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To self indulge in this thread as a timeline?

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tempname111 Sun 28-Oct-18 20:28:49

I have a situation which should, hopefully, be resolved next year. I need an on-going motivational thread to keep me going because-

1. It's extremely stressful and affects almost everything in my life

2. As soon as it's resolved I can quit my current job which I detest beyond measure to the extent I "play" my resignation speech/scene to help me get to sleep

Due to the nature of the issue, I have to be vague. Not that I'm expecting any replies as such. It's more for me to have a virtual timeline. Although the issue is almost 5 years old so perhaps I'm a tad late grin. If there is anyone who wants to be equally vague and awaiting resolution of something feel free to waffle away to yourself like I will. Be interesting (for me) to see how long it is from today.

ATowelAndAPotato Mon 29-Oct-18 08:40:43

Gosh how frustrating for you. You must have the patience of a saint! I’d normally ask a million questions but you’ve said you need to be vague, so...

How can we help keep you going?

Not sure I am the best company, as the only thing I am waiting for is for me to get my finger out my arse and:
1) get my shit together around the house
2) do some exercise
3) lose some weight

Although if it’s likely to be a long thread, we can see whether I’ve managed to achieve any of those in 3/6/9 months or whatever!

tempname111 Mon 29-Oct-18 09:05:00

Hi Towel

Nice to have company! Not sure what motivation will help to be honest. How about you? I could also do with getting shit together and losing weight!

folduptheocean Mon 29-Oct-18 09:30:05

So anyone can join? I'm joining as I'm trying to declutter the garage and it's mammoth and I'm finding it really hard work. Why don't I just hire a skip?

ATowelAndAPotato Mon 29-Oct-18 09:32:49

Maybe distraction therapy is the way forward for you? Keep your mind focused on something else?
I think I need to set myself some deadlines, not in a “lose 5lbs this week” kind of way, but more, “I’ve got X event on this date and I want to feel good” kind of way.
If that makes any sense whatsoever?!

ATowelAndAPotato Mon 29-Oct-18 09:34:27

Hi Foldup! Welcome smile

Why don’t you hire a skip?? Or those hippo bag things?
Is it definitely junk, or would a house clearance be interested?
Freecycle/Facebook - free to anyone who can collect?

Laiste Mon 29-Oct-18 09:46:29

I feel i need to join but my situation is so long and tedious i'd have you all asleep if i wrote it out.

My shorter term goal within a goal was to have a half normal xmas for my 4 year old rather than the shower of shite we had last year. But sadly that doesn't look like it's going to happen. Dreading xmas. Dreading winter.

ethelfleda Mon 29-Oct-18 09:49:58

I have a goal of being in a better financial position but I can’t seem to stop spending money! I just want to buy things all the time. I’d like to have a good chunk of money in savings this time next year. I don’t believe in myself enough to think I will do it.

folduptheocean Mon 29-Oct-18 12:08:14

@ATowelAndAPotato have a hippo bag so that's a start. It's various university notes, baby clothes, bikes that I don't need, massive empty boxes, paint tins etc, old garden furniture. Nothing individually is a problem it's just having time to do it. Today I've managed to create two bin sacks of baby clothes for charity. It's so time consuming and has made a very small dent.

tempname111 Mon 29-Oct-18 12:25:11

We have a group! High fives all that are waiting for stuff to happen.

Should mention that 99% of our situation is beyond mine and DH's control, a total waiting game. And we keep having set backs (again out of our control) which is mega frustrating.

My hopes get raised and dashed regularly. I have a bottle of champagne steadily collecting dust specifically for when this is officially over.

Apologies once again for vagueness.

folduptheocean Mon 29-Oct-18 12:41:24

I'm making a pact with myself.... anytime I feel like buying something (usually off eBay and late at night) I will make myself declutter and tidy and area. I solemnly promise...

tempname111 Mon 29-Oct-18 20:26:02

@fold Hiring a skip is precarious isn't it? As in, you have to be filling it the instant it arrives lest some other buggers chuck stuff in! Hippo bag good start though. Little by little...

tempname111 Mon 29-Oct-18 20:30:27

@Laiste sorry to hear that sad At least (if it's any consolation) 4yrs old is still young enough to enjoy the silly fun stuff and not care so much about "things" Hope things look up for you, is there anything we can jolly you along with?

