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To tell you my mashed potato cheat?

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SpaceCannotBeLeftBlank Fri 02-Nov-18 23:12:18

I’m sure I’m not the only person to have figured this out, but before I started doing it, I’d never seen or heard of it. So, herewith my cheater’s guide to faff-free mashed potato:

Put potatoes in microwave until they’re done all the way through.

Cut in half.

Scoop potato out of skin straight onto plate.

Add butter and smush with fork. Add grated cheese to taste.

Enjoy mashed potato with no peeling, chopping, boiling or washing up afterwards.

<waits for everyone to tell me Nigella wrote a book about this ten years ago and I never got the memo>

Lucylugs Fri 02-Nov-18 23:33:32

If potatoes are over cooked and nash is too soggy the trick is to add powdered milk to make them really fluffy again.

Aventurine Fri 02-Nov-18 23:34:16

Yes Idahoan is powdered

ilovesooty Fri 02-Nov-18 23:35:53

Idahoan mash is great. I get it on Amazon as a regular order.

InspectorIkmen Fri 02-Nov-18 23:37:01

Gabs - it is many many times better than Smash

GabsAlot Fri 02-Nov-18 23:38:58

i'll have to give it a try

i usually just by fresh mash or frozen

hungryhippo90 Fri 02-Nov-18 23:40:42

Please, someone tell me more about frozen mash, doesn’t it cook watery like? Is it good for a shepherds pie?

If not I might’ve used OPs idea but doing a massive family.shepards pie tomorrow. I don’t think messing about with 2kg of tatoes and the micro is a good idea for that one!

seventhgonickname Fri 02-Nov-18 23:42:36

Another non peeler here.
If you put enough potatoes 8n the microwave for a family then it takes longer than 10 mins,then the facebook of emptying the potato skins,then mashing.
It would be quicker to boil andd mash surely?

selepele Fri 02-Nov-18 23:43:09

never knew this thank you op

thighofrelief Fri 02-Nov-18 23:45:23

Frozen mash is awesome, it's frozen in dollops which you chuck on a plate, microwave et voila! Lovely mash.

IStandWithPosie Fri 02-Nov-18 23:45:37

I just buy the ready made mash from Lidl. Yum.

AlpacaPicnic Fri 02-Nov-18 23:47:42

Ooh, trip to Asda to stock up on idahoan for me!
It's so, so, so much nicer than Smash. I think because it's powered not as little pellets as I remember Smash used to be. So it reconstitutes very smoothly. I generally bung a knob of butter in too but it doesn't need any milk, just boiling water.

CrazySheepLady Fri 02-Nov-18 23:48:17

I use Idahoan packet mash. Takes 1 minute and I can't tell the difference from the real deal. Comes in a few different flavours, too.

For lump-free proper mash, I use a potato ricer rather than a masher. Never would have thought of cooking the tatties in a microwave, mind.

Bunchofdaffodils Fri 02-Nov-18 23:48:30

Mmm, yes another one here for Idaho mash!

SecretWitch Fri 02-Nov-18 23:49:11

Hungry now. Nothing like a plate of mash with a huge pat of dripping butter.

Beeziekn33ze Fri 02-Nov-18 23:50:39

Nigella did put in a book years ago that she made mash for her (then small) children by scooping out baked potatoes and mashing with butter. Very fluffy!

SundayGirls Fri 02-Nov-18 23:51:21

Mine is ready-mash. smile

SundayGirls Fri 02-Nov-18 23:52:56

Posters talking about powdered or frozen mash - why don't you use ready (microwaveable) mash instead?

lalalalyra Sat 03-Nov-18 00:03:07

Frozen mash is my usual go to as well. Much quicker, and just as tasty as ready mash.

If I do make it from scratch then there's no peeling needed. Cut them, boil them and the put them through the ricer - peels them as it makes it into lovely mash.

quince2figs Sat 03-Nov-18 00:03:11

Sorry, also reporting that Nigella recommended this as lazy version, but with oven-baked proper jacket spuds, at same time as roasting a chicken (in her first book...)
I make real mash with a mouli-legumes - even less work than a ricer- in enormous vats, and freeze portions.

foxyliz26 Sat 03-Nov-18 00:04:22

The best mash cheat is to use any instand mash , usually the cheapest , after putting the boiling water in put a huge dollop of a good mayonaise , and large knob of butter and beat with a large spoon until smooth

try it no one will know the difference especially if you chop and fry some onions and put them into the mash

goes back to Uni days when skint , we used to put a tin of cubed Corned beef in and beat that in too …....well pot poodles hadnt been invented then

SilverySurfer Sat 03-Nov-18 00:10:02

I don't understand why it's so difficult to boil potatoes in salted water, drain, add butter and milk and mash. It's not rocket science is it? I don't like microwaved potatoes and as for frozen or instant - boak.

Tartyflette Sat 03-Nov-18 00:16:54

I looked at the packets of Idahoan mash the other day in the supermarket -- but the list of ingredients on the packet was as long as your arm.
And about as appetising. Bit of a turn off.

AjasLipstick Sat 03-Nov-18 00:19:59

This is no use for a family of 4! It's cheat for a one-person, lazy meal.

UrsulaPandress Sat 03-Nov-18 00:20:18

<runs away screaming>

zzzzz Sat 03-Nov-18 00:23:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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