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AIBU to ask DP for rent?

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FairOrNot18 Wed 17-Oct-18 02:54:35

We’ve been together a year.

I am a homeowner, he is not. We’ve been talking about living together abs exploring options such as renting my place out and renting a bigger place together.

However my house is ample big for the both of us and so it makes more sense for him to move in.

We are now talking about how to work this out financially. Rental for a similar place would be £1000 per month.

WIBU to suggest he pays £500 a month inclusive of all bills? Or is that grabby?


Adnerb95 Thu 18-Oct-18 13:47:12

Taxable not taxale!

AtrociousCircumstance Thu 18-Oct-18 13:50:33

Don't sell him half, not yet. Let him move in, get a renting agreement in writing, and see how it goes .

A lot can change. You might see a different side to him once living together.

gamerchick Thu 18-Oct-18 13:51:25

Why dont you just ask him what a fair amount he thinks would be to contribute to household esoensest and go from there.

Don't do the buying in thing just yet, that's just weird at this stage of your relationship. You don't even know if you can live with each other yet.

gamerchick Thu 18-Oct-18 13:52:45

*expenses no idea what kind of word that is hmm

nellynoel Tue 23-Oct-18 00:35:49

I wonder would he be there if you rented and if you did his name would be on the lease and he would have to pay half, I am thinking he is after a free ride off a caring woman , be wary you could lose everything .

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