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Should I have given him all the money?

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fluffy49494 Thu 11-Oct-18 15:56:29

During the World Cup, my office had a sweepstake, £2 a go. I didn't want to take part and said so, but when the people came round a colleague put £4 in (one for him and one for me) and said I had to pick one out now. After a bit of persuasion I did, and yes, I picked out France.

As we know, France won, and I was given the £40 winnings. Because my colleague put the £2 in in the first place, I gave him £20 of it and thought that was okay. He said I didn't have to, but took it eventually.

However, I was speaking to another colleague the other day and the subject came up, and she said I should have given it all to him as he paid the original money. I said I didn't even want to take part, and the whole thing was quite awkward. Now I feel embarrassed - would you have given it all to him?

FlowThroughIt Thu 11-Oct-18 15:58:00

50/50 sounds fair, he paid but you picked the winner.

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Thu 11-Oct-18 15:58:09

No. He bought your entry. It's like if he had bought you a raffle or lottery ticket. It was kind of you to give him half.

AnguaUberwaldIronfoundersson Thu 11-Oct-18 15:59:14

Nope. He wanted you to join in. If he wanted 2 goes he would have picked two himself.

It is like buying a lottery ticket or scratch card for someone and then expecting that they hand over the jackpot if they win.

I think you were nice to give his half TBH

PinkHeart5914 Thu 11-Oct-18 15:59:23

Yes I would of given half in these circumstances!

SleepingStandingUp Thu 11-Oct-18 15:59:46

Did you give him the £2 or were you basically picking a second one out for him?

Quartz2208 Thu 11-Oct-18 16:01:43

50/50 seems fair and most importantly he seems happy (and you had to force him to do that)

If both are happy leave it well alone

fluffy49494 Thu 11-Oct-18 16:03:19

@SleepingStandingUp he put £2 in and said he was paying for me

MacosieAsunter Thu 11-Oct-18 16:10:08

What you've done is more than fine.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 11-Oct-18 16:11:37

Yeah then 50/50 if fine

DarlingNikita Thu 11-Oct-18 16:28:25

Nope. He wanted you to join in. If he wanted 2 goes he would have picked two himself.

Exactly this.

Lweji Thu 11-Oct-18 16:29:16

If you wanted to be really strict, maybe you'd given him £22 instead of £20, to also cover his £2.

But, as you said, he said you didn't have to give him anything. It's fine.

He didn't just ask you to pick one for him. It is as if he had given you a lottery ticket as a present.
You did the right thing in sharing it with him. All well.

TooTrueToBeGood Thu 11-Oct-18 16:30:51

If he's happy and you're happy it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

ShartGoblin Thu 11-Oct-18 16:31:26

It's none of her business at all. It's not even relevant whether or not you were reasonable, this is between you and him and he clearly thinks you deserved the winnings. You were nice to give him half and he likely agrees, she should keep her beak out of it.

Tinkobell Thu 11-Oct-18 16:36:17

Half is ok. But personally yes, I would have given him the full winnings. Because actually, all you did was reach out and stick your hand in a hat OP, you didn't even go to open your purse. Presumably you were happy for the guy to potentially loose all the money? If you didn't want to take part you should have absolutely refused for him to put any stake in on your behalf.

serbska Thu 11-Oct-18 16:44:20

50/50 is fine

Anniegetyourgun Thu 11-Oct-18 16:45:02

The guy is £18 better off because of his kind gesture, and seems happy with that. By the sound of it you had to work a bit to get him to accept even half, bless him; he'd have put up a bigger fight to refuse the whole pot! I don't see why other people want to make you feel guilty about it.

April2018mom Thu 11-Oct-18 23:05:23

No. She needs to keep her nose out. It does not concern her at all.

EK36 Fri 12-Oct-18 07:10:20

I think what you did was perfect.half each. He must have known you had a slight possibility of winning! Ignore the lady telling you to hand over all of it. It dosent concern her.

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