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Cringing123 Mon 22-Oct-18 21:12:25

When you are having sex with your partner?

I’m doing an informal survey on behalf of my twat of a husband who told me that the attached pyjama bottoms are not sexy enough bedtime attire for me to wear for when I get in to bed, on the off chance that we may have sex (we are ttc so that’s happening more regularly than normal at the moment)

Am I unreasonable to wear something like this before bed or even god forbid, TO bed, when i know intercourse is on the cards?

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ShakeMe Thu 25-Oct-18 04:59:36

I have those pjs!!!  better still mine are god knows how many years old and slightly discoloured too!

Started feeling a bit bad after reading some of these comments..then remembered Dh's scabby boxers and got over it.

Capretta Thu 25-Oct-18 09:53:26

I'm 23 and I have never dressed up to go to bed with a man. I don't feel comfortable in all that "sexy" stuff. I like big knickers, nighties that are too big for me, and baggy pyjamas. Funnily enough, that never stopped my partner.

Men don't wear sexy things to bed, and it's not expected of them.

Capretta Thu 25-Oct-18 10:00:39

I don't understand the point of stockings and suspenders and basques and stuff like that... Unless you're doing a strip-tease or loads of sexy clothes foreplay. Surely it all just comes off 5 mins after you've put it on? Can't be doing with the hassle grin

canihaveanap Thu 25-Oct-18 10:31:52

Fleece in bed 
Think of the germs

ContessaGoesMarchingDOWNTOHELL Thu 25-Oct-18 11:23:40

Are fleeces usually rife with infestation, canIhaveanap? confused

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