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To find it really distasteful to take photos of your children’s gifts?

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StarfishSandwich Sun 11-Nov-18 21:29:50

I’ve noticed a trend on Facebook for mums to post photos the night before their child’s birthday of a big pile of wrapped up gifts. Or just as bad, after the event posting a picture of a big pile of opened gifts.

Since when does anyone want to see pictures of presents? It feels really tacky and showy.

sollyfromsurrey Thu 15-Nov-18 07:08:24

I don't chose to feel negatively towards other people unless they are actually causing hurt. And I don't mean hurt like 'someone might be offended'. Are you upset when someone bakes a cake and shows it? When their child is dressed fabulously for a Halloween? When you are all dressed up to go out for your anniversary? Are those posts 'a bit Braggy' too? Are people who are single or can't bake or don't have kids meant to feel offended?

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