to ask how many of you actually dress up nicely in bed

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Cringing123 Mon 22-Oct-18 21:12:25

When you are having sex with your partner?

I’m doing an informal survey on behalf of my twat of a husband who told me that the attached pyjama bottoms are not sexy enough bedtime attire for me to wear for when I get in to bed, on the off chance that we may have sex (we are ttc so that’s happening more regularly than normal at the moment)

Am I unreasonable to wear something like this before bed or even god forbid, TO bed, when i know intercourse is on the cards?

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ContessaGoesMarchingDOWNTOHELL Thu 25-Oct-18 11:23:40

Are fleeces usually rife with infestation, canIhaveanap? confused

canihaveanap Thu 25-Oct-18 10:31:52

Fleece in bed 
Think of the germs

Capretta Thu 25-Oct-18 10:00:39

I don't understand the point of stockings and suspenders and basques and stuff like that... Unless you're doing a strip-tease or loads of sexy clothes foreplay. Surely it all just comes off 5 mins after you've put it on? Can't be doing with the hassle grin

Capretta Thu 25-Oct-18 09:53:26

I'm 23 and I have never dressed up to go to bed with a man. I don't feel comfortable in all that "sexy" stuff. I like big knickers, nighties that are too big for me, and baggy pyjamas. Funnily enough, that never stopped my partner.

Men don't wear sexy things to bed, and it's not expected of them.

ShakeMe Thu 25-Oct-18 04:59:36

I have those pjs!!!  better still mine are god knows how many years old and slightly discoloured too!

Started feeling a bit bad after reading some of these comments..then remembered Dh's scabby boxers and got over it.

SnugglySnerd Thu 25-Oct-18 03:21:56

I had a lot of nice nighties and things before we had dts. Now it's all about warmth for when we have a to get up with them in the night. Tonight I'm wearing tracksuit bottoms and an old brewery t shirt as ds threw up over my pj's. I have added an old cardie and dh's socks as I've been up with DS for the last hour and I'm cold. DH is also up with DD2. He has on pj's bottoms and a very old Transformers t shirt also with thick socks and a dressing gown. We're too tired for sex though anyway.

LondonLassInTheCountry Thu 25-Oct-18 03:13:20

I wear very similar to you. With often his old tshirts which are abit baggy on me...

He doesn't care what i wear, which is one of the reasons i love him

Shambu Wed 24-Oct-18 18:46:31

I really like

missp2018 Wed 24-Oct-18 10:39:12

Yes very often. I love my expensive lingerie. My DP often gets me Anne Summers gifts blush

AlphaBravo Wed 24-Oct-18 10:36:21

I settled on two XXXL mens crew neck tshirts from Next lastnight (2 for £10) as my new 'go to' slob about nighties. They'll be comfy. And huge. And look quite sexy when my hair is long enough to stick in a messy bun again of a morning 😁 in a 90's "look darling! I just decorated the nursery again!" with paint on the end of my nose sort of way.

thighofrelief Wed 24-Oct-18 10:30:05

Just asked my OH what he thinks of my floor length nighty. It's a resounding woof woof from him. Tbf we're not ttc.

0lga Wed 24-Oct-18 09:58:29

If you are perimenopausal then you probably do use a cover for part of the night and throw it off when you are hot. Which isn’t the same.

LadyHooHa Wed 24-Oct-18 09:46:17

@Rigamorph Ha ha. No - the frozen wastelands of Northern England! I am perimenopausal, which might explain some of it - but I've always tended to feel a bit on the hot side. confused

@Olga I really don't think it's a health problem. I think it's just the way I'm made, with a bit of perimenopause thrown in for good measure.

Rigamorph Wed 24-Oct-18 09:39:37

@ladyhooha please tell me you live in Mexico or Barbados or somewhere?!!

0lga Wed 24-Oct-18 09:34:34

If you sleep naked on top of the bed with no covers and all the windows and doors open all night in the uK in October .......then I suggest you see your doctor . Because you clearly have some health problem.

Gwenhwyfar Wed 24-Oct-18 07:28:29

"Struggling with this whole 'she'll be cold" thing. I roast in bed."

Not everyone is like you. Even your DH is not like you.
I had PJs and bed socks last night, still had really cold shoulders this morning and had to keep pulling the duvet up to my chin.

Nightwatch999 Tue 23-Oct-18 23:16:37

I would say you agree and after thinking about it, the attached DH needs to go because he is not kind, caring, considerate or sexy enough to even be in my bed never mind raising my children!

RavenLG Tue 23-Oct-18 23:11:26

DP was all over me on Sunday night, we both had PJs on we had had on all day, after lounging around hungover all day, and I had definitely probably slopped food on mine. Tbf the only thing that would turn him off was a lack of pulse probably hmm [lighthearted]

bellsbuss Tue 23-Oct-18 23:03:11

Maybe a few times a year , usually if we have a night away just the 2 of us. OH is very partial to me wearing a basque with stockings and suspenders , it's worth it to see the smile on his face wink

LadyHooHa Tue 23-Oct-18 22:58:40

Struggling with this whole 'she'll be cold" thing. I roast in bed. I go to bed naked and throw all the covers off and have the window open, with the bedroom door open so as to have extra draught from the landing window, which is also open. DP insists on having two duvets and a blanket, and grumbles about the draught from the windows. I sleep on top of all his duvets and blankets. If I wore pyjamas (which, btw, I have never owned, as I like my foof to breathe in bed), I'd die of heat.

ContessaGoesAMarchingDOWNTOHEL Tue 23-Oct-18 22:24:45

They don't seem to do proper nighties anymore, do they? Ones without 'hilarious' slogans on. There's M&S, of course, but even I balk at those.

Sounds like you've done well, op - non-polka-dotty leggings, how can he resist?!

Whisky2014 Tue 23-Oct-18 22:19:22


Cringing123 Tue 23-Oct-18 22:17:50

Thanks for your responses

Right I’ve been shopping today and invested in some underwear (not too risqué, but modern, lacy and, well, new).
2 long night dresses - although it took about half an hour trying to find something that didn’t have a picture of a unicorn on it or cheesy slogans like “sleep well, dream big”. Ironically there was one that simply had “sexy” written across it and I was very close to buying it 😂

I also bought a cami and some non-polkadot leggings . I’ve been wearing these since 7pm tonight and DH has not batted an eyelid.

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noego Tue 23-Oct-18 21:02:16

Buy a nightie with a fur hem. At least it will keep your neck warm smile

TheWiseWomansFear Tue 23-Oct-18 20:50:42

I sleep naked but if not wear similar and DP doesn't care as he thinks IM sexy... not what I'm wearing

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