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To feel 11 again ...has anyone bought spice girls tickets?

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singlesall Sat 10-Nov-18 14:47:36

It took me two hours to get tickets
I'm so ridiculously excited.
Such happy memories being care free and loving them.
Anyone here going ?

glsgow107 Sat 10-Nov-18 14:54:29

Yes!! I took HOURS!!!

singlesall Sat 10-Nov-18 16:12:57

Just two of us then grin

xlexiix Sat 10-Nov-18 16:15:01

Me! It took me about 45 mins but they were very stressful minutes... It's the last time I ever by concert tickets going to make DP always but then from now on he has nerves of steel!

I can not wait!

singlesall Sat 10-Nov-18 16:15:55

I've been listening to greatest hits all day ha ha

Creas35 Sat 10-Nov-18 16:18:24

I went to the last reunion tour and loved it but I don’t fancy it without all of them plus I will either be heavily pregnant or with a newborn so bad timing! It will be a great time though...enjoy!

Cheripie64 Sat 10-Nov-18 16:21:03

My very exited 27 year old daughter got the last day for Wembley. I am currently being 'treated' to their greatest hits!

singlesall Sat 10-Nov-18 16:21:29

Really wanted seated but only standing left.
Hope there's some unreserved seats

singlesall Sat 10-Nov-18 16:22:26


NOTthepinkranger Sat 10-Nov-18 16:23:23

I bought some for my sister for a Christmas present, she hasn’t got a clue! Can’t wait to see her face when I tell her.

Whereas I’m more excited for the Backstreet boys tour grin

singlesall Sat 10-Nov-18 16:25:06

Oh god me and my friends are trying for backstreet boys tickets for Birmingham on Wednesday too grin
I hope I get them too

humdrum21 Sat 10-Nov-18 16:28:31

Yes! I'm going! But I feel 18 not 11😂😂

madvixen Sat 10-Nov-18 16:32:37

I got to the front of the queue and then I saw the prices 😮. I just can't justify that amount. I'm gutted

petbear Sat 10-Nov-18 16:32:56

I liked them, and saw them when they were really big in the late 1990's, and although it was fun and they were good, I feel the time has passed for them now.

I wouldn't go see them now. I think they should stay in the past where they belong.

Only 6 concerts though. confused Bit lame ...........

DuckofDoom Sat 10-Nov-18 16:34:55

I’m going! So excited! Only took 30 mins to get tickets so I think I got very lucky there

VassalageorChaos Sat 10-Nov-18 16:35:14

How much are the tickets?

Will it be the same with Posh pouting?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 10-Nov-18 16:36:09

Good for them!

Posh isn’t there?

petbear Sat 10-Nov-18 16:36:19

Tickets are £70 to £200 each.

Wonder if they will cancel the tour again like they did last time?

NOTthepinkranger Sat 10-Nov-18 16:37:38

Tickets for Manchester seated were £60 which I don’t think is too bad really, i made sure I got ticket insurance incase they cancelled though!

petbear Sat 10-Nov-18 16:38:02

Wonder why they didn't ask Victoria?

petbear Sat 10-Nov-18 16:38:45

Good idea to get ticket insurance as they cancelled the last tour!

JEMSY30 Sat 10-Nov-18 16:43:10

Yessss London AND Bristol!! Wooop

JEMSY30 Sat 10-Nov-18 16:46:31

@singlesall oh think we may have grown up around the same time. we saw Backstreet boys at Hyde park a few years ago! Brought back memories. The only artist who I hadn't seen yet from back then was Spice girls so am well pleased with the tickets!

Mookie81 Sat 10-Nov-18 16:50:19

Took me 50 mins and it kept crashing! Good job I had my phone, tablet and laptop going grin

singlesall Sat 10-Nov-18 16:54:25

I'm 32 so backstreet boys/spice girls /n sync were my thing.
I've never seen either before.
Hopefully getting B.B. tickets is easier.
I paid £77 for standing which I guess ain't too bad.

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