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Meeting Your Idols and Being Disappointed

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strawberrisc Sun 18-Nov-18 23:49:03

Today I almost met somebody who has been a big figure in my life. It took ages to pluck up the courage to speak to them and I was totally dismissed. I wasn’t being a “gushing fan” and it was a setting that was laid back. Everyone else was lovely. Have tou ever met someone you admire and wish you hadn’t?

Aquamarine1029 Mon 19-Nov-18 00:39:00

That's why you don't idolize ANYONE. No one is above being at best merely human or at worst a miserable cunt.

steff13 Mon 19-Nov-18 00:46:16

I don't idolize anyway. But I have a crush on David Tennant, and I met him, and he was lovely.

steff13 Mon 19-Nov-18 00:47:40

And perhaps your idol was ill, sad, having a bad day, etc. I will admit that I am not pleasant 100% of the time. I assume other people aren't, either.

RosieLancs Mon 19-Nov-18 12:33:03

Aaah yes Jeremy Keeling from Monkey World, absolute nob and made my kids cry over an innocent comment from one of them.

greendale17 Mon 19-Nov-18 12:37:55

*Today I almost met somebody who has been a big figure in my life.*

^How can someone be a big figure in your life if you have never even met or spoken to them??????

Workreturner Mon 19-Nov-18 12:39:03

And how can you “almost meet” someone you then dismisses you?

lightlypoached Mon 19-Nov-18 12:40:59

We met Andy Serkis in a pret one lunchtime. My DH shook his hand and pinged his card on the reader to buy Andy his lunch(DH is always going random acts of kindness,so fairly normal gesture for him). Andy was v chuffed and touched. 5 mins later he came over to our table to say hello and to deliver some cakes that he'd bought for our pudding. What a sweetie!
That wasn't the question though, was it ? 😂
As a kid I did meet Cyril Fletcher (used to sit in that big chair on That's Life tv show). He was quite rude when he thought I was ignoring him (I wasn't , I thought he was talking to someone else as he has very squinty eyes 😂). I was v disillusioned

ZanZeeee Mon 19-Nov-18 12:47:48

He wasn’t an idol but I met Elton John and he was an absolute wanker.

ZanZeeee Mon 19-Nov-18 12:49:07

By contrast - and again not an idol but I admire people who have achieved something - Alan Sugar was absolutely lovely. Charming, polite and very modest.

LucieMorningstar Mon 19-Nov-18 12:50:56


I’ve heard that of Elton John quite a few times.

ZanZeeee Mon 19-Nov-18 12:52:44

Sadly, it’s true (based on my experience). I can’t tell you how vile he is. I nearly threw my remote at the tv when I saw the JL advert the other day.

LoudestRoar Mon 19-Nov-18 12:55:32

poached* I was worried when I saw Andy Serkis name, I'd have been upset if he was horrible!

ZanZeeee Mon 19-Nov-18 12:59:28

I love these kinds of threads and I just remembered an encounter a friend had - she met Ricky Gervais at a party and he actually is someone I really like. Apparently a lovely man and my friend is now smitten. She loved how devoted he and his long term partner Jane looked together.

ZanZeeee Mon 19-Nov-18 12:59:40

I’ll stop now 😂

Jinglebells99 Mon 19-Nov-18 13:02:16

Aw, so sorry to hear that. Can you say who it was? Might turn out they are horrible to everyone.

ShatnersWig Mon 19-Nov-18 13:05:38

@ZanZeeee Lots of people say that about Elton and Cilla Black was another. Total bitch.

I've met Alan Sugar and I found him to be the same as you. And I can't speak highly enough of Michael Winner, yet both have many people saying the opposite. I think there are people who early in their careers found themselves surrounded by a lot of very loud and condescending people higher up the ladder and had to create a similar persona on occasion to get noticed, but out of the limelight were very different. There is no way so many people would work with Sugar and Winner for decades if they were seriously unpleasant. Claude Littner on the Apprentice who was the scary interviewer and then replaced Nick Hewer is the most lovely, lovely guy.

I've been lucky to meet a lot of famous people in my work. Most are truly lovely, only a few have been wankers. Yes, Jeremy Irons, I'm looking at you.

beenandgoneandbackagain Mon 19-Nov-18 13:13:59

John Taylor, a long time ago. I was such a huge Duran fan, and he was impolite, self-centred, slightly podgy, spotty and very pale. He would have been about 28 at the time I think it was during the worst of the excesses. I'm glad to see he looks like he has sorted himself out these days, but at the time I was a bit upset to see someone looking so crap.

DarlingNikita Mon 19-Nov-18 13:14:19

Someone who is vaguely related to Michael Winner told me that he's not very nice. She found out they were related relatively recently, then happened to bump into him somewhere and explained their relationship, and apparently he wasn't very interested.

I've never met anyone who I've idolised and would probably like to keep it that way.

VickyEadie Mon 19-Nov-18 13:15:12

I have adored Michael Palin since I was a teenager. I bumped into him in a cafe four years ago. He was more charming than I could ever have dreamed. His wife sat in the background beaming at us - I reckon this happens all the time.

strawberrypig Mon 19-Nov-18 13:17:09

Someone who is vaguely related to Michael Winner told me that he's not very nice. She found out they were related relatively recently, then happened to bump into him somewhere and explained their relationship, and apparently he wasn't very interested.

I'm not surprised wasn't interested, Michael Winner died in 2013. Either a case of mistaken identity or a waxwork model!

ZanyMobster Mon 19-Nov-18 13:18:02

Robbie Williams and Will Young were both miserable when I met them both were at public appearances so not in the supermarket or anything. Not my idols but I seriously followed their careers when I was younger

Ghanagirl Mon 19-Nov-18 13:18:32

Juliet Stevenson not my idol as I don’t idolise people but she was horrible.
Met as I was working and providing a service me junior working with senior staff member she was dismissive first time ( fine I was junior and supporting colleague) 2nd time her partner was with her he took an interest in me asking where I was from complimented my looks (no encouragement from me I was excruciatingly shy back then) she became so toxic that senior staff decided to remove me from the situation.
Whilst living in the same area met both George Micheal and Neil Morissey both lovely especially George.

ShatnersWig Mon 19-Nov-18 13:19:39

@DarlingNikita I tend to think your friend maybe telling porkies. The reason whoever she bumped into wasn't interested was probably that he wasn't Michael Winner. He's been dead almost six years and that sure as hell ain't what I call "relatively recently".

I don't pretend for one minute others may have other stories, but he was incredibly generous and helpful when I crossed his path (I've told the story on here twice before).

Underpressureidiot Mon 19-Nov-18 13:20:20

My friend worked somewhere where Michael winner used their services, apparently he was incredibly rude then sent her a Christmas card of his own face 😂

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