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To LTB over his bed sheet habits?

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GiraffeObsessedBaby Sat 20-Oct-18 22:32:23

So my DH has a habit that has driven me nuts from day one. Honestly right now I can't remember why I married the man.

We have a beautiful, super king size, extra deep, extra fancy and weighing a literal fuck ton mattress. It's possibly my favourite thing on earth - except when it comes to making the bed.

My dh has this habit where he pulls the top corner of the fitted sheet - under his pillows - out from tucked nice and neatly under the mattress and wraps himself in it at night. So every frigging morning I've got a big wrinkle of fitted sheet down the middle of the bed where it's all come off and loose AND it's flicked off at my side and is usually covering my pillows.

Now we have discussed this many times. He sees no reason to make the bed properly each morning "as I'm only going to do it again tonight when I'm asleep". However! I've just caught the bastard red handed loosening my pristine hospital corners so that he can get to it easier!

I'm packing his bags and booting him out.

Please tell me I'm not alone. What stupid shit does your OH do that drives you to the brink of insanity?

Nesssie Sat 20-Oct-18 22:39:28

So you have half a bed with no sheet on shock Just mattress shock
Why can’t he wrap himself in the duvet?

Can’t get my head around this. LTB

InspectorIkmen Sat 20-Oct-18 22:40:10

Insanity? My DH drove me from our bedroom a while ago. Fucker shouts all night as if Satan himself is tearing him limb from limb. If he's not shouting he's snoring like the undead. And if he's not doing either of those he's grinding his teeth like a junkie with a gobful of gravel. How I never killed him over the years I'll never know but now - bliss! My own room, my own bed and only the noise of the dog having an occasional stretch. We are very happy!

SemperIdem Sat 20-Oct-18 22:40:40

I cannot understand why he would do that?

What is wrong with the duvet?


GiraffeObsessedBaby Sat 20-Oct-18 22:41:15

EXACTLY @Nesssie I've even gone out and bought top sheets and made myself get used to them despite the fact I hate them getting wrapped round my feet. But no. It had to be the fitted sheet.

GiraffeObsessedBaby Sat 20-Oct-18 22:43:23

@InspectorIkmen oh god that sounds like heaven. I need my own room.

If my dh was on here he'd complain that I talk in my sleep but not as bad as your dh - usually just mumbling the shopping list that's constantly in my head lol

Holdingonbarely Sat 20-Oct-18 22:45:11

Why don’t you have fitted sheets?

nomoremrsniceguy Sat 20-Oct-18 22:45:53

Weird habit. Get him another bed, have yours to yourself. Would drive me nuts.

GiraffeObsessedBaby Sat 20-Oct-18 22:45:59

@Holdingonbarely I do that's what he's pulling out from under the mattress 😩

Holdingonbarely Sat 20-Oct-18 22:46:29

Hang on you said hospital corners. You can’t get them with a fitted sheet

Holdingonbarely Sat 20-Oct-18 22:47:15

But it’s fucking odd.

Eatmycheese Sat 20-Oct-18 22:48:30

Use flat sheets

ToadOfSadness Sat 20-Oct-18 22:48:37

You can buy clip things (like suspenders) to keep sheets on the bed, that might stop him.

GiraffeObsessedBaby Sat 20-Oct-18 22:49:41

@Holdingonbarely lol slight exaggeration but my corners are tucked and folded extremely tightly with special sized sheets (due to how big the bed is I have to buy them special) as I despise any loose sheets. It literally stops me sleeping lol.

Wauden Sat 20-Oct-18 22:50:14

Maybe if he wore a t shirt or pyjamas that would help...bear

GiraffeObsessedBaby Sat 20-Oct-18 22:50:44

@ToadOfSadness I tried them, they lasted a few days but due to size of the mattress they had to be stretched to full length and my dh is a big burly dude who just yanked them off and ripped the sheet in the process 

dontticklethetoad Sat 20-Oct-18 22:50:47

I'm sorry but that would make me murderous. What the fuck is that about?

Eatmycheese Sat 20-Oct-18 22:51:45

I am a control freak about our bedding and spent a small fortune on our bed so you’re preaching to the converted.
I have been known to relegate my DH to the sofa bed when he’s ruined my freshly ironed bedding with his insufferable sweating, tossing and turning and clicky breathing

Fridaydreamer Sat 20-Oct-18 22:51:52

You should have bought the lush mattress in 2 singles and then had them together. That way what he does to his fitted sheet doesn’t affect yours.

I’d fecking safety pin the bastard down if it were my DH. That’s some twisted shit he’s doing. A fitted sheet that’s come undone is a crime against humanity in my book...
* shudder *

Wauden Sat 20-Oct-18 22:52:29

Put itching powder in the corners! Let it be a surprise bear

curious2 Sat 20-Oct-18 22:53:23

That sounds really irritating.

Tell him that unless he stops he has to sleep on the sofa.

edwinbear Sat 20-Oct-18 22:53:45

He swaddles himself in the fitted sheet? That’s some weird shit confused. YANBU

Holdingonbarely Sat 20-Oct-18 22:54:13

I would Gaffa rape his hands. It’s irrationally annoying.
I don’t think I found deal with that. And he’s doing it deliberately!!

Holdingonbarely Sat 20-Oct-18 22:54:20

Could not found

Holdingonbarely Sat 20-Oct-18 22:55:23

I meant TAPE not rape!!
That auto correct turned out weird!!! Christ!!

Do not gaffa rape him!

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