...to not know how to respond to this message...

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WigglyBraddins Mon 22-Oct-18 12:14:14

...from a "gentleman" with whom I had a recent liaison?

"Urgh, this is horrible for me, and for you, and it could well sour things and I would hate myself if it did. But, I have to be honest. I said you were not my normal type, physically, and that is very true. I am really attracted to slim women, I can't help it and have tried before, with it not getting very far. I completely accept that circumstances and free time dictate how we are able to shape ourselves. I understand if you are hurt by this, and trust me I hate it having to be a thing. I hate the idea of men dictating to a woman what they should look like, and I am not telling you to do anything. I am just saying, in the past at least, this issue has got in the way. If you did feel like meeting me in the middle on this then I am realistic and not as demanding as you might initially think. As I say I totally understand that your circumstances and how they are not exactly kind in this respect. There are literally zero other red flags, especially none outside of your control, maybe. Urgh, I am so sorry, I know how this issue can really fuck women up but as I say I can't help what I like, but I am super realistic about what is possible and what is not. Urgh urgh."

Suggestions for an appropriate response would be very much appreciated.

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nothanksbyenow Mon 22-Oct-18 12:16:01

“New phone, who dis?”

OrangeOrBlackcurrant Mon 22-Oct-18 12:16:25

Either send a laughing emoji, "ah bless" or send nothing.
What a weirdo!

isitthehormones Mon 22-Oct-18 12:17:30

Is he actually asking you to lose weight?

If that’s what he is asking I wouldn’t even reply, what a total douchebag. You are worth so much more flowers

Blanchedupetitpois Mon 22-Oct-18 12:17:50

What a creep, and what a cringy message. I wouldn’t even text back, just block him.

Titsywoo Mon 22-Oct-18 12:17:52


Would be my answer

PurpleDaisies Mon 22-Oct-18 12:17:52

Block and delete.

Don’t give him a second thought.


NoOffence Mon 22-Oct-18 12:17:59

No response required, block & move on.

marvellousnightforamooncup Mon 22-Oct-18 12:18:09

'Fuck off' should do it.

Titsywoo Mon 22-Oct-18 12:18:23

Meet me in the middle?

What a twat.

ConkerTriumphant Mon 22-Oct-18 12:18:36

What a twat.

IStandWithPosie Mon 22-Oct-18 12:18:51

Hang on, Ian this man telling you he wants you to lose weight? But doesn’t want him saying so to sour things between you? How many times have you seen him? Have you had sex?

Jaxtellerswife Mon 22-Oct-18 12:19:14

Good god what an absolute bellend. Thank goodness he's shown it now

Stars1979 Mon 22-Oct-18 12:20:03

Sounds like a keeper (not) don’t reply.

Iwantamarshmallow Mon 22-Oct-18 12:20:06

Don't reply .. Block his number. He's not a nice man OP.

FadedRed Mon 22-Oct-18 12:20:29

Reply using the same message, but edited so that it refers to the size of his penis.

CoraPirbright Mon 22-Oct-18 12:20:42

Is your liaison ongoing? Or were you hoping it would be? I just can't get my head around anyone sending such a pointlessly unpleasant message? I think I'd message something along the lines of shallow tossers not being your usual type either but you thought you'd give him a chance. However in light of his message about your lack of slimness you feel better off reverting to your decent-man-type. Then block the twat.

checkingforballoons Mon 22-Oct-18 12:20:55

A simple ‘Lol’ and leave it there I reckon.

Fatasfook Mon 22-Oct-18 12:21:08

Wow. What a dick!
You could either ignore and block or reply thanking him for making this easy as you were going to dump him because he has a tiny penis and while there are no other red flags, this is a big deal for you.

Frogscotch7 Mon 22-Oct-18 12:21:33

No reply. Block and move on. What a dick.

PhilomenaDeathsHeadHawkMoth Mon 22-Oct-18 12:21:36


Dragongirl10 Mon 22-Oct-18 12:21:37

'of course l understand, and without meaning to hurt your feelings, you are not really my type either, l really prefer men to be rather more , how shall l put this? 'moderately well endowed' but of course l understand this is beyond your control, and l am super realistic about this.

All things considered shall we agree to part amicably?'

davisday Mon 22-Oct-18 12:21:41

Aww bless is great. Or fuck off. But I think aww bless is my favourite. It's put down and an insult. Fuck off indicates you are mad. Aww bless doesnt.


'Awww bless'

Loonoon Mon 22-Oct-18 12:22:14

Tell him he doesn’t meet your standard of being a reasonable human being so you are blocking him and moving on.

MarthasGinYard Mon 22-Oct-18 12:22:48

"Hey we all lower our personal standards occasionally"

"Well, I certainly did...."

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