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Would you charge family for Xmas dinner?

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Staceyjas Sat 24-Nov-18 15:31:22

AIBU to think you should ask family to pay for their Xmas lunch?
My partner has just told me
Me that his mother who he's having Christmas lunch with said she wants £17 per head from him!I'm going to my family's for lunch so invited him also but he has had it there all his life with his grandparents and siblings too. she said she doesn't want to do It all from scratch and wants to Get it all pre done so it's more money, which I understand but he's gutted and feels like he wants to come to my family now. I can see it from both sides and it's hard work and can be expensive but not like she is financially destitute.

this has never happened before and he has offered to bring the dessert etc but he said handing over cash just feels wrong. As he says it's about family not money but I wanted to see what other people's opinions are ? Or if you do this.
Thanks thanks

Notatallobvious Sat 01-Dec-18 21:41:15

I see it isn't just the Daily fail that steals MN threads as "news"... the Manchester evening news on twitter has taken this thread and inserted random made up names for quotes 😂

RustyBear Sun 23-Dec-18 14:57:56

BBC have picked this one up, just in time for Christmas...

SusieQ5604 Mon 31-Dec-18 20:17:15

AvoidingDM: this is how my family have done it for FIFTY years or more - people bringing different dishes, drinks, etc. But to ask for money IS tacky. I had Christmas at my house also and again, different people brought different dishes. It's a lot different when someone takes the trouble to make a casserole or a salad and bring it rather than contribute money or write a check. To me, that's just crazy. Anyway, due to family issues(my deceased mother, elderly aunt, uncle with Alzheimer's), I did both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. And enjoyed it. And didn't CARE about paying for it. But people ASK what to bring and would feel bad if I said "nothing". Anyway, cousin is doing Easter and they will ask me to bring a cheesecake, which I will be happy to do (love making them, then don't love eating them). So go suck a fucking lemon and Happy New Year.

Guineapiglet345 Mon 31-Dec-18 20:45:45

If you host it then you pay! If you can’t afford it then you don’t invite people round. It’s the same day every year so she can’t really claim the cost came as a shock.

lucky88 Mon 31-Dec-18 21:24:27

Dear me. A mother asking her child to pay £17 to eat Christmas dinner at her house.
What!! If you can't afford it, don't host! So very rude.

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