but I wanted to see what other people's opinions are ? Or if you do this.
Thanks thanks

SunMoonRainShine Fri 04-Oct-19 08:14:34

If he's so scandalised and believes it can be done cheaper he could always take food over and offer to do the cooking... It is about family after all 😏

dottiedodah Fri 04-Oct-19 08:21:00

Christmas Dinner can be expensive TBH .By the time you have factored in Wine Chocolates and Crackers on top of the food ,you are probably talking about £150 plus !.Is she on a pension?.Our local pub charges £61.95 per head so maybe hes getting a better deal than he thinks!

Ponoka7 Fri 04-Oct-19 08:24:47

Zombie thread!

HaudYerWheeshtYaWeeBellend Fri 04-Oct-19 08:28:23

*My point is she don't charge him for a normal Sunday roast and it's just added bits so why can't he bring them ?*

Nobody really isn’t , even more Simon Xmas day, to even cook you need gas and electric, water, and then theirs the time which is spend in the kitchen so that’s time away from their family on Xmas day, not to mention the cost of drinks, desert, and then likely added cutlery etc...

I hate when people say it’s only a few extra bits over a Sunday dinner, the reality is isn’t.

Money is a different matter, however why should one family/person be expected to cover the cost?

WWlOOlWW Fri 04-Oct-19 09:18:09

We go to my sisters most years because it's the only house big enough to cater for it. We split the cost (as in she does the shopping and tells me what half the amount is) and we both cook the dinner.

I think I get the good end of the deal.

Icantthinkofanewname87 Fri 04-Oct-19 09:28:32

I actually think it’s really sensible and fair to all chip in cash. Now I think about it, I’ll probably offer to chip in financially when I go to my parents for dinner next and feel a bit shit that I haven’t offered in the past. £17 for a fully cooked and prepared meal and lovely day is very reasonable I think families should share costs for stuff like this. I hate the assumption that the invitee has to pay for everything when they’re already being nice by having everyone over and giving up their relaxing Christmas!

HowlsMovingBungalow Fri 04-Oct-19 09:32:12

Can't people read?


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