AIBU to have taken DD (11) to get her legs waxed?

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toobusytothink Thu 25-Oct-18 07:09:19

They were very hairy and she has been begging me to let her shave for ages

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Playdonut Thu 25-Oct-18 07:10:37

Not unreasonable to remove the hair but waxing would surely be too painful for an 11 year old. I can't handle it and I'm an adult!

Angelicinnocent Thu 25-Oct-18 07:11:29

Why would it be unreasonable. Unless you made her have it done

toobusytothink Thu 25-Oct-18 07:15:26

She smiled throughout! Wasn’t painful at all apparently.

Thought I’d get flamed on here

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DisplayPurposesOnly Thu 25-Oct-18 07:18:14

Far better than shaving, I think, so why not.

Fridaydreamer Thu 25-Oct-18 07:19:42

Nope not U at all.

If an 11 year old is asking for help with something that’s making them self conscious and is easily fixed, then it’s a no brainier.

As adults we can try to tell them not to feel self conscious but at 11 they simply feel what they feel.

I’m impressed with her pain threshold too grin

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Thu 25-Oct-18 07:20:12

Mixed feelings here. I do think it's a shame that our society makes girls feel their bodies are somehow wrong as they are. Boys don't feel like this do they?

But, if it made her happy and you are happy to do it then it's not like you gave her a cigarette or something is it?


ScarlettDarling Thu 25-Oct-18 07:20:17

Wowser, she's a braver girl than I am! Waxing is so painful! I'd have gone for hair removal cream or shaving. But no, of course you aren't being unreasonable to help your dd with something that's been bothering her.

My 11 year old has mega hairy legs, especially her knees!!So far she isn't at all bothered but as soon as she wants to do anything about them that's fine by me.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Thu 25-Oct-18 07:20:52

Also impressed at her stamina!

toobusytothink Thu 25-Oct-18 07:21:32

Yes it did annoy me that she said the boys have been teasing her but she is so pleased to have had it done!

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SporadicSpartacus Thu 25-Oct-18 07:21:57

My mum did this for me, because boys were teasing me about having hairy cat legs.

I am unsure about whether it was a good idea or not. ‘Tell them to fuck off’ might have been a better/more feminist approach, but am not sure 11yo me would have wanted to hear it.

It didn’t hurt that much, tbh. I found the process reasonably fascinating.

whiteroseredrose Thu 25-Oct-18 07:22:07

Not U at all. I did the same for my DD when it became an issue for her.

Aria2015 Thu 25-Oct-18 07:24:07

Much better than shaving. I was so self conscious on my hairy legs at 11, they woke like out from my tights! Not UR at all!

LittleBookofCalm Thu 25-Oct-18 07:24:27

And how often are you going to do this for her?

Ohheyyy Thu 25-Oct-18 07:25:54

Much better you get her waxing from the get-go rather than shaving. If you and she keeps it up you'll possibly find the growth slows down or gets more space over time.

I used to run a beauty salon and did get girls your daughter's age in.

toobusytothink Thu 25-Oct-18 07:26:24

Yes the issue of how often is definitely a problem! I guess when it gets bad again??

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continuallychargingmyphone Thu 25-Oct-18 07:29:14

Nothing wrong with it at all and I have no idea why some are insinuating that there is something wrong with it.

MeteorMedow Thu 25-Oct-18 07:30:19

I got horribly bullied for my hairy legs/arms in year 7. I have V dark hair and pale skin which didn’t help.

Begged and begged my mum to take me to get waxed she agreed but constantly put it off! One excuse after another but obviously just thought I was too young (she admits not she was trying to make it to me being 13).

I lost patience and shaved everything! Mum was mortified and I got into a really pants routine of having to shave constantly

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 25-Oct-18 07:32:03

Buy her an epilator.

toobusytothink Thu 25-Oct-18 07:32:30

I really wasn’t expecting positive replies so it’s made me feel much better

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LittleBookofCalm Thu 25-Oct-18 07:32:49

what do you want op, a medal? an argument?

SnuggyBuggy Thu 25-Oct-18 07:33:50

YANBU, kids are cruel about things like this

E20mom Thu 25-Oct-18 07:34:00

Definitely the right thing if that's what she wanted. I'd do the same.

toobusytothink Thu 25-Oct-18 07:35:29

Neither. Just opinions on whether IWBU thx but it appears I wasn’t so thx for your contribution

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PoxAlert Thu 25-Oct-18 07:37:01

I think it was the right thing to do.

I'd suggest now keeping it up as if she gets right into the routine of waxing the hairs will get weaker and it'll get easier and go longer in-between.

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