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To think, FFS, the world has gone batshit?!

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Forforkssake1 Thu 08-Nov-18 23:25:24

🤔 What, the what???!

Neolara Thu 08-Nov-18 23:30:35

I'd assumed he was just making a point about self id. But maybe I've just spent too long hanging out on the feminist boards.

Titsywoo Thu 08-Nov-18 23:32:44

Yeah I think he is making a point. This guy is the best though

PickAChew Thu 08-Nov-18 23:32:47

He needs to work on his make up if he wants to look 45.

I thought troll when i saw the story.

If i wanted to identify as 25, my joints would disagree.

Forforkssake1 Thu 08-Nov-18 23:37:09

I assumed that too! But, I think it's an example of where shit is actually going...

LaBelleSauvage Thu 08-Nov-18 23:41:05

@Titsywoo hahahahahaha

theworldistoosmall Thu 08-Nov-18 23:53:33

Even if he was 49 I wouldn't swipe right. He looks way too old to be 49. And if for some reason I connected someone who knocked years off their age I would be extremely fucked off and wonder what else they were lying about.
If he doesn't want to display his age, he should suck it up and pay for Tinder.

Hawkmoth Fri 09-Nov-18 00:08:27

I might try to add twenty years onto my age so people are impressed rather than horrified at my appearance.

OnlyAmy Fri 09-Nov-18 00:09:33

A friend of mine turned thirty this summer. She said the thing that goes through your mind on a 30th birthday is "I'm not 30! I don't look 30. I don't act 30! I feel like I'm still 21!" That is, until you enter a room full of 21 year olds and then she said, it makes you feel like you are AGES Older than they are!!

Bufferingkisses Fri 09-Nov-18 00:10:55

I'm not sure if he's a chancer or making a valid point. Either way the point is "its not a crime if I identify as a 15yo" is a hair' s breadth away.

Although the line about his face did make me chortle.

AdoraBell Fri 09-Nov-18 14:38:47

I’m 25, in my head, so I will no longer be 50. I simply refuse.

Silentlyobserving Fri 09-Nov-18 14:44:02

YANBU - the "civilised" world has totally lost the plot.

ThePinkOcelot Fri 09-Nov-18 14:46:28

Saw this yesterday! Ha ha!! What a joke!

I agree with you though! The world has gone bat shit!!

MissionItsPossible Fri 09-Nov-18 16:55:27

He's doing it to raise a point about what self-ID'ing can lead to. Watching people tie themselves up in knots arguing against it with comments like "You're only born once, you can't change your age" to be challenged with "You're only born once, you can't change your sex" has, from what I've seen online, made people realise that maybe ID-ing as whatever you want isn't as simple as they may have thought.

I also do not find it coincidental that the media is running this story at the same time the story of the white man claiming he's black came out as both highlight the ridiculousness of the "I feel like I am, therefore I am" self-ID argument.

FekkoThePenguin Fri 09-Nov-18 16:58:44

Can I self ID as someone else then?

IJustLostTheGame Fri 09-Nov-18 16:58:47

That's it. I'm self identifying as Buffy the vampire slayer. I'm super strong and fierce and I'm going to get my slag on with both angel and spike.

FekkoThePenguin Fri 09-Nov-18 17:20:50

I'm now self IDing as someone who didn't hog out on a packet of chocolate hob nobs and now feels a bit queezy.

longwayoff Fri 09-Nov-18 17:23:19

Cheered me up a lot to read about this gringringrin

loosenknot Fri 09-Nov-18 17:39:41

When I read the first line of this I thought - he sounds like all those toasted on soul mates who say they don’t want to date a woman their own age because they’re actually much younger than a woman their own age. They feel and act much younger. Without realising that hardly any of us have adapted to the decrepitude that creeps up on our outer firm... I though oh my god he sounds like a soulmates twat... and it turns out he’s a tinder twat.
If it’s a joke to make a point it’s a good one.

Knackerelli Fri 09-Nov-18 18:15:03

ijustlostthegame I absolutely agree with you 😆😆😆

Bellabonkers Fri 09-Nov-18 18:20:54

I will now pronounce myself ' her majesty ' . Off to inform the kids grin

StClairX0X0 Fri 09-Nov-18 18:39:15

This man is doing this to make a 'point', one that is incredibly transphobic and entirely pathetic; nothing to do with the world going 'batshit', simply one idiot looking for attention and to cause others harm!

SheCameFromGreeceSheHadaThirst Fri 09-Nov-18 19:02:48

This man is doing this to make a 'point', one that is incredibly transphobic and entirely pathetic

Please explain how it is ‘transphobic’?

SheCameFromGreeceSheHadaThirst Fri 09-Nov-18 19:05:42

If i wanted to identify as 25, my joints would disagree

That’s ok, you can identify out of your physical reality at will. Your joints are irrelevant.

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