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has anyone seen my wife?

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Hassledhubby Sun 10-Jun-07 20:10:52

I have just left DS1 in his bedroom after a row over tidying up said room and his demand for cuddles rather than tidying up room and was hoping to find my wife ready to come in and finish the bedroom routine. I don't want to shout and wake up DS2 and am too tired to climb up stairs to loft. I last heard my wife muttering something about 'taking the ironing upstairs' which usually is code for her to escape on to Mumsnet. Don't know her 'mumsnet name' but if anyone of you is my wife, could you pop down and tuck DS1 up if it's not too much trouble to tear yourself away from either this or the Gifted and Talented thread.....:

chipmonkey Wed 13-Jun-07 18:04:53

I now have a loft but it has only been completed today and I certainly won't be ironing in it!

BefnalBub Wed 13-Jun-07 17:47:51

whoops, wrong thread

BefnalBub Wed 13-Jun-07 15:32:50

and link training 63 here....

BefnalBub Wed 13-Jun-07 15:32:18

**thread hijack *

any east end mums around - we've got a may 07 postnatal meet & thread [[ 63 here....]

<<whisks off back to baby training>>

MrsWho Wed 13-Jun-07 14:45:16

Hadn't seen that

mumto3girls Wed 13-Jun-07 14:42:48

Didn't Soapbox say it was her?

MrsWho Wed 13-Jun-07 14:41:26

LOL but who is she?

singingmum Wed 13-Jun-07 14:39:54

scared? meant shocked sorry

singingmum Wed 13-Jun-07 14:39:28

Why you shocked is it that she was looking at useful threads and not just chatting in general?Or are you scared at the whole HE vschool thing?

Twiglett Wed 13-Jun-07 14:38:13

I'd like to know exactly what is wrong with merely shouting up the stairs 'go to bed' in menacing voice


.. .s'not me

WideWebWitch Wed 13-Jun-07 14:30:08

But who is she? That's what I want toknow

Hassledhubby Wed 13-Jun-07 05:12:26

Hi everyone
I finally found her lurking on the Education boards somewhere between Primary and Home Ed (wtf??..[shock})
Thanks for all your advice, we have now installed Instant Messenger and also Skype so we now have two new ways of avoiding talking to each other in person while home and - especially important - of ignoring each other when one of us asks 'are you going to tell him to go to sleep or do I have to do it again...?'

RubberDuck Mon 11-Jun-07 08:16:29

or alternatively install MSN on her computer and the one you were obviously using last night and MSN her when it's her turn!

(We don't communicate by MSN when we're sitting next to each other in our household.... oh no... not at all )

tigermoth Mon 11-Jun-07 08:10:21

"I don't want to shout" ....nah, can't be my husband. I'm safe

Are you singlehandedly doing the school run or has your wife come out of hiding?

belgo Mon 11-Jun-07 08:07:57

we have phones on each level (we do have a loft), and use them to phone each other, rather then traipsing up and down the stairs, or going hoarse from shouting.

Hassledhubby, I suggest you put a similar system in place!

Trinityrhino Mon 11-Jun-07 07:45:49

tisn't me, ooooh to have a loft!

fryalot Mon 11-Jun-07 07:44:53

it could be an analogy of the way we live our lives..... it could be all of us

or not.

Blandmum Mon 11-Jun-07 07:31:55

It isn't me either.

I've had a look in my house and she isn't here. Mind you, I haven't checked in the cupboard under the stairs and anything could be in there.

eidsvold Mon 11-Jun-07 07:28:44

deffo not me - no loft, no ds and dh would die before posting on MN

Nbg Mon 11-Jun-07 07:26:46

lol @ this thread

lissie Mon 11-Jun-07 07:23:03

hassledhubby, with an op like that you should stick around!

Kaloo20 Mon 11-Jun-07 02:58:16

I hope you found her ...
tis not me

I'm sitting on the phone to Microsoft resolving a Severity 1 support call before UK business opens tomorrow.

Now they have taken control of my laptop, leaving me to watch / get on MN for 10 mins and rest.

Great post

Califrau Mon 11-Jun-07 02:50:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hellish Mon 11-Jun-07 02:46:12

definatly not me, I never iron dh would have sussed me out straight away if I use that excuse, atm, i am looking for fence panels online

NormaStiltonFletcher Mon 11-Jun-07 01:19:03

Nope - not me either. Brilliant thread though.

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