tempname111 Mon 29-Oct-18 20:42:13

@ethel. Been on the bones of my arse financially many moons ago. About 15k worth of debt. I clawed out of it but it took an huge amount of self discipline and perseverance! Even now, we chuck all our spare change in one of those huge whiskey jars and only count it when we're ready to book holiday flights. For the last few years we've had enough to pay for one. Also have one of those "earn money back for your direct debits" bank accounts and we opted to just let the money build. Had it for about 18months now and have built up about £180. We just leave it there and it gives me a little thrill seeing the amount on the email when it lands every month. I believe there may be budgeting apps now, would they be any use??

folduptheocean Tue 30-Oct-18 15:39:47

@Laiste really hope you have a nice Xmas. Is it emotional/relationship crap or financial?

RedFallLeaf Tue 30-Oct-18 16:39:55

I like the thread idea - yanbu

Its too vague - yabu for that, but you already knew that didnt you lol grin

Laiste Tue 30-Oct-18 17:52:38

tempname111 and folduptheocean thank you flowers

I feel bad moaning because you see so many posters in terrible plights here on MN with no end in sight and my situation is long, tedious and drawn out but does have an end point. We have a roof over our head ect. we're just in a bloody silly stressful situation physically and mentally. And financially i suppose. There should be a big improvement hopefully in about 6 months to a years time.

Xmas last year just threw the whole ridiculous situation into sharp focus and I just want to cancel xmas this year and it makes me sad because with my older 3 DCs (now early 20s) xmas was always such a lovely time. <wail>

As you say OP 4 years old is young and we've got lots of years to build 'proper' xmas'. perhaps with an actual bloody table to sit and eat at once again

Moan moan moan! smile

tempname111 Tue 30-Oct-18 18:24:05

@RedFallLeaf I know 😂

I'd love to add the inns and outs but can't. Having said that, there are other "players" in the situation I could give fake names to. Might be fun (well, amuse me anyhow) Ok we have-

Burt- good egg, we are reliant on him to a large extent.

Algernon- Extremely, extremely reliant on him, not so much at present but there will come a time when he will be crucial to this situation resolving.

Darth Vader- Is the enemy.

Ooh that was fun. Perchance I'll be an MN soap opera, updating every week and adding characters. Need something akin to the "Doof doofs" in Eastenders.

FatNoMorePat Tue 30-Oct-18 22:46:30

Can I join? I’ve just quit a job I absolutely hated and it’s left my savings rather depleted (read: nonexistent)

I need to build my savings and shift some of the weight I gained from stress eating/eating my feelings/everything in the fucking cupboard!

tempname111 Tue 30-Oct-18 22:52:07

Welcome Pat 

Finances aside, how does it feel to have quit? I neeeed to know for when I'm in that position. Then I can hold onto it until it's my turn 

tempname111 Tue 30-Oct-18 22:53:10

<considers running a sweepstake in the thread for the date when I hand my notice in>

FatNoMorePat Tue 30-Oct-18 22:58:11

@tempname it felt glorious! So much better than I ever thought it would be. I was fairly high up in the business when I left and knew some very damning things and I made no issue with letting the company know I knew everything that had been going on and covered up and have no problem with being a whistleblower... I don’t think I ever would in reality as too many repercussions for innocent parties who’d be scapegoated but floating the idea was good enough! thlwink

Can’t go into too much detail as it’s extremely outing but seeing the faces of the senior management team in my last meeting was absolutely fantastic!!!

Misty9 Tue 30-Oct-18 22:59:36

Can I join? I'm having a major career shake up after spending 15 years getting to this point. I need a kick up the arse to start growing some of my fledgling ideas - but keep getting sucked into homes under the hammer and not doing much whilst dc are at school blush meanwhile my self worth is fast disappearing... I will sort it out!

tempname111 Wed 31-Oct-18 06:52:59

@FatNoMorePat ah, that sounds delicious! I run various "handing my notice in" scenarios through my head. Many involve a spectacular flounce. The reality will be pretty tame by comparison I think 🤔

tempname111 Wed 31-Oct-18 06:56:28

@Misty9 Ooh that's dangerous territory. Homes under the hammer is extremely addictive, I love guessing the final price. Annoys me though when someone sticks some magnolia on the walls and puts down some shitty brown carpet then makes a ton of money. Can you work on your ideas before and after leaving you able to indulge?

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