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To ask what one thing you’ve done to a new kitchen that you can’t live without

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LaPampa Thu 18-Oct-18 19:14:31

Finally planning our first kitchen and looking for ideas from people who’ve done it before - What’s the best thing you put in or chose in your kitchen? (Or indeed, the worst)

Roussette Thu 18-Oct-18 19:21:26

These! I can never move because I can't do without them, mine fit bottles, jars, tins, not just spices

flobella Thu 18-Oct-18 19:23:20

Massive fridge.

Fucksgiven Thu 18-Oct-18 19:24:25

Boiling water tap

handslikecowstits Thu 18-Oct-18 19:24:36

Keen cook here. Work space - lots of work space.

BrushTheCatEar Thu 18-Oct-18 19:25:32

A dishwasher!

WelliesAndPyjamas Thu 18-Oct-18 19:27:33

Clutter free counters
Pull out bin cupboard

WelliesAndPyjamas Thu 18-Oct-18 19:27:59

Oh yes, definitely a dishwasher too!

lottiegarbanzo Thu 18-Oct-18 19:28:51

Oh, good question <settles in>

BlueJava Thu 18-Oct-18 19:29:10

Quooker tap! Love it.

tenorladybeaker Thu 18-Oct-18 19:29:48

Having everything integrated - makes keeping the floor clean a breeze. I will never have freestanding appliances trapping crumbs around them ever again.

Si1ver Thu 18-Oct-18 19:30:29

* Pull out larder cupboards definitely
* pan drawers rather than cupboards - as many pan drawers as you can fit in
* big runs of workspace
* The magic triangle of cooker, fridge and sink

cansu Thu 18-Oct-18 19:30:51

tall larder cupboard. I didn't need the fancy pull outs because I have a pantry but it has been brilliant for storing pans and kitchen aids so I can keep the surfaces clear. Also love carousel on corner cupboard. Lots of people advised against it but I have two very sturdy shelves that move in and out and they are perfect for my everyday pans and lids. I also had a drawer under the oven which is great for trays.

Flocksofsocks Thu 18-Oct-18 19:30:59

Pull out tall larder cupboards as above, drawers not cupboards under the counter and a mixer tap with a pull out hose is the best thing - so useful for washing veggies, rising around the sink, etc

Izzadoraduncancan Thu 18-Oct-18 19:35:17

My Island.... its the most loved, useful space. Bet decision ever

Karachii Thu 18-Oct-18 19:36:19

Pull out larder and a bin cupboard.

I also love that I have no high cupboards above the workspace, so I don't feel overshadowed. That only works because it's a big kitchen with clever storage elsewhere, though.

misskatamari Thu 18-Oct-18 19:38:44

My neff flex induction job. It is AMAZING! has room for five pans and the two outside zones can be used as a long heating zone as well. I love love love it

Ginmakesitallok Thu 18-Oct-18 19:38:56

Reading replies a bit worriedly. We've just finished designing our new kitchen. Decided against larder cupboard, and getting rid of fridge freezer and replacing with under counter fridge and freezer. Getting rid of dishwasher. Decided against boiling water tap and a spray tap... Only things we needed were more counter space, a double oven and a beautiful under counter sink.

Ginmakesitallok Thu 18-Oct-18 19:39:46

Oh, and no bin cupboard either, waste of a cupboard.....

MinesaPinot Thu 18-Oct-18 19:40:19

Pull out larder cupboard
Drawer under the oven for baking trays etc.
Losing a small cupboard and fitting in a slim dishwasher

ReadWriteDraw Thu 18-Oct-18 19:41:43

Great thread! I’d personally never have integrated appliances again! I completely agree with the PP that they look lovely and it’s much easier to keep clean BUT when they break (which all of ours did within 5 years despite being good models), they are so much more expensive to replace and the choice is much more limited. It also costs a fortune to get them fitted into the casings.

We have a big pull out spray tap (it is a spray then press a button and it’s a jet) and it was worth the ridiculous £300 it cost. It’s so handy and looks as good as new, 8 years later.

We used to have a big vertical pull out larger and I’m kicking myself that we didn’t get a new one when we replaced the kitchen.

Big deep pan drawers are a must too...

AllHallowsQueen Thu 18-Oct-18 19:42:05

Double oven
Lots of work space
Pop up power socket thing
Pull out larder

Would love a pot filling tap above hob...

Onlyjoinedforthisthread Thu 18-Oct-18 19:42:12

A pantry, there isn't any food kept in the kitchen it is all on open shelves in the pantry you walk in and can see everything at a glance, shelves vary in height so some for spices some for tins etc and floor to ceiling the kitchen I get has pots pans and crockery and Neff appliances, I work in kitchen showroom and you get what you pay for

Celebelly Thu 18-Oct-18 19:42:14

DISHWASHER x a million. If I was designing from scratch, I would have two if there was room!

Pan drawers, slow-close drawers, double sink (so you can pour stuff down one plughole without getting it all over anything sitting in sink).

BobbinThreadbare123 Thu 18-Oct-18 19:42:24

Dishwasher. Saves water, can boil the dog's toys and bowls! Lazy washer upper here. No stinky bowls out on the side because they get scraped and put in the washer.

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