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Gender reveal nonsense

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my3bears Wed 24-Oct-18 00:06:59

This whole make a big thing with a gender reveal - glitter, balloons, cakes with coloured centres etc

Then the parents act all surprised 😱

Isn't the biggest 'gender reveal' just to wait until they are born???

This really flipping irritates me and it's so American.

Just watched the LaBrant Family gender reveal (it came up on my timeline..why do I click on things that irritate me 😂) Boy it made my teeth itch!!

Aibu 🙄😂 anyone with me? Don't even get me started on baby showers....

SuchAToDo Wed 24-Oct-18 00:14:10

Why does it bother you what others do?..

Maybe some don't want to wait until birth to find out if the baby is a girl or boy, maybe they want to find out during the pregnancy,

And maybe they want to make a celebration of their news, after they and their family and friends are all celebrating the little boy or girl who will be part of their family,

If you don't like it don't click and watch, but don't make others feel bad for wanted to celebrate finding out their baby gender

By the way before I get flamed, I have never done a gender reveal, but have no problem with those who do, it's their pregnancy, their baby, their news, and their money, let them celebrate how they want to, they aren't harming anyone else

MrsStrowman Wed 24-Oct-18 00:24:38

We decided to find out the sex, largely because I'm impatient, no reveal though and no baby shower, not my cup of tea. I don't really mind what others do as long as they don't have half a dozen parties for spurious reasons and expect half a dozen gifts!

binkyblinky Wed 24-Oct-18 00:29:58

I think it's just tacky! But then, I hate baby showers too!

BaldricksCoffee Wed 24-Oct-18 00:34:55

YANBU. It's not gender anyway, it's the baby's sex.

Hedgehogblues Wed 24-Oct-18 00:35:57

I don't understand what a gender reveal tells you anyway. All babies need the same things whatever flavour they are

PennyArcade Wed 24-Oct-18 00:41:51

My neighbour had a gender reveal party
.....lots of pink balloons and pink glitter.

She had a boy... oops! 🙊

crackerslikejacobs Wed 24-Oct-18 00:43:05

I kind of agree with you. We're finding out what we're having but we (genuinely!) don't have a preference.
My brother offered to pay for a gender scan and we're excited to see baby again.

I went to a gender reveal party and found it really awkward. It felt weird to cheer when the reveal happened, as though I wouldn't have if it was the opposite!? So I just stayed quiet and didn't know what to do haha.

People's personal choice of course but I think a little bit odd.

brookshelley Wed 24-Oct-18 00:44:28

Not my taste at all but it’s an excuse for a party I guess.

nocoolnamesleft Wed 24-Oct-18 00:47:42

* It's not gender anyway, it's the baby's sex.*

Yep. Though I guess pink or blue balloons/cakes/sparkles are starting damaging gender stereotypes early!

BaldricksCoffee Wed 24-Oct-18 00:59:43

...starting damaging gender stereotypes early!

Sure is.

Unicyclethief Wed 24-Oct-18 01:02:16

I like the one that did the rounds where a bunch of multicoloured balloons came out of the box (instead of pink or blue) the mum to be looked so so angry, it was so funny. She just looked like a massive joyless twat. At least everyone else laughed.

RavenLG Wed 24-Oct-18 01:04:37

It annoys me more when people ask “is t blue or pink?” Neither, it’s a baby you twat.

nocoolnamesleft Wed 24-Oct-18 01:05:38

I always point out that I prefer pink in babies whether they're boys and girls. After all, blue tends to mean a pretty serious health problem.

VerbeenaBeeks Wed 24-Oct-18 01:05:39

It's not for me, I liked the surprise both times smile
People are different though, some want to know so can't get worked up about it.
If they want a reveal party,a reveal cake or a baby shower, inside I might be a bit oookay and think it a bit daft if invited, but I'd just enjoy it and go along with it lol

BrendasUmbrella Wed 24-Oct-18 01:10:48

To be fair I don't think the parents act surprised. I think the point with these things is that the sex is kept secret from the parents somehow and a friend or family member organizes the pink/blue crap.

Capretta Wed 24-Oct-18 01:20:42

"Gender reveal" is incorrect.
"Sex reveal" is what we really mean.

I was offered "gender scans" during my pregnancy and it always baffled me - I want to find out the SEX of my baby.

Kescilly Wed 24-Oct-18 01:35:30

Agreed with @SuchAToDo. I think people posting announcements on Facebook are silly, and sharing scan pictures are pointless. But if that's what they want to do, who cares? If someone is celebrating a baby, that's a positive thing.

But yes, those vile, vulgar Americans.

IKeepFlouncing Wed 24-Oct-18 01:35:45

I rolled my eyes at getting an invite to one, my 1st question was it’s still a party-party obviously this means gincake

Then I stated even though I excited they having a baby I really don’t give a shit what sex it is, makes no difference to me so long as all well for them. They even insisted on traveling down to collect me!

Had a great time obviously gin and I guessed correct the sex of baby!

MrsFoxPlus4 Wed 24-Oct-18 01:36:30

Just scroll past shit you don’t like 😂

BadLad Wed 24-Oct-18 01:39:12

One of my favourite threads on here was about an invitation to a gender-reveal party, complete with a gift list and a poem.

I only remember the first verse.

Ten tiny fingers,
Ten tiny toes.
Prince or Princess?
Nobody knows.

kateandme Wed 24-Oct-18 01:43:10

people have less and less to celebrate in this world.if this makes them happy.and they want to celebrate every last moment of a babies life.good on them.
if families want to be all mushy and ridiculously soppy.and it makes them all happy and smile and think the world can be a good place for them/to then.great.
lifes not getting any easier a the moment for many.lets embrace anything that can bring joy.its all too innocent to hate.

HungryForSnacks Wed 24-Oct-18 02:03:20

I think it's pretty self-obsessed to think anyone (aside from immediate family) gives that much of a shit whether it's a boy or a girl to throw a party over it

It's a 50/50 shot either way so hardly the reveal of the century

BruegelTheElder Wed 24-Oct-18 02:08:16

This really flipping irritates me and it's so American

Why does it bother you what others do?

Getting irritated by harmless things is so English.

UniversalAunt Wed 24-Oct-18 02:27:27

‘It's not gender anyway, it's the baby's sex’

This, this & this!

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