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To think life is unfair when...

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kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:10:11

After a long and hard work out at the gym I get in to the steam room, all red and with deep conditioner on my hair and unshaved legs, only to find the most drop dead sexy man sat there, who then starts to chat to me, while I try to hide legs under tiny little towel....

hockeypuck Wed 20-Jun-07 16:13:23

but yet when you are tanned, buffed and shaved, you only ever get wolf whistled from really minging builders and the like.

Sympathies, but at least he'll think you're all healthy from the gym!

KerryMum Wed 20-Jun-07 16:14:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RnBee Wed 20-Jun-07 16:15:21

haha! oh dear! typical...

AnnieAlcoholLeft Wed 20-Jun-07 16:16:17

He's a bloke. Chances are he didn't even notice the fur. Specially if it was steamy in there!!

Desiderata Wed 20-Jun-07 16:16:24

Yes, some men really dig red, hairy ladies.

kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:22:15

Legs are now shaved........

Maybe he was a star wars nut and thought I was choobacka!

kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:23:43

Oh and did I mention I had the worlds ugliest swimsuit on as well

Desiderata Wed 20-Jun-07 16:25:15

You can't have! I own the world's ugliest swimsuit <huff>

KerryMum Wed 20-Jun-07 16:27:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumto3girls Wed 20-Jun-07 16:28:15

But he chatted to you rather than closing his eyes and pretending that he was must have liked something about you?

kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:35:37

Maybe he wanted my swimsuit .
Did have a nice chat though,and far too long in the steam room but the was no way I way gong to leave before he did as then he would have seen my cellulite too......

Desiderata Wed 20-Jun-07 16:39:09

You're painting a very pretty picture, kimi

KerryMum Wed 20-Jun-07 16:39:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:41:26

That's why I am at the gym 3 times a week, trying to tone up and slim down.

He said he goes there most mornings, I had not seen him before though, I would have remembered....and kept legs shaved in case I ever bumped n to him in the steam room

kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:42:19

Can see DP wanting to cut up my gym membership card now ....

KerryMum Wed 20-Jun-07 16:43:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnnieAlcoholLeft Wed 20-Jun-07 16:43:50

Doesn't DH notice the furry legs??

flibbertyjibbet Wed 20-Jun-07 16:45:24

6 weeks after giving birth to DS1 I was sooo huge and depressed that a friend took me on a day pass to her posh health spa. Had good natter etc in posh aromatherap steamy room, till 5 members of a certain local premiership football team walked in cos apparently they get complimentary membership. It felt like I sat there for WEEKS sweating away till they got up and left, NO WAY was I walking my waddling bottom past that lot in my (also very ugly) swim suit! So I am full of sympathy for you.

kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:51:52

Thank you Flibberty,
Annie I hide in my PJS
Kerrymum, I was only looking, Just cause your on a diet does not mean you can't read the menu anyway with DH1 and DP as well as two sons I have all the men need to clean up after.
If I see him again I shall pop him in the post to you as he really was fit, bit of a johnny Depp thing going on with a splash of Orlando Bloom thrown in for good measure.

KerryMum Wed 20-Jun-07 16:52:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:54:11

Now where will I stick the stamps??????

handlemecarefully Wed 20-Jun-07 16:54:58

Not sure you should be using the Steam Room directly after a long and hard work out. Shouldn't you be rehydrating?
(sorry, sound like your mother)

kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:55:13

Ooooooh and did I say he had a REALLY lovely bum?

kimi Wed 20-Jun-07 16:56:30

I took water in with me.....

God in a really ugly bottle that came free with spread, it gets worse......

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