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To find it really distasteful to take photos of your children’s gifts?

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StarfishSandwich Sun 11-Nov-18 21:29:50

I’ve noticed a trend on Facebook for mums to post photos the night before their child’s birthday of a big pile of wrapped up gifts. Or just as bad, after the event posting a picture of a big pile of opened gifts.

Since when does anyone want to see pictures of presents? It feels really tacky and showy.

ProfessorMoody Mon 12-Nov-18 10:50:28

You can remember every pile of presents from every year? I can't. I can't remember what things we did on what Christmas, or who was there. I have poor memory, so reminders are lovely.

Openup41 Mon 12-Nov-18 10:56:10

Boasting is boasting whether on SM or face to face. I have unfollowed people who post their birthday or Christmas gifts on FB/Instagram. I recall an ex friend who bought a new car (Range Rover) just before visiting me. She mentioned she had something for me in the car when leaving my house which meant I followed her to her car. I wondered why she did not bring the gift out earlier. I then realised...............

wanderings Mon 12-Nov-18 10:57:07

Why do people always pretend that events will be wiped from their memory if not posted on SM?
I used to wonder this aged eight or nine when my mum made such a big thing of making us write diaries. It was a chore which I disliked about holidays.

SpecialLittlePrince Mon 12-Nov-18 10:57:41

You can still take photos without uploading to SM, no? Most people do.

practicallyperfectmummy Mon 12-Nov-18 11:13:38

Yes! I really hate this. I think practically all my parent friends on social media do this. It's really become a thing. A massive pile of presents in front of the fire places, with balloons all laid out. It's looks grossly boastful, especially when it's a 1st birthday and have a ridiculous pile of presents. I also think of the parents that must see that massive pile and think I can't afford that huge amount. I really hate seeing it.

EvaReady Mon 12-Nov-18 11:28:47

I have unfollowed too many people from facebook - so many dull braggarts.I suggest if this stuff bothers you just make use of the unfollow button.

Madmarchpear Mon 12-Nov-18 11:33:12

It's naff as fuck. It's usually the same people who post pics of their unimaginative yet massive engagement solitaires and piles of Pandora, Jo Malone, Michael Kors branded giftbags on their own birthdays.

OutPinked Mon 12-Nov-18 11:44:54

I don’t do FB but have Instagram and have posted a pic of my DC opening presents before. Not to brag or show off, it’s just a happy occasion I wanted to share. I don’t think it constitutes as showing off anyway since I don’t go crazy on presents, I hate waste.

LasMeninas Mon 12-Nov-18 11:45:39

I take a lot of pictures of my children. Mostly for us to look back on in the future. Occasionally I share one with my family on Whatsapp or the group I'm in with my five closest friends, and they do likewise.

Why would I put them on facebook?

Andromeida59 Mon 12-Nov-18 13:47:07

It's almost as bad as the pictures of people's larders and pantries full to the brim and then the same people announcing that they'll probably throw half of it away.
I remember one Christmas going to a family member's. Their son had numerous black bags full of presents. He would pull part of the wrapping off, throw it aside and then be on to the next gift. It took nearly to hours.

Buying mounds of plastic tat that is probably destined for the bin, is no achievement.

Semifeatured Mon 12-Nov-18 13:48:42

For me anyway it's excitement on my part and not being able to wait until I see her face, so desperately perhaps hoping someone else will say Wow. I'm pathetic . It's definitely not boasting or bragging as those who know me know I have nothing to boast about and the only people I have on FB know the ins and outs completely. My friends and close family are usually delighted to see what I post. or are too polite to tell me otherwise

blackchina Mon 12-Nov-18 13:49:14

I honestly can't get worked up about what other people do!

Andromeida59 Mon 12-Nov-18 13:49:39


Emma765 Mon 12-Nov-18 13:51:09

People are just happy and excited.

So many posts on here where posters just want to shoot people down calling them tacky, distasteful, crass etc just because they're excited and want to share with people who they consider to be their friends.

If you feel that way about the people that post these pictures I recommend you unfriend them as I imagine they wouldn't want you to be their friend if they knew how you felt about them.

I can't imagine the unhappiness you must feel within yourselves to feel so much judgement about something so trivial.

blackchina Mon 12-Nov-18 13:52:37

I agree with Emma ^ I don't think there is anything wrong with sharing pics of your kids, and their gifts they got, and it seems rather mean to start a thread bashing someone for doing something YOU don't. hmm

ProfessorMoody Mon 12-Nov-18 13:57:45

Awful isn't it, Emma? I'm so glad I'm not like these miserable people who scoff about other people's likes, enjoyment and children. There are some horrible people on MN at the moment, sneering at everything people do.

Child still believes in Santa? You are cruel and the kid has no thinking skills.

Post a picture of presents? You are tacky and boast and your friends laugh at you behind your back.

Like something such as Pandora? You are a "chav" with no class or taste and people mock you secretly.

I have never, ever come across this mindset in real life. I know wonderful people who wear Pandora, I know wonderful people who enjoy their children's happiness and I know wonderful people who like to let children be children. People who don't mock, or sneer, or judge.

I think the ones that do, on MN, perhaps have deep set problems in their own lives, so it makes them feel better to hide online and attempt to hurt others to make themselves feel better. In real life, not many decent people have the time or inclination to get worked up about what other people wear, enjoy or do with their children. It's very sad.

Ironfloor269 Mon 12-Nov-18 14:04:27

I think it's vulgar and show offy. If you must save those memories, fine, upload them on fb but change privacy setting so that only you (or close family) can see them, not each and everyone on your social media.

ineedabagformyhippo Mon 12-Nov-18 14:04:54

YANBU, it's tacky, and usually the parents who equate big piles of plastic crap with a #magicalchristmas #makingmemories etc etc

Semifeatured Mon 12-Nov-18 14:08:40

The biblical quote that comes to mind is "It is in giving that we receive". That for me is true.
Except on FB. Where I'm bragging. I'm really not. I'm just getting joy from giving and want to share that happiness. Because I'm a sad case

Emma765 Mon 12-Nov-18 14:08:59

Why, @Ironfloor? I don't have kids yet, but the majority of my friends who do have kids, post these pictures on Christmas eve. I love them. It's so lovely to see the tree all lit up, with the presents around it and it's so lovely to know that my friends are so excited at the thought of how excited their kids are going to be the next day, I love sharing in that because I care about these people.

If you don't want to share in others' excitement and happiness, you're no friend of theirs, in my opinion. I certainly wouldn't want a friend who would resent me wanting to share that with them.

Semifeatured Mon 12-Nov-18 14:09:59

Some of us don't have every single person we've encountered throughout our lives on FB. I have friends who have 700 friends on there. I have 22.

Semifeatured Mon 12-Nov-18 14:12:19

I'm guessing, if the posts are annoying you that you have 'friends' who aren't actually friends on there. So you should do a cull.

ProfessorMoody Mon 12-Nov-18 14:14:43

If you must save those memories, fine, upload them on fb but change privacy setting so that only you (or close family) can see them

No. Because it's my Facebook.


zeezee3 Mon 12-Nov-18 14:22:51

YABVU. Just unfollow the person so you don't see the posts.

zeezee3 Mon 12-Nov-18 14:23:32

I agree with a pp that I wonder if you are even friends with this person as you seem to not like them much.

